Mission: Impossible 

Level 1: Retrieving the NOC List


1a) Make your way through the Ball to the Room were the NOC List is stored.

1b) Make your way through the Ball assisting the other team on there way.

2) Chase down the NOC List though Prague's Streets


1a, 2) Ethan Hunt, Sarah Davies

1b) Jack Harmon, Hannah Williams


2) Alexander Golitsyn (Chase)

Level 2: Finding Max


1) Find clues in the Hotel Suite to track and communicate with Max

2) Find ways to escape Max's Office before the CIA arrive


1,2) Ethan Hunt, Claire Phelps

Level 3: Langley Heist


1) Follow the Guard to the Ventilation Room without Breaking Cover before scaling the Ventilation System

2a) Try Distract the Computer Operator before he enters the Secure Information Room

2b) Guide Ethan to Prevent his Detection (Briefly when the Com Op enters room)

3) Escape the Buildings before Security catches you


1,3) Ethan Hunt, Claire Phelps (2a), Luther Stickell (2a), Franz Kreiger (2b)


2a) Computer Operator (Track)

2b) Rats

3) Security Guards

Level 4: Revelations


1) Retrieve the Real NOC List of Kreiger

2) Make your way to call Kittridge

3) Piece together what really happened in Prague


1,2) Ethan Hunt, Claire Phelps

3) Ethan Hunt, Jim Phelps

Level 5: 'Train'-ed Agent


1) Make your Exchange with Max and then to go Job

2) Find Job in the Baggage Car

3) Follow Job across the Roof of the Train and Stop the Helicopter from getting away


1) Luther Stickell, Claire Phelps

2) Ethan Hunt, Claire Phelps

3) Ethan Hunt, Luther Stickell


2) Jim Phelps (Fight)

3) Jim Phelps (Follow)

Mission: Impossible 2

Level 1: A 'Rockie' Flight


1) See what the Problem is on the Plane

2) Retrieve your Mission Package from top of Cliff Face


1) Sean Ambrose (Ethan Mask), Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich

2) Ethan Hunt, Luther Stickell

Level 2: Recruiting a Thief


1) Gain Nyah's Trust by helping her Steal a Neckless

2) Chase Nyah along the Cliff Roads of Spain


1) Ethan Hunt, Nyah Nordoff-Hall

2) Ethan Hunt (Car), Luther Stickell (Car)

Level 3: Chancing Relationships


1) Step up Distractions to allow Nyah to get the Information from Ambrose

2) Bring the Information to Luther without getting Caught

3) Capture John McCloy


1,2,3) Ethan Hunt, Billy Biard

2) Nyah Nordoff-Hall

3) Luther Stickell


2) Hugh (Avoid)

3) McCloy's Men

Level 4: Stealing Chamira


1) Get in to Biocyte without getting Caught

2) Destroy anything involving Chamira

3) Escape the Building before it is destroyed


1,2,3) Ethan Hunt, Luther Stickell


3) Ambrose's Henchmen (Fight)

Level 5: Interrupting Exchanges


1) Get into Ambrose's Bunker and Steal the Antidote

2) Escape from Ambrose's Guards

3) Fight Ambrose


1,3) Ethan Hunt, Luther Stickell

2) Ethan Hunt (Motorcycle), Billy Biard (Helicopter)


1,2) Ambrose's Henchmen (Fight)

3) Sean Ambrose (Fight)

Mission: Impossible III

Bringing Back a Friend

Vatican Vacation

Bridge Showdown

Retrieving the Rabbits Foot

Mr and Mrs Hunt

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Breaking Ethan Out

Kremlin Catastrophe

Scaling Heights

Mission Mumbai

Hunt for Hendrix

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

A Fast Take-Off

An Austrian Opera

Retrieving the List

Motor Chase

A British Exchange

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