LEGO Ninjago the Videogame

LEGO theme



PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,Game Cube


Adventure, action, fighting

Release date

5th May, 2013 (Europe), 11st May, 2013 (US), 13th May, 2013 (Asia, Australia) 20th May, 2013 (Canada, South America, Mexico)

Special releases

Demo version (February 27th, 2013), New mode+Weapons (June 7th, 2013(North America, June 3rd, Europe and Asia)

Age rating


LEGO Ninjago the Videogame is a videogame about Ninjago theme. It is released for PlayStation2, PlayStation3 and Xbox 360.


The game follows Kai, on his journey with his teammates Jay, Cole, Zane, and their leader Sensei Wu to save the Ninjago country against the Lord Garmadon, Wu's evil brother who tries to rule the Earth and corrupt it into the darkness. On their journey, they fight a lot of Garmadon's forces and their soldiers and meet new warriors and people, trying to unlock their full potential.


Playable characters

Kai - He is the red ninja of fire, and Nya's brother. He is very courage and agressive person, who wants to become the best ninja in the world. In the beggining, he was just a poor blacksmith, who lived in small village with his father and sister, his mother died too young. All money that gave Kai life was that he earned when he made weapons and helmets- that's how he lived. When his father died, situation was even more harder, especcially when Skeletons came and kidnapped Nya. Luckily, his father was good friend of Sensei Wu, who made Kai a ninja.

Element- Fire

Special weapon- Fire Sword

Special abilities- Fire spin

Jay- He is the blue ninja of lighting and storm. He fell in love with Nya, Kai's sister. His elemental weapon is Nunchuks of lighting, and his ability is Electric hit, because of his speed caused of element lighting. He thinks he is funny and best in everything, but he is not. Actually, he was just a cowardly person who had no sense for fight, until Sensei Wu found him. He wastrying to become a karate master, and Wu started to expose him to very strong electric dischargings and inihitions.That was obviously too much for Jay, who couldn't withstand that, so he fell into a deep coma and swoon. When he woke up, he became resistant of electricity.

Element- Lighting

Special weapon- Nunchuks of Lighting

Special abilities- Electric hit

Cole- He is the black ninja of earth and one of the first Wu's students.He is very strong and he likes to fight. His weapon is Scythe of Quakes and his special move Sand spin. His move, sand spin, is actually sand move, but that sand is refered to earth and rock, which is his element. He is probably the strongest ninja in group,and that is why he is ninja of rock, earth. He is son of popular dancer, Lou, who wanted to send him to dancing school, but he ran to wild forests because he wanted to find his potential of strongness. He started mountain climbing, where Sensei Wu found him and taught him how to become so strong. Cole is afraid of dragons, but that fear disappeared when he got into the battle with Scythe's guardian, dragon of earth.

Element- Earth

Special weapon- Scythe of Quakes, Earth staff

Special abilities- Sand spin

Zane- He is the white ninja of ice and snow. He is very calm, patient and clever, and probably the Wu's student, but he can be very agressive and furious if someone makes him angry. He doesn't get jokes, but he does have sense of humour but when he says something stupid, he takes it seriously.

Element- Ice

Special weapon- Shuriken of Ice

Special abilities- Ice ball

Sensei Wu- He is a very old man with lot of experience in fighting. His father created the country of Ninjago. Wu is Garmadon's brother and  Lloyd ' s uncle. When he was young, he fought with his brother many times. When their father died, Wu and Garmadon fought for Four Golden Weapons. Garmadon was corrupted by darkness, so when Wu defeated him, Garmadon went to underworld and became the dark lord. After that, Wu became sensei and started teaching ninja students.

