Listen to paragraphListen to paragraphL Avengers.

Listen to paragraphListen to paragraphListen to paragraphListen to paragraphMarvel Cinematic Universe Phase One:↵Avengers Assembleay through a campaign of 36 levels in Stort Mode, whereas in Freeplay Mode, they can adventure through the world Marvel has created with Phase One of their cinematic universe, from Tony Stark's Malibu mansion to the distant planet of Asgard that Thor and Loki call home.

--- IN PROGRESS --- 

Campaign Levels

Iron Man

Ten Rings Ambush

A Plan of Escape

Armor in Action

S.H.I.E.L.D. Intervenes

A Stane on Stark Industries

I Am Iron Man

The Incredible Hulk

A Fugitive in the Making

Hot on the Trail

Pizza Time!

Culver Comrpomised

Rise of the Abomination

Hulk Smash!

Iron Man 2


Captain America: The First Avenger

The Avengers

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