LEGO MK: The Video-Game is based off the sets and minifgs. It features new areas and characters. Chapter 1, Baraka's Big Break features Noob Saibot, Mileena, Tremor and Baraka. Goro's Greatness the mayhem caused by Sheeva, Motaro, Kintaro, Smoke and Goro. Shao Kahn's Sinister Plans features Rain, Reptile, Kano, Ermac, Shang Tsung and Shao-Kahn.


The hub is Raiden's Palace. There you can go through portals. One leads to a studio in Earthrealm where you find all characters from Earthrealm and also access Brawl Mode. One leads to Nettherealm to see the villains you've unlocked and also access Villain Mode. The last one leads to Shao Kahn's palace to make Custom Characters. In Lord Raiden's palace, you can find a crystal ball you can purchase characters with. You can also find statues tha split in half to reveal hidden portals which guide to mysterious places whee you can access the episodes.

Chapter 1 - Baraka's Big Break

Tremor Chase

Tremor is causing mayhem with Baraka, when Raiden and Liu Kang arrive. Barka and Tremor hope into a get-a-way space ship and fly off. Raiden summons a flying carpet, which confuses Liu Kang, and Raiden laughs. As you chase Baraka and Tremor, you play as Raiden and shoot blue magic fireballs at the space ships in front of you. Watch out for objects such as other small UFOs, asteroids, lightning and ravens.

Playable: Raiden's "Flying Carpet"

Boss: Baraka's Get-A-Way Space Ship

Level Type: Vehicle

Unlockable: Nettherealm Villager, Tarkatan Space-Commander

The Village


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