Element- All of them

Special weapon- Flute

Special abilities- Golden Spinjitzu (Kills enemies faster)

Lord Garmadon- (Playable at short time) Sensei Wu's brother who got bitten by a Great Devouver, a poisonus snake which corrupted his heart in darkness. After  his father's death, he wanted to keep the Four Golden Weapons, but Wu defeated him and threw him to the underworld. There, he defeated Samukai, the leader of skeleton army, his new army. He is Lloyd's father and when he was young, he was Mysako's husband, but when she got pregnant, he went to underworld and became a Dark Lord. When he fought Samukai, his spinjitzu turned into a dark spinjitzu, and he got all dark powers with which he can switch world into darkness, but only thing he had to do is to get all 4 elemental weapons of spinjitzu.

Element- Darkness

Special weapon- Dark staff

Special abilities- Dark ray

Nya- She's Kai's sister. She is not a ninja, but she posseses some powers and fights very well. Although lot of ninjas think she can't be fighter, she is Samurai X, one of the most mysterious persons in Ninjago. In the beginning, she didn't like Jay, but after she started felling something. Just like her brother, she is very brave and she likes fighting and fire.

Element- Fire

Special weapon- Fire blades (Golden version)

Special abilities- Flame kick/Flame punch

Lloyd Garmadon- He is the green ninja, one of the most powerful warriors in the world. He is son of Lord Garmadon. When he was young, he wanted to be like his father, Dark Lord. So he made a lot of troubles. So his mother left him and sent him to the school for bad boys, and he got busted out of it. He then went to Ninjago and found ancient Serpentine army, which he got under his control. After that he started fighting ninjas, and he became the Green Ninja.

Element- All of them

Special weapon- Powerweapon

Special abilities- Green powers

Unplayable characters


Lord Garmadon- He is most of times unplayable.

Samukai- He is the leader of skeleton army. He ruled the Underworld until Lord Garmadon came and fought him, so he had to surrender. He also gave him his helmet, which means total lead of Underworld. He is four handed, just like Garmadon later, so he can take all 4 elemental weapons, but he cannot control them, because he's too weak (he has no powers) for it.

Powers: He can use 4 different weapons at once.

Frakjaw- He is skeleton of fire. Sometimes he wears straw hat, but sometimes fireproof helmet.

Powers: He can burn almost everything.

Chopov- he is skeleton of earth and sand.

Powers: It's hard to kill him, 3 times harder than other skeletons.

Bonezai- He is skeleton of ice.

Powers: He can froze player for 10 seconds.

Krazi- Skeleton of lighting and storm.

Powers: He can throw electric rays.

Wyplash- General of Ice. He leads Bonezai.

Powers: He can freeze player for 15 seconds.

Nuckal- He leads lighting skeletons, and he is related to Kruncha.

Powers: Can throw extra rays and electric balls, 2 times stronger than Jay's.

Kruncha-  He rules the earth and he is earth general.

Powers: Makes extra earthquakes.

Pythor- He is the only live snake from Anacondrai tribe, because he ate others. He wants Fang blades and he will do anything to get them.

Fangtom- Leader of the Fangpyre tribe.

Skales- He leads Hypnobrai and can infect people looking at their eyes. Player also can hypnose him if he crashes him to the ice or mirror.

Powers: Hypnotizing ( Infects player for 10 seconds ).

Skalidor- Leads Constrictai tribe and uses spear axe as weapon.

Powers: Uses super axe, goes through earth.

Acidicus-Leader of Venomari tribe.

Powers: Can spit acid which infects player.

Dark Ninja- They were normal ninjas in the past, but they became Garmadon's henchmen when he hit them with dark cannon.

Geriyuchi- Brother of Kai's father who wants to get revenge on Kirchonn, because he burned his land in past. So he made his army of ninjas who all became Kirchonn's henchmen after.

Powers: Can use wind energy staff.

Kirchonn (Krichonn the Invicible)- He is Wu's enemy from the past, who strikes again with his new army. He hated Wu because he though that he destroyed his land, but that was Geriyuchi. He has six hands.

Powers: Can use 6 different weapons at once, very hard to kill.

Kirgons- are Krichonn's ninja henchmen.

Time Ninja-- A proffesional thief who steals Ninjago's things. He can escape easily after that because he fasts up time for himself. He jumped into Crono Crater which made him immortal. 

