LEGO Monster Fighters: the video game

Monster figters1
is a game based around the first wave of the Monster Fighters theme. It allows the player to fight the evil Lord Vampyre as Doctor Rodney Rathbone and his band of brave heroes, and then turn the action around and attempt to eclipse the sun as the Vampyre family.
It is Rated E10+ for Mild CartoonViolence. The consoles that is released for XBOX 360, XBOX LIVE, PC, Wii,PS3, Nintendo DS, 3DS and PSN

The Hubs

The Campsite

This is where Monster Fighter stories can be played. You can only access the five Monster Fighters in this area. The Campsite is situated on the edge of Drachwald forest and features the main tent, where new weaponry and bonuses can be purchased for the Monster Fighters (for the good guys, the weaponry is like buying characters, only can be accessed in Story Modes as well as Free Play). There is the map table where missions are selected, the secondary tent where there are Custom Characters, the tertiary tent where bonus levels can be found, and the road. On the road is a Gate and Rodney Rathbone's green Net-Car. The car can be used to access race levels, and once a level is completed the Gate will open to travel to the Castle of Eternal Night to play the level in the villain's perspective.

The Castle of Eternal Night

This is where Monster stories can be played. You play as Lord Vampyre and Zombie butler/chauffer Renfield here, but can also play as any other monster when they are unlocked or purchased. Characters and bonuses can be bought in the Vampyre Bride's Laboratory, custom-made characters can be accessed in the crypt, missions are accessed through the cauldron, races can be accessed via the Coffin Car in the edge of the courtyard, characters can be accessed in Renfield's dumb waiter and the gate will open to allow passage back to the Campsite.

Hero Missions

1) Assembly of the Monster Fighters

Playable characters: Ann Lee, Major Quinton Steele

Overview: Doctor Rathbone has summoned four people to his home, Rathbone Manor. Ann Lee and Major Quinton Steele arrive and find that Frank Rock and Jack McHammer cannot get into the home. The doorbell is broken so they must find a way to knock on the door loud enough. Then, Doctor Rathbone lets everybody in, and Ann Lee and Major Quinton Steele must follow him through his mansion. He has set traps and Mannequins attack them. Then, Rathbone explains what is happening and the team go through to the Monster Realm.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Ghost Mannequins, Werewolf Mannequins

Boss(es): Doctor Rodney Rathbone (5 hearts)

2) Drachwald Forest

Playable characters: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Major Quinton Steele

Overview: Lord Vampyre has sent Renfield to collect the Moonstone from the Werewolf. Rathbone and Quinton realise that they need to defeat the Werewolf or he will attack the campsite so they venture into the Drachwald Forest. There, the trees come to life and the Werewolf starts leaping between them with the Moonstone. Renfield arrives as they are building a trap and falls into it himself. They fight the Werewolf one last time and then Renfield escapes with the Moonstone in his hearse.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Enemies:Plant Creatures

Boss(es): Tree Creature (3 hearts), The Werewolf (8 hearts)

3) Cold Sleep Swamp Creature

Playable characters: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Frank Rock

Overview: Rodney and Frank Rock travel to the Cold Sleep Swamp to fight the Swamp Creature, who is trying to get to the Castle of Eternal Night. They must find a safe way across the swamp, but then Renfield reappears to collect the Moonstone. They fight him and he escapes with the stone, accidentally dropping the Red Moonstone. They defeat the Swamp Creature and steal the Red Moonstone.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es):Renfield (3 hearts), The Swamp Creature (5 hearts)

4) All Aboard the Ghost Train

Playable characters: Ann Lee, Frank Rock

Playable vehicles: Ann Lee's Plane, Frank Rock's Motorcycle

Overview: The plane attacks the Ghost Train from above while the motorcycle attacks from the side. Then, Frank Rock gets into the carriage and lets in Ann Lee. They fight the Banished Ghost before an army of ghosts attack them. They must fight back against the ghosts and defeat the Conductor, but the main engine of the Ghost Train comes to life, attacks them and escapes with the Moonstone.

