The LEGO Online Game is a system developed by the LEGO Group in 2014, with the help of 2KE Games and TT Games. This system first appears in LEGO Marvel Universe: The Videogame.


This system is officially announced in 2011, but the project was deleted by LEGO. After the idea from a new LEGO game baseated in the Marvel Universe, they rebuild the system, now, for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (both Windows and Mac). 


The LEGO Online Game is a system, created to the players plays together. The first idea from this system appeared when a designer from LEGO, Jackson Milles, was playing Grand Theft Auto V: Online. He claimed that he wants to put a online game system in any game from the LEGO Group. The system allows to the players select any character already unlocked in the single-player game and play with him, exploring the game hub, full of players of the entire the world. In this mode, is possible unlock exclusive characters, vehicles and power-ups. The players will able to play many challenges, like the Races or Figth Arenas (in LEGO Marvel Universe: The Videogame, called Hell's Club Figthing Arena). 

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