Powers: Can jump through time - teleport from one point to second quickly.

Cardinsto-  An old friend of Sensei Wu. He is also Krichonn's enemy, but he wants to kill him because he thinks Krichonn has a powerful weapon.

Powers: Can use energy wind weapons.

Garhann the Dreamer- He is the master of the dream world. He rules it and can make anyone fall in his dark dreams to make them his dark warriors of dream

Powers: Infecting with dark dreams.

Dream Warriors- They are warriors in the dream world, lead by Garhann.

Coffee ninja- He is Garmadon's henchmen that works in Pariyaki bar as coffee master. Garmadon sent him there so he can fight ninjas and defeat them. They had a hard fight in bar, where he presented himself as Coffe ninja. His real name is Piert Glondarm.

Powers: Throws explosive coffee beans.


Carridi- He is an old friend of Sensei Wu, who has daughter Satsue. In past, Cole saved her and Carridi gave him a lot of money for that. He also runs the weapon workshop in South Jamanakai.

Nobu- She is an old woman who lives in aSouth Jamanakai. She had a mysterious treasure which skeletons took away so she lives hard. You can get some coins in game at her which are from lost creature.

Satsue- She is Carridi's daughter who got kidnapped by skeleton army and Cole later saved her. She appears in some stages as tourist or trader.

Toki- He leads his group of ninjas and he wants to teach them how to fight. Members of his group crazy people. He is Japanese sensei from old village. He helps Sensei Wu to fight Serpentines.

Toki's ninjas- They are usually not usual people, refugees or lost men from every parts of the world who came to Ninjago to try to become a ninja. However they are not real ninjas, they most look like mongolian warriors or old chinese warriors mixed with vikings.

Zumo Aura- It's unknown is that really his name. His past is unknon, even he does not know where did he came from. But he soonly discovered his powers for fight and his invicible skills. That's how he fought Toki. He won, which was suprising, so Toki and he decided to make a monastery. Every time when one ninja comes to monastery Toki tests his skill and checks if he is real ninja when he releases Zumo Aura to fight him. He wears white and light grey robes and white cap with light grey mask.

Jamanakai villagers- Japanese people from Jamanakai village mostly traders and farmers. They live in South and North Jamanakai. When Serpentines attacked their village they all became hypnotized zombies.

Mystake- She's an old woman that travels over Japan and Ninjago to sell her products. She sells special potions and teas that includes powers in it. Player can buy that potions at her. She is the one of two only persons who sells tea, other one being Kriechh. Howewer, she is easier to find in game than Kriechh, but sells less quality products.

Kriechh-  He is old man who knows a lot of stuff from Ninjago's past and posseses some powers which he uses to make special potions. He is great trader. Player can also buy that products at his carriages. He is the only character after mystake to sell that type of products. He has got some of the most quality highest products available to buy.

Skeirn- he is probably a mysterious phantom warrior. Everyone thought that he is thief who steals treasures, but he actually fights them, but still steals their treasures, taking it to Kirchonn and Lord Garmadon, who give them money back which he uses.

Collectable Items

Collectable items are items in game that player can collect, and then use it  at some different points in game (buy products, weapons and that.)


Coins are most common and frequent collectables in game. Without them, game wouldn't work. They can be used everywhere and for anything, especially for buying. There are more types of coins.

  • Bronze coins- They are most frequent coins and collectables. They are very easy to find, they are almost everywhere.They are very available, but they can also be on hidden fields. They usually can be found in heaps. They can be used just for buying and trading. 

10 bronze coins = 1 silver coin

100 bronze coins = 1 gold coin

  • Silver coins- They are second most frequent coins. However, they are not that common. It's harder to find them, they usually stay on hidden places , barely available areas or in heaps with other coins, but then it's usually one to five coins in that case.They can be used just for buying and trading. 