Level type: Vehicle, Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Ghosts

Boss(es): Banished Ghost (3 hearts), Ghost Conductor (5 hearts), The Ghost Train (8 hearts)

5) The Rise of the Army

Playable characters: Jack McHammer, Doctor Rodney Rathbone

Overview: The Zombie Groom is about to hand the Moonstone to his old friend Renfield when the two Monster Fighters attack the Graveyard. They fight and an army of Zombies rise up to attack. Then, they must seal the tombs to stop more attacks and blow up the Voodoo Cauldron in the church when the Zombie Bride traps them inside. They must defeat the Zombie Bride but Renfield escaped with the Moonstone. The Groom is about to escape but sees his wife is injured and attacks them again.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Zombies

Boss(es): Zombie Groom (4 hearts), Zombie Bride (6 hearts), Zombie Groom (8 hearts)

6) The Cursed Badlands

Playable characters: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Ann Lee

Overview: Rathbone follows the Zombie Driver into the Cursed Badlands where he finds Ann Lee fighting the Mummy King. They chase him to the pyramid and must find a way inside. Then, an army of Mummies attack while Renfield climbs to the top to retrieve the Moonstone. The Mummy King fights them in the alter and after he is defeated, they must escape the collapsing pyramid.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Mummies, Anubis Statues

Boss(es): The Mummy King (7 hearts)

7) The Lab of Uncanny Creations

Playable characters: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Major Quinton Steele, Jack McHammer

Overview: Rodney and Quinton break into the Lab of Uncanny Creations. Remembering how he lost his arm to the Scientist, Jack McHammer goes in, followed by Rathbone. The Crazy Scientist is about to fight before bringing to life his army of Monsters and escaping with the Moonstone. They fight the Monsters but are too late to stop the Scientist who heads up to the Castle of Eternal Night.

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Skeleton Creations

Boss(es): The Crazy Scientist (4 hearts), Scientist's Monster (8 hearts)

8) Chasing the Hearse

Playable characters: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Frank Rock

Playable vehicles: Frank Rock's Motorcycle, Rathbone's Green Car

Overview: While trying to destroy the Red Moonstone, the two Monster Fighters see Lord Vampyre's Hearse approaching. Lord Vampyre attacks them with Renfield, and they steal back the Moonstone. They must chase the hearse in the vehicles, when Lord Vampyre climbs up on the roof and starts throwing bats at them which they must avoid. The hearse makes it through the gate which closes before they arrive.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Vehicle

Boss(es): Lord Vampyre (Capeless) (5 hearts)

9) The Guarded Black Gate

Playable characters: Ann Lee, Major Quinton Steele

Overview: As Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer climb over the walls of the Castle of Eternal Night, Frank Rock is kidnapped by the Crazy Scientist and locked in the Castle Prison tower. They must battle the Manbats who fly down at them, and then find a way to break through the gate. The Crazy Scientist attacks them in the courtyard and must be finally defeated. Then, they must find a way to break into the prison. As they free Frank Rock, the Vampyre Bride attacks, and Frank fights off the Manbats while they defeat her.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Manbats, Skeleton Creations

Boss(es): The Crazy Scientist (8 hearts), Vampyre Bride (8 hearts)

10) The Fall of the Vampyre

Playable characters: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Jack McHammer

Overview: Lord Vampyre is about to activate his machine when the two Monster Fighters attack him. Every time he is defeated, he turns into a bat and flies to another area of the castle; first the balcony, then the treasury, then the organ room - the highest room in the tower. They must survive onslaughts of Manbats, Ghosts and Skeleton Creations before fighting him again. Finally, annoyed with how he is being treated, Renfield shoots and pushes the Lord Vampyre off the tower and he falls apart when he lands in the courtyard. The Monster Fighters return home, and Renfield goes for a snooze, now the ruler of the Monster Realm

