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Chapter 1-Battle Bettwen Brothers

Playable-Sensei Wu (Young),Lord Garmadon (Young)
Boss(es)-Sensei Wu/Lord Garmadon (5 Hearts)
Notice-The Battle is the same as The Battle Bettwen Obi Wan and Anakin.
Setting-The Monastery

Season 1-Masters of Spinyitsu

Chapter 1-The Blacksmith

Playable-Kai (Armour),Nya
Unlockable-Krazi,Bonezai,Bonecycles,Jamonicai Villager
Boss(es)-Samukai's Bone Truck (5 Metal Hearts)
Setting-Jamonicai Village

Chapter 2-The Monastery

Playable-Kai (Blacksmith),Kai (Pyjamas)
Later Playable-Jay (Intruder),Cole (Intruder),Zane (Intruder)
Boss(es)-The Monastery Obstacles
Setting-The Monastery

Chapter 3-The four Weapons of Spinyitsu

Replacing characters-Jay (DX),Cole (DX),Zane (DX)
Boss(es)-The four elemental dragons (6 hearts each)
Setting-Caves of Despair,Frozen Wasteland,Floating Ruins

Chapter 4-Chasing Samukai

Playable-Jay (DX),Cole (DX),Zane (DX),Sensei Wu (White Shirt)
Unlockable-Samukai's Bone Truck
Boss(es)-Chase Samukai
Setting-Forest of Tranquility

Chapter 5-The Fire Temple

Replacing characters-Kai (DX)
Unlockable-Lord Garmadon (Shadow)
Boss(es)-Lord Garmadon (Shadow)(5 Hearts)
Setting-The Fire Temple

Chapter 6-The Underworld

Playable-Kai (DX),Jay (DX),Cole (DX),Zane (DX),Nya,Sensei Wu (White Shirt)
Unlockable-Lord Garmadon's Spider
Boss(es)-Giant Spider (5 Hearts),Lord Garmadon (4 Hearts)
Setting-The Underworld,Lord Garmadon's Fortress

Season 2-Year of the Snakes

Chapter 1-Rise of the Snakes

Playable-Kai (DX),Jay (DX),Cole (DX),Zane (DX)
Playable 2-Slithraa (General),Skales (Commander)
Playable 3-Lloyd Garmadon,Fangtom
Unlockable-Mezmo,Rattla,Fangdam,Fang-Suei,Snappa,Cole (Possesed),Ed,Edna
Boss(es)-Lyoid Garmadon (3 Hearts),Slithraa (General)(5 Hearts),Cole (Possesed)(4 Hearts),Fangpyre Wrecking Ball (5 Metal Hearts),Lyoid Garmadon (5 Hearts)
Setting-Jamonacai Village,Hypnobrai Tomb,Lloyd's Treehouse,Destiny's Bounty,Fangpyre Tomb,,The Junkyard,The Mountainside

Chapter 2-The Five Tribes

Playable-Lloyd Garmadon, Pythor P. Chumsworth
Playable 2-Kai (Kendo),Jay (Kendo), Cole (Kendo),Zane (Kendo),Kai (Ninja),Jay (Ninja),Cole (Ninja),Zane (Ninja)
Playable 3-Kai (Maskless), Lloyd Garmadon
Playable 4-Cole (Maskless),Jay (Maskless),Zane (Maskless),Cole (Ninja),Zane (Pink),Kai (Ninja),Jay (Ninja),Samurai X
Unlockable-Bytar,Chokun,Snike,Lizaru,Spitta,Lasha,Bad scool boy
Boss(es)-The 5 Tribe leaders (each 2 Hearts)
Setting-Anacondrai Tomb,Destiny's Bounty,The School for Bad Boys,Destiny's Bounty,Constrictai Tomb,Venomari Tomb,Ninjago Sewers

Chapter 3-The Lost City of Oroboris

Playable-Pythor P. Chumsworth, Skales
Playable 2-Kai (ZX),Jay (ZX),Cole (ZX),Zane (ZX),Samurai X,Nya (Maskless)
Boss(es)-Samurai X (5 Metal Hearts)
Setting-Ninjago Desert, Ninjago, Oroboris

Chapter 4-The Fang Blades

Playable-Kai (ZX), Jay (ZX), Cole (ZX), Zane (ZX), Falcon
Playable 2-Pythor P. Chumsworth,Skales,Fangtom,Skalidor,Acidicus
Playable 3-Jay (Maskless),Nya,Nya (Dress),Jay (Suit),Kai (ZX),Cole (ZX),Zane (ZX)
Playable 4-Kai (Maskless),Jay (Maskless),Cole (Maskless),Zane (Maskless),Kai (Hoodie),Jay (Jacket),Cole (Hoodie),Zane (Jacket),Lou,Kai (Dancer),Jay (Dancer),Cole (Dancer),Zane (Dancer)
Unlocked Abillties-NRG's for Zane,Cole and Jay
Unlockable-Dr. Julien (Young),Judge,Pythor (Judge)
Boss(es)-Samurai X (5 Metal Hearts)
Setting-Treehorn Forest,Dr. Julien's home,Destiny's Bounty,Megamonster Theme Park,Lou's house,Ninjago theatre

Chapter 5-The Green Ninja

Chapter 6-The Rise of the Great Devourer

Season 3-The Stone Army

Chapter 1-Darkness Shall Rise/Pirates vs. Ninja

Chapter 2-Double Trouble

Chapter 3-Playing Games (Ninjaball Run/Child's Play)

Chapter 4-To the Past and the Present (Wrong Place, Wrong Time/The Stone Army)

Chapter 5-The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Chapter 6-The Dark Island (The Last Voyage/Island of Darkness)

Season 3 Finals

Chapter 1-Starting Countdown ( The Last Hope/Return of the Overlord)

Chapter 2-Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

Characters:(COMING SOON)

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