1 silver coin = 10 bronze coins

10 silver coins = 1 gold coin

  • Gold coins- They are the most valuable collectables and coins. They are very rare and hard to find. There are just few of them in each level, sometimes none and sometimes just one or two to three. Gold coins usually stay on extremely hidden and unavailable areas.

1 gold coin = 10 silver coins

1 gold coin = 100 bronze coins


There are another type of collectibles that are called helps. Unlike coins, helps are used quickly, exact time player collects it. Helps are:

  • Lives- Lives are one of helps collectables. They are used to add lives to player ( every player has got 5 lives in the beginning). They are shown as hearts.
  • Health coins - Health coins are coins that raise up player's health for 35%.
  • Spin boosters- That spin boosters allow player to use Spinjitzu power immediately. They boost up filling of spinjitzu bar 100%.
  • Energy coins- Fills up adrenaline bar 100% and allows player to run very fast, jump very high and hit very strong.


Weapons are items in game which help player to fight and kill. They can be bought and sold. List is down: (Price is shown in bronze coins):

  • Training staff - 10
  • Katana - 35
  • Double katana - 65
  • Small knife - 70
  • Double small knife - 100 
  • Medium knife - 125
  • Boardsword - 140
  • Double boardswordl - 170
  • Small spear - 93
  • Medium spear - 114
  • Hard iron spear - 200
  • Small axe - 230
  • Viking axe - 254
  • Big axe - 290
  • Double-sided axe (iron) - 313
  • Double-sided axe (wood) - 377
  • Skeleton axe - 300
  • Scythe - 346
  • Sharptop knife (classic) - 375
  • Blade (sharptop classic) - 421
  • Fire Blade - 450
  • Short nunchuks - 96
  • Long nunchuks - 130
  • Shuriken - 93
  • Double shuriken - 135
  • Ironized broadsword - 246
  • Ninja star - 560
  • Mace - 597
  • Bananarang - 542
  • Cutlass - 675
  • Pirate sword - 600
  • Pirate sword ( version 2) - 754
  • Curved daggers - 546
  • Dual - 769
  • Battle hammer - 870
  • Golden mace - 931
  • Golden spear - 1179
  • Golden axe - 1200
  • Red diamond forest blade - 1020
  • Golden axe (double sided) - 200
  • Pirinko shieldsword - 1230
  • Platinum shieldsword - 3000
  • Platinum megasword - 5670

Special weapons

There are some special weapons that can't be bought and sold, like Elemental weapons and Fang blades.

  • Fire sword
  • Scythe of Quakes
  • Shurikens of Ice 
  • Nunchuks of Lighting
  • Fire blades ( special )
  • Flute
  • Powerweapon ( Megaweapon )


Potions are special elements in game that gives player special powers or abilities for some time. They can be bought, but can't be sold. There are just two characters in game that sell potions and , Mystake and Kriechh. List of potions and what they do:

  • Kringi tea - The cheapest tea and potion of all. It gives player faster spinjitzu bar filling.
  • Green tea -  Japanese tea with energents added. Gives player super speed to run.
  • Savonaki potion - Can kill enemy without weapon.
  • Borkeno - Gives you magnetization power, which means that you can climb on any surfaces.
  • Acidima mix - Very rare potion from acid. Player can release acid clouds and kill enemies.
  • Huyaraki tea - mysterious fruit tea. Gives player ability to jump high and land down without hurting.
  • Java potion - Javanese potion. Energy to kill enemies by stomping them.
  • Skalifikusy - Dark energy - when running and jumping health raises up and you can use it as dark weapon.
  • Garhaba tea - full lives raise.
  • Deyanaki potion - Every time enemy throws something to you, it bounces and kills him.
  • Erenaki soup - Rage up. Destroys enemy vehicles and weapons automatically.
  • Gurimo - Invicibility for 33 seconds.
  • Spellbreaker water - Super shield - everyone who gets to you at 7 meters dies.
  • Indonize - Invicibility for 59 seconds, throw-bounce kill and super adrenaline.

Attacks and Moves

Every playable character has it's special attack move.  For example, all of ninjas have Spinjitzu.


