LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2: Reign of Thanos is the sequel to LEGO Marvel Superheroes released October 20, 2015 for all consoles.


2 years after the coming and defeation of Galactus, Nick Fury gets called by Maria Hill, who need to tell him something that is coming right for Earth. Nick Fury calls the Guardians of the Galaxy to see what is going on. Star-Lord tells Nick Fury that he sees Ronan's army coming right to Earth.

Chapter 1 - Infiltration

Chapter 2 -  Ronan Busting

Chapter 3 - Avengers Assemble

Chapter 4 -

Chapter 5 -

Chapter 6 -

Chapter 7 -

Chapter 8 -

Chapter 9 -

Chapter 10 -

Chapter 11 -

Chapter 12 -

Chapter 13 -

Chapter 14 -

Chapter 15 -





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