LEGO Nightmare on Elm Street is a theme based off the movies. The Video-Game features 5 chapters based off the first 4 movies and the remake.


1001 Freddy's Origin

Minifigs: Freddy Krueger (Pre-Deformation), Angry Parents, Scared Children, Angry Principal, Freddy Krueger (Deformed)

Other: Cars, Pitchforks, Torches, Tanks of Oil, Burning Tables

1002 The First Nightmare

Minifigs: Scared Teenager, Freddy Krueger, Wolves, Skeletons

Other: Evil Cars, Grave Stones, Coffins, Trains

1003 Freddy's Dead!

Minifigs: Alice (Nightmare on Elm Street IV), Killer Clown Freddy, Skeletons, Zombie Clowns, Souls, Corpses

Other: Evil Bumper Cars, Cotton Candy, Knives, Guns

Cancellation & Revamp

After 3 sets, parents didn't like the idea of there kids playing Nightmare on Elm Street, so it was cancelled. Plans to bring it back are rumored.

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