Spinjitzu is the most popular attack/move. All of ninjas can do Spinjitzu. Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon are only characters that can do it, that are not ninjas. 

When you do spinjitzu, you can spin for 10 seconds. There is also a bar that has to fill up, so you can perform the move. When it's full, you can use it. Bar filling lasts 20 seconds. Every playable character has got that bar, except Nya, who can't do spinjitzu.

Characters that can do Spinjitzu:

  • Kai
  • Jay
  • Cole
  • Zane
  • Sensei Wu
  • Lord Garmadon
  • Lloyd Garmadon

Tornado of Creation

Tornado of Creation is special move that needs 4 elemental ninjas (Kai, Zane, Cole, Jay), to perform it. When one ninja does spinjitzu, and other 3 does the same move, one of them can enter into other's spinjitzu and when all of them connect, they make another special move called Tornado of creation. Sensei Wu, Lloyd and Lord Garmadon can't participate in that process. 

When Tornado of creation appears, player can use it to assemble some crashed parts and make something useful out of that. However, it can also be used for killing and fighting.

Fire spin

Fire spin is a move that can be performed by Kai.

When Kai jumps and player presses the special move button, he starts spinnig with fire burning. When he lands on ground, he spins still, and that's how he can kill enemies with rolling on the ground.

Electric hit

This move is performed by Jay. When player runs fast, and presses the special move button, Jay starts running incredibly fast, with electric rays behind him. When he hits something, he kills it immediately.

Ice ball 

When Zane does this, he can throw icy snowball that can kill anything and anyone. He can release it anywhere and at any time, which is unique to him.

Sand spin (Earth spin)

This is performed by Cole. It happens any thime when player pushes special move button. Cole starts spinning and releasing earth sand rays that can kill anyone.

Green Powers

Green powers are all powers owned by Lloyd, that he's Green ninja. It includes Green roll, Green hit, Green ball Green spin and Green rays. Actually, that powers are all same as all of the powers that Four ninjas can do, just Lloyd does that green and all powers are 2 times stronger.

There is one green power uniqe to him, which is Green rays. When Lloyd does that, he releases green rays out of his hands and can shoot someone by shooting at it. It's his weakest power.


Story Mode 

Story mode is a mode in which you can play the full story, including all weapons, levels and characters. There are more than 20 chapters in story mode.

Chapter 1- Way of the Ninja, Part 1/3

Playable characters: Kai (blacksmith version)

Young blacksmith, Kai has got a letter of Sensei Wu, an old sensei who lives on the top of the mountain. When stage goes up, Kai has to climb on the top going through villages and roads, to climb on the top. When he climbs up he arrives to monastery, where sensei probably lives. Kai knocks on door and Sensei opens, saying that he's welcome. But after that he says that he's got bad news- his evil brother Lord Garmaddon strikes again, and he attacked mountain village this night, and that his sister Nya is kidnapped by his skeleton army. The only way Kai can save her is to become a ninja and fight Garmadon.

Chapter 1- Way of the Ninja, Part 2/3

Playable characters:  Kai (blacksmith version)

Kai has to begin his ninja training. In this level, he has to complete training course. Sensei Wu teaches him how to do that and fight. Once training is completed, Wu tells Kai that he successfully became warrior, but has to complete one more, final, test to become a ninja. 

Chapter 1- Way of the Ninja, Part 3/3

Playable characters:  Kai (pajamas version)

Kai prepares to sleep in his room in monastery, when unknown ninjas attack him. He has to fight them, running through monastery and crashing things. When they come out final battle begins, and if Kai wins (defeats all 3 ninjas), Sensei Wu comes out and orders ninjas to remove masks. There, Kai meets real ninjas, Jay, Zane and Cole. Sensei moves spinjitzu and makes them four elemental ninjas with fire, lighting, ice and earth, assembling new team with mission to fight Garmadon.

