LEGO Michael Jackson is a theme LEGO released in wake of Michael Jackson's 45th anniversary as a solo artist. 




  • Off the Wall Mini Sets
  • 8001Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Mini Set
  • 8002 Rock With You Mini Set
  • 8003 She's Out of My Life Mini Set

Thriller Mini Sets

  • 8004 Thriller Mini Set (with Ola Ray and 3 zombies)
  • 8005 Beat It Mini Set (with 2 gangsters)
  • 8006 Billie Jean Mini Set (with detective)
  • 8007 Human Nature Mini Set

Bad Mini Sets

  • 8008 Bad Mini Set (with 4 thugs and subway add-ons)
  • 8009 Smooth Criminal Mini Set (with 3 men, 1 flamenco dancer, and Club 30 add-ons)
  • 8010 The Way You Make Me Feel Mini Set (with 1 woman, car, and add-ons)
  • 8011 Liberian Girl Mini Set (with Al Yankovic, Whoppi Goldberg, and add ons)
  • 8012 Dirty Diana Mini Set (with 2 guitarists and add ons)
  • 8013 Leave Me Alone Mini Set (with rocket car and Bubbles)
  • 8014 Speed Demon Mini Set (with Rabbit and policeman)

Exclusive Sets

  • 8114 Come Together Mini Set (with guitarist)


Dangerous Mini Sets

  • 8015 Black or White Set (with 1 African, 1 Indian woman, and 1 Cossack)
  • 8016 Remember the Time Mini Set (with Eddie Murphy, Iman, and servants)
  • 8017 In the Closet Mini Set (with Princess Stephanie)
  • 8018 Jam Mini Set (with Michael Jordan and add ons)
  • 8019 Who Is It Set (with Mystery Girl and helicopter)
  • 8020 Give In to Me (with Slash and stage)

HIStory/ Invincible Mini Sets

  • 8021 Scream Mini Set (with Janet and add ons)
  • 8022 They Don't Care About Us Mini Set (with 4 Brazillians)
  • 8023 TDCAU Prison Mini Set (with 5 prisoners)
  • 8024 Childhood Set (with 2 boats, 3 kids, 1 dog,and add ons)
  • 8025 Ghosts Mini Set (with 5 zombies and Skeleton)
  • 8026 Earth Song Mini Set ( with 1 Tanzanian, 1 African, and 1 Croatian with add ons)
  • 8027 You Are Not Alone Mini Set
  • 8028 You Rock My World Mini Set (with Marlon Brando, Mystery Girl, and add ons)

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