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Concept Art of the Character Emma Swan

Lego Once Upon A Time is a video game based on the 2011 series Once Upon A Time. It mainly takes place in a fictional town called Storybrooke and The Enchanted Forest. It is a steampunk genre adventure.


The hub of the game is an open world area. It is possible to travel beetween Storybrook and flashbacks of the Enchanted Forest. Later in the Game, it is possible to travel to the present-day Enchanted Forest as well. Also, once you entered Season 3, it is possible to visit Neverland and New York as well.


Season 1

Level 1: Pilot

Playable Characters: Prince Charming, Snow White (Pregnant), Emma Swan, Henry

Enemies: The Evil Queen's Henchman

Boss: The Evil Queen

Level 2: The Thing You Love Most

Playable Characters: Emma Swan, The Evil Queen

Enemies: N.A.

Level 3: Snow Falls

Playable Characters: Prince Charming, Snow White, Emma Swan

Enemies: The Evil Queen's Henchmen, Trolls, Wolves

Level 4: The Price Of Gold

Playable Characters: Ella (Enchanted Forest), Emma Swan, Ella (Storybrooke)

Enemies: Street thugs

Boss: Rumpelstiltskin

Level 5: That Still Small Voice

Playable Characters: Jiminy Cricket, Archibald Hopper, Henry, Emma Swan

Enemies: N.A.

Level 6: The Shepherd

Playable Characters: David (Shepherd), Knight, David (Storybrook), Mary-Margaret Blanchard

Enemies: N.A.

Boss: Dragon

Level 7: The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Playable Characters: Sherrif Graham, The Hunter, Snow White, Emma Swan, Wolf

Enemies: The Evil Queen's Henchmen

Boss: The Evil Queen

Level 8: Desperate Souls

Playable Characters: Rumpelstiltskin (Spinner), Baelfire, Emma Swan, Regina Mills

Enemies: The Duke's Henchmen

Boss: The Dark One

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