Chapter 2- The Four Golden Weapons, Part 1/3

Playable characters: Kai, Jay Sensei Wu has sent his ninjas on mission to find all four golden weapons of spinjitzu. First of them, Scythe of Quakes, is located in deeply guarded caves of Despair. To get in Despair, ninjas have to walk through woods, in which they meet their enemies, Lord Garmadon's skeleton army.

Chapter 2- The Four Golden Weapons, Part 2/3

Playable characters: Kai, Cole, Zane

Caves of Despair are finally found, so Kai, Cole and Zane are sent to find Scythe of Quakes. There are skeletons guarding it, so they have to find a map to weapon. When they finally find it, skeletons see them, and there goes the bloody battle. When they win, there's a key to path which leads to Scythe. 

Chapter 2- The Four Golden Weapons, Part 3/3

Playable characters: Cole

The stage begins when Cole, along with other ninjas, unlocking the secret path in caves. It leads to special glowing cave, with legendary Scythe of Quakes in it. When Cole picks up the Scythe, cave starts shaking, when legendary Dragon guardian of earth comes out, which is final boss of second chapter. Now Cole has to defeat him, and if he does, chapter 2 ends, with dragon's fall outro.

Chapter 3- Dark Shadow, Part 1/4

Playable characters: Kai, Jay, Zane

Ninjas continue their journey, to find second elemental weapon, Sword of Fire, which is in fire temple, Garmadon's secret base where he keeps the skeleton army. They go throught dark woods, where they decide to sleep. Stage begins when one of skeletons, Frakjaw wakes up ninjas and starts great fight. Then, Kai, Zane and Jay start chasing skeleton convoy which leads to Fire temple.

Chapter 3- Dark Shadow, Part 2/4

Playable characters: Kai, Jay

Ninjas jump on convoy, which starts going fast - they have to lead a battle with skeletons on their vehicles. Soonly when all of skeletons are defeated, boss Frakjaw steps on, and they two have to defeat him. If they do, next stage goes on.

Chapter 3- Dark Shadow, Part 3/4

Playable characters: Kai

When ninjas make it to fire temple, Kai has to go inside to get Sword of Fire. First part is bridge, which leads over lava river to get inside. If Kai succesfully gets into temple, he must go to another pass, where Garmadon keeps Nya. When Kai sees her sister, hanging over ceiling, he also sees Fire Sword in back, which he must get. When he tries to pull it out, Garmadon appears in the end of stage.

Chapter 3- Dark Shadow, Part 4/4

Playable characters: Kai, Sensei Wu.

When Kai tries to get Sword of Fire, Lord Garmadon appears and stops him. In that moment, Sensei Wu starts fighting him. They escape on top pof the temple. If player defeas Garmadon, he knocks down Wu and takes his two golden weapons, Scythe of Quakes and Sword of Fire. Then he escapes with them and goes far, while Ninjas find wounded Sensei Wu and set Nya free. Now they have to get back into village and stop Garmadon again.

Chapter 4- Road of  Death, Part 1/2

Playable characters: Kai, Cole, Jay

Ninjas with Sensei Wu, have to get back to their village and monastery, when they get lost in woods and end up in mountains, with lots of storms. Thee are however some skeletons in it, which they have to fight.

Chapter 4- Road of  Death, Part 2/2

Playable characters: Kai, Cole, Jay

When they fight skeletons, they end up in the bottom of huge mountain, where leader of skeletons, Samukai finds them and tries to kill them, but if they defeat him successfully, they climb up to next stage.

Chapter 5- Rise of the Son, Part 1/3

Playable characters: Zane, Kai, Cole

Ninjas climb at the top of mountain, where they find Jamanakai village. There they find a lot of shops and place to rest. Everything seems to be great.

Chapter 5- Rise of the Son, Part 2/3

Playable characters: Zane, Kai, Cole

Just then, Jamanakai villagers say that Lord Garmadon is back and they start running. When Sensei Wu hears that, he sents ninjas to fight them and prepares for another big battle, but when they get to square, they just see a little kid, which is Lloyd Garmadon, Lord Garmadon's son, who probably tries to be just like him. Although they think he's just kid who wants candies, he shows a lot of experience in fighting, so they have to catch him.