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Manbats, Skeleton Creations, Ghosts

Boss(es): Lord Vampyre (5 hearts), Lord Vampyre (8 hearts), Lord Vampyre (8 hearts), Lord Vampyre (12 hearts)

Villain Levels

1) The Red Moonstone

Playable characters: Lord Vampyre (capless), Renfield

Overview: The Vampyre Bride is taught by the Crazy Scientist about the Moonstones, and insists that her husband go and find the Red Vampire one for them. He takes Renfield with him and travels to the mountains, where they must find a way into the cave and then battle the Emperor Vampyre for the Moonstone he possesses. They return to the castle and Lord Vampyre sees the potential in the Moonstones.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Enemies: Manbats

Boss(es): Emperor Vampyre (8 hearts)

2) Calling Together the Monsters

Playable characters: The Crazy Scientist, Scientist's Monster

Overview: The Lord Vampyre summons the Monsters to the castle. The Scientist and his Monster arrive as Renfield accidentally locks the gate and loses the key. They must find the key and return it to him. Then, Lord Vampyre explains what is happening, and they must rebuild the broken machine for him before he will trust them.

Level type: Puzzle

3) The Forest Comes Alive

Playable characters: The Werewolf, Tree Creature

Overview: The Werewolf refuses to return the Moonstone because he knows that then he will return to being human and the tree creatures will attack him. They return and must rebuild the trees to make a catapult to attack enemies. Then Renfield arrives to recover it and they fight him. Then, Major Quinton Steele appears to get it off them and they must fight him as well.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Renfield (5 hearts), Major Quinton Steele (5 hearts)

4) The Bogs

Playable characters: The Swamp Creature, The Zombie Driver

Overview: Renfield arrives at the Cold Sleep Swamp to collect the Moonstone, but then drops it in the weeds. They must find a way to dig it out and then Frank Rock appears to attack them. They fight him and Renfield flees, not realising he has dropped the Red Moonstone which the Lord Vampyre gave him as it could control people and would help pursuade the Monsters to part with the Moonstones.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Frank Rock (8 hearts)

5) Pay the Fare

Playable characters: Ghost Conductor, Ghost

Overview: The Ghosts are about to return the Blue Moonstone to the Castle of Eternal Night when a tree falls on the line. They must clear this and then find out that some ghosts were not paying the fare and need to be banished. They must build the Grandfather Clocks to trap the ghosts and then fight the ringleader.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Banished Ghosts

Boss(es): Banished Ghost (8 hearts)

6) Zombie Love

Playable characters: Zombie Groom, Zombie Bride

Overview: The Zombie Groom and Bride have been ordered to build an army of zombies for the Lord Vampyre, and must break open every grave and build five zombies. Then, Jack McHammer appears to attack them and they must fight him. They must then trap him in the church so that they can rebuild the Coffin Car for Renfield who can lead the army to the Lord Vampyre.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Jack McHammer (6 hearts)

7) Sand in the System

Part 1: Playable characters: Mummy King, Mummy

Part 2: Playable vehicles: Mummy Chariot, Zombie Hearse

Overview: The Mummy King and his servant must rebuild the stairs up the pyramid to retrieve the moonstone trapped on the top, when Ann Lee attacks. They fight her and then the Renfield arrives and the King and he flee in the vehicles. She attacks with her Autogyro and they must find a way across the Badlands to escape, and also defeat the Lost Humans who are wandering through the deserts.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Lost Humans

Boss(es): Ann Lee (8 hearts)

8) It's Alive

Playable characters: The Crazy Scientist, Scientist's Monster

Overview: The Scientist and his Monster are about to collect the Moonstone when lightning strikes and the entire lab starts to explode. They must rebuild everything and collect the Moonstone, and then find a way to get past the army of Skeleton Creations which have been confused by the lightning.

