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UPDATE: This is one of many games that will be updated with new content to count down to the release of LEGO Batman 5. Stay tuned, I will be updating: LEGO Minifigure Series - The Video Game, LEGO Batman 4: Battle for Justice, and LEGO Marvel V DC Heroes.

This is a game made by Party Inc. It will feature many of the collectible minifigures rising up against villians like the Space Villians, The E.M. - Evil Minifigs, and many others.


  • Super Strength- Pull Orange Handles
  • Break Cracked Walls- Self Explanitory
  • Can't Build- You Can't Build
  • Fish- Fish for Valuable Items
  • Small- Go Through Shutes
  • Pull- Self-Explanitory
  • Acrobat- Swing on Poles and Double Jump
  • Hit Targets- Self Explanitory
  • Skate- Self Explanitory
  • Destroy Metal- Self Explanitory
  • Immune to Loud Noises- Self Explanitory
  • Music- Used to Enter Certain Rooms
  • Authority- Access Special Rooms (Like in Indiana Jones)
  • Glide- Self Explanitory
  • Hack- Self Explanitory
  • Silver Hearts- Have 8 Hit Points Instead of 4
  • Shield- Block a Laser Back at Itself
  • Spear Sockets- Throw Your Spear into Special Sockets
  • Sing- Sing to Break Glass
  • Book- Solve a Puzzle Using Your Book
  • Use Magic- Self Explanitory
  • Trophy- Convince Guards to Let You in Special Rooms
  • Golden Hearts- Have 16 Hit Points Instead of 8
  • Decorate- Decorate Walls to Open Doors
  • Stealth- Sneak Past Some Guards
  • Clash- Repeatadly press X and B to Beat Some Enemies
  • Teleport- Self Explanitory
  • Fix- Self Explanitory
  • Climb- Self-Explanitory
  • 1 Hit Point- Self Explanitory
  • Slow- Self Explanitory
  • Aquatic- Self Explanitory
  • Pass Through Coral- Self Explanitory
  • Tiny Animal- Similar to the Tiny Animal Chutes from Harry Potter


Name: Abilities: Weapon: Unlocked By:
  • Super Strength
  • Break Cracked Panels
  • Can't Build
  • Club
Beat Level 1: Evil Rising
Lawn Gnome
  • Fish
  • Small
  • Pull
  • Fishing Rod
Beat Level 1: Evil Rising
  • Acrobatic
  • Hit Targets
  • Bow
Beat Level 1: Evil Rising
  • Skate
  • Skateboard
Beat Level 2: What is Happening?
  • Destroy Silver
  • Immune to Loud Noises
  • Music
  • Discs
Beat Level 2: What is Happening?
Galaxy Patrol
Battle Mech
Aztec Warrior
Roman Emperor
Warrior Woman
Tomhawk Warrior
Computer Programmer

Mr. Gold

Sea Captain
The Thespian
Fortune Teller
Mountain Climber
Weight Lifter
Samurai Warrior

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