Chapter 5- Rise of the Son, Part 3/3

Playable characters: Kai, Zane, Nya

Lloyd Garmadon is back, when ninjas just hear there's new threat in village- Serpentines, legendary tribe of snake-men attacked Jamanakai, and Lloyd is their leader. Skales turns the whole village into infected zombies and now ninjas have to fight them and escape.

Chapter 6- Serpentines' Great Hit, Part 1/3

Playble characters: Kai, Zane, Nya

After hitting the villge of Jamanakai, Serpentines got back with lead of Lloyd Garmadon into the mountains of Kribe, so ninjas and Sensei Wu decide to take them down. Wu realizes that Lloyd and Lord Garmadon can do something chaotical if they take all 4 weapons, but they don't even know where those weapons are. Meanwhile, Zane and Kai scouting get into the battle with Serpentines, and they locate their secret base in the mountain woods.

Chapter 6- Serpentines' Great Hit, Part 2/3

Playble characters: Kai, Zane, Nya, Cole, Jay

Night fell down, when ninjas sneak into snakes' base to infiltrate them. Skales detects them, and they get into big trouble when they get lost there and they have to escape.

Chapter 6- Serpentines' Great Hit, Part 3/3

Playable characters: Kai, Zane, Nya, Sensei Wu

When sun comes up, Sensei Wu comes to help and defeats Skales, the first boss in stage. Then Kai, Zane and Nya have to climb up and crack the stick on which wooden base stays, and when they do, Lloyd tries to escape to mountains, and he does that successfully.

Chapter 7-  Green Ninja, Part 1/2

Playable characters: Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Sensei Wu

As ninjas continue their journey, they arrive to small monastery, which is in lead of Toki, karate master who has his ninja students. When Toki sees Wu, he gets suprised, because he thought he died. Toki leads ninjas in and calls Sensei Wu to the small room where he tells him about what his son found. That was map with four elemental ninjas on it. In the middle, there is a green ninja, as Toki says, the legendary one who is the only person that can protect country of Ninjago. Wu takes the map, but doesn't tell anyone about that.

Chapter 7- Green Ninja, Part 2/2

Playable charachters: Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole

Toki presents ninjas to his ninja group, full of refugees from other countries.

Bonus missions, Battle with Zumo Aura

If you go to arena, player will find Zumo Aura, a light grey man with cape who wants to fight with someone. If one of ninjas choose to fight, battle will begin. If Zumo Aura wins, player can try again, if player wins, he will get 300 coins and cutlass (weapon).

Chapter 8- Night Scouts, Part 1/3

Playable characters: Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay, Nya

Group of Toki's ninjas with Sensei Wu and his ninjas go on travel to find are there any Serpentines in the area around the monastery, but they just get attacked by a unknown dark forces. Now they get lost, somewhere in the mountains and they have to fight them to survive.

Chapter 8- Night Scouts, Part 2/3

Playable characters: Kai, Cole, Zane

As ninjas continue their fight, there are many more enemies coming out, from unknown parts of Japan, which they cannot fight. Last boss is Cardinsto, an old enemy of Sensei Wu who is there from unknown reasons. When he is defeated, group goes ahead. At the night, they find a place to sleep.

Chapter 8- Night Scouts, Part 3/3

Playable characters: Kai, Cole, Zane

The stage begins in the middle of the night, when rain starts raining heavily. Kai wakes up and sees that Sensei Wu, Nya and Jay are missing. Soonly, all of Toki's ninjas wake up and start finding them. When they see there is noone around, new dark forces appear again and stage begins, when they have to fight them!

Chapter 9- Convoy of Storm, Part 1/5

Playabe characters: Kai, Cole

After the great battle in the canyon, in the middle of the night, ninjas start escaping throught the desert mountains, and they get into the long road, where they spot some lights in the dark. That is actually a convoy full of carriages, led by Mystake, an old woman who sells potions and teas. Zane, Cole and Kai get into the wagon and drove off.

