LEGO Normal Life s a sitcom created by LEGOCyborg12.


Brandon Kernels:

Is the father of Max,Lucas and Rose.He is a Footbal fan and loves to have a good time but to Rose he is a little to boring.Hes Wife Nancy is always complaining about hes stupid antics.

Nancy Tarnston Kernels:

Is the Mother of Max,Lucas and Rose.and the wife of Brandon.She loves cooking and always complains that Brandon should Help aroound the Hause.

Max Kernels:

Is the oldest Son of Nancy and Brandon.He is 19 years  old and like hes father he likes to have a Good tome.

Lucas Kernels:

Is the middle Child of Nancy and Brandon.He is 15 Years old and he is the Geek of the Kernels Family.Lucas is sometimes annoying Max because of him talk about Science,Math,History etc...

Rose Kernels:

Is the Youngest child and the only daughter of Nancy and Brandon.She is 13 years old and loves to spend time With hee Mom.

Jim Days:

Is the Kernels family's Neighbour and he gets on Brandon's nerves.He Has a son who Bullies Lucas in Highschool.

Jay Days:

Is the son of Jim and he is 2 years Older than Lucas and he Always bullies him.

Drake Tarnston:

Is Nancy's younger Brother and the Uncle of Max,Lucas and Rose.He is often seen with Brandon.


Season 1:

Episode Plot
Pilot Brandon has
Those Days...
Halloween Party
The Game
Call the Ambulance!
Turkey Hunt
Lucas's A+
Stolen my Girlfriend!
A Kernels Christmas
New Year
The Speeling Bee
The Beer Factory
Friend of my Friend is my Enemy
The Test
Camp Rose



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