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl

Enemies: Skeleton Creations

9) Retrieving the Moonstone

Playable characters: Lord Vampyre (capeless), Renfield

Playable vehicles: Zombie Hearse, Hearse

Overview: Lord Vampyre and Renfield find out that they are missing the red moonstone. Vampyre confronts the Zombie who knocks the other moonstones off the tower and they must retrieve them from different places in the castle. Then, they steal the Moonstone from the campsite and escape in the cars, but get lost and must find a new way to get to the Castle of Eternal Night.

Level type: Puzzle

10) Defending the Machine

Playable characters: The Crazy Scientist, Vampyre Bride, Lord Vampyre

Overview: The Scientist and Bride must build up the defences of the castle by giving the armies the items they want and building defences on the black gate. Then, they realise that Doctor Rodney is on the balcony battling the Lord Vampyre, and the bride races to help. The two Vampyres fight him and then Renfield when he turns against them. The Bride is called back to the courtyard and defeated and then the Lord Vampyre is shot and thrown off the tower by Renfield.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Doctor Rodney Rathbone (8 hearts), Renfield (10 hearts)


The races can be accessed from either Hub. The player chooses their own vehicle and the opponent, and can purchase them from the race screen. In the hero hub, they purchase hero cars and races against the vehicles purchased in the Villain Hub, and the other way around (the best races happen after you have bought all the vehicles in both hubs before you start any races).

Bonus Levels

My Great Great Great Grandfig

Playable characters: Great Great Great Great Grandfig, Scientist (friend)

Overview: Rathbone's great great great great grandfig and his scientist friend travel into the Monster Realm and fight the Lord Vampyre. Then, the Scientist turns into the Crazy Scientist and stays after finding a Moonstone.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Enemies: Manbats,Ghosts

Boss(es): Lord Vampyre (young)

The Monster Realm Begins

Playable characters: Mad Warlock, Renfield (young)

Overview: A warlock and his servant, later the Zombie Driver/Butler Renfield , must build the Monster Realm and defeat the humans there by assembling the different creatures, in order to gather 1,000,000 studs.

Level type: Stud Target

Enemies: Lost Humans

The Army Alliance

Playable characters: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Ann Lee, Major Quinton Steele, Frank Rock, Jack McHammer

Overview: How long can you keep all five characters alive in the middle of the Monster Realm with armies of every creature attacking? This is a fun survival level where you need to last over 5 minutes to win.

Level type: Survival over Time

Enemies: Swamp Creatures, Mummy King, Mummies, Werewolves, Tree Creatures, Zombies, Zombie Grooms, Zombie Brides, Renfield, Emperor Vampyres, Lord Vampyre, Vampyre Bride, Scientist's Monster, Skeleton Creations, Ghosts, Ghost Conductors, Banished Ghosts, Manbats, Mad Warlocks, Anubis Statues


Hieroglyphs: These charecters can read puzzle heiroglyphs to uncover clues. Ex: King Mummy,Mummies, Anubis Statues, Rodney Rathbone, Mad Warlock, Lord Vampyre, Mad Scientist, Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfig

Super Strength: These charecters can lift heavy objects, break walls and hit enemies very hard. Ex: Mummy King, Anubis Statues, Lord Vampyre, Renfield, Scientist's Monster, Emperor Vampyre, Jack Mchammer, Manbats, Werewolf

Claws: These Charecters can rip down brown glowing walls and slice up things. Ex: Werewolf, Manbats

Sword: These Charecters can activate sword switches, slice up enemies faster and block attacks. Ex: Rodney Rathbone, Lord Vampyre, Emporer Vampyre, Anubis Statues, Great-Great-Great Grandfig, Renfield (young)

The Creater and the Destroyer: this machine sucks up LEGO bricks and either blasts them out as enrgy or helpful objects. Ex: Mad Scientist, Scientist (friend)

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