Chapter 9- Convoy of Storm, Part 2/5

Playabe characters: Kai, Cole

Mystake saves ninjas, and tells them that dark forces attacking them are ninjas of beast, mutated warrior, Kirchonn the Invicible, who is in this land to fight Cardinsto, a sensei who burned his land in past and robbed him. Now Cardinsto thinks that Kirchonn has a Staff of Wind, a powerful weapon that noone knows where it is. He thought that Jay, Wu and Nya are Kirchonn's spies so that's pobably why he kidnapped them. Now Mystake tells that she will take them to Kirchonn's land and try to take Jay, Wu and Nya out of Cardinsto's prison.

  • in this chapter, player can buy Mystake's potions.

Chapter 9- Convoy of Storm, Part 3/5

Playable character: Kai, Cole, Zane

Mystake's convoy gets blocked by Kirchonn's forces, which are chasing Cardinsto. Leader of convoy stops and lets Kirchonn's patrollers to control them, when Cardinsto's frces break in at the other side and there the fight starts! Now ninjas have to devastate both of forces to make their way out.

Chapter 9- Convoy of Storm, Part 4/5

Playable characters: Kai, Cole, Zane

Ninjas jump on the wagons of convoy and fly off to the road. As they are on the roof of wagons, Kirgons attack them on the top of convoy. They go deeply into the desert canyons and fight goes heavier.

  • This might be the most difficult part to pass in game due to that how many Kringons attack player when he is at roof.
  • This is also the only little part (level) of game that doesn't have any coins in it.

Chapter 9- Convoy of Storm, Part 5/5

Playable characters: Kai, Cole, Zane

Edge of the canyon gets out and Mystake's convoy is forced to stop. That's how they get into the ambush with Kringons, and fight on the edge of canyon. Soonly, Kirchonn the Invicible comes out and he becomes boss of the stage and chapter at all. Even if player thinks that he killed him, he didn't. Kirchonn starts quaking the ground and canyon collapses. Now ninjas fell down into the deep hole.

Chapter 10- Dark Forces Return, Part 1/3

Playable characters: Kai

Kai wakes up in strange enviroment. There are caverns all around him and he doesn't know where he is. But suddenly, more Kirchonn's forces attack him and that's how stage begins. 

Chapter 10- Dark Forces Return, Part 2/3

Playable characters: Kai

Kai continues his going.

Chapter 10- Dark Forces Return, Part 3/3

Playable characters: Kai

Kai continues his going and arrives to water canal. But new type of acid runs over his head and creatures named Barracudox attack him.

Chapter 11- Barracudox's Acid Sprays Off, Part 1/2

Playable characters: Kai

Great fighter and Baracudox hunter Honto Kineaka helps Kai to get out of water acid that lives in Baracudox canals. He tells Kai that he will try to find other ninjas. But more Barracudoxs attack them while they float in Honto's boat.

Chapter 11- Barracudox's Acid Sprays Off, Part 1/2

Playable characters: Kai

While the canal fights continues Kirchonn is still on Kai's way to capture him. In the crater full of water another Kirgons attack Honto and Kai and they get trapped. However Honto escapes while Kai doesn't and he gets transported to Kirchonn's prison.

Chapter 12- Change of the Jails., Part 1/2

Playable characters: Kai

Kirchonn throws Kai into his prison. However, he doesn't know that Cardinsto trapped Sensei Wu and his group because he think they are his spies. Meanwhile, Cardinsto finds out that Kirchonn trapped Kai, so he is looking for him. Kai has to find a way to escape out of prison.

Chapter 12- Change of the Jails, Part 2/2

Playable characters: Kai

Cardinsto sends assasin Sakuko to set Kai out of Kirchonn's prison and get him to his because he believes that Kai is the only person left who knows where is Staff of Wind. Stage is about how Sakuko and Kai try to escape from Kirchonn's prison.

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