Lego Percy Jackson 2 is the sequel to the first one. It features Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank and...Percy! on their adventures during the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. It features Camp Jupiter as the Hub but you can board the Argo II and sail to Camp Half-Blood.

The Lost Hero

Chapter I: The Grand Canyon

Summary: Defeat Dylan and save Hedge. Unlock Jasons hidden ability of /AIR CONTROL/

Characters: Jason, Leo, Piper, Coach Hedge

Boss: Dylan the Ventus

Chapter II: Back to Camp

Summary: Explore Camp Half-Blood.

Characters: Piper, Annabeth, Rachel (Oracle)

Adding Characters: Leo, Nyssa

Chapter III: A Cold Welcome

Summary: Convince Boreas to help you.

Characters: Jason, Piper, Leo

Chapter IV: Shopping With The Cyclopes

Summary: Defeat Medea and escape Ma Gasket's lair.

Characters: Jason, Leo, Piper

Boss: Ma Gasket, Medea

Chapter V: Reunions

Summary: Go to Aolus's palace and convince him to help you

Characters: Jason, Piper, Leo

Adding Characters: Thalia, Mellie

Chapter VI: Two Giant Problems

Summary: Defeat Encleadus then defeat Khione and Porphyrion.

Characters: Jason, Leo (Fire form), Piper, Thalia (Hunter)

Boss: Encleadus, Porphyrion, Khione

The Son of Neptune

Chapter I: New Camp, New Enemies

Summary: Defeat Stheno and Euryale then go to Camp Jupiter.

Characters: Percy, June

Boss: Stheno and Euryale

Chapter II: War Games

Summary: Win the War Games then escape Gaea's traps

Characters: Percy, Frank, Hazel

Adding Characters: Iris, Fleecy

Chapter III: Flashbacks

Summary: Explore Hazel and Frank's past.

Characters: Frank, Grandmother Zhang

Adding Characters: Hazel, Mrs. Levesque

Chapter IV: Harpies and Amazons

Summary: Rescue Ella then try to steal Arion the horse.

Characters: Percy, Frank, Hazel, Hylla

Boss: Otera

Chapter V: To Grandmother's House We Go

Summary: Defend Zhang Manor and then travel to Alaska and free Thanatos.

Characters: Percy, Hazel, Frank

Boss: Alcyoneus

Chapter VI: Attack on the Camp

Summary: Defeat Polybotes while defending the camp.

Characters: Percy, Terminus

Boss: Polybotes

The Mark of Athena Part I

Chapter I: A Warm Welcome

Summary: Make peace with the Romans then escape to the Argo II after "Leo" fires the ballistae.

Characters: Annabeth, Reyna

Boss: Octavian (3 hearts)

Chapter II: The Lime Beach

Summary: Find all of the materials needed to fix the Argo II then escape the nymphs.

Characters: Leo, Hazel, Echo

Animals: Arion

Chapter III: Mr. B?

Summary: Confront Baccus and then defeat Percy/Jason.

Characters: Piper, Jason, Percy

Animals: Blackjack, Tempest

Boss: Percy/Jason (5 hearts)

Chapter IV: Kate and Porky's Amazing Aquarium

Summary: Explore the aquarium and then defeat Keto.

Characters: Percy, Frank, Coach Hedge

Boss: Keto (3 hearts)

Chapter V: The Civil War Begins

Summary: Defeat the Romans and find the map.

Characters: Annabeth, Leo

Boss: Reyna (8 hearts)

Chapter VI: The Attack of Shrimpzilla

Summery: First go into Hazel's flashback and beat up Rufus, then defeat shrimpzilla by finding all of the Greek Fire jars and exploding him. Then Find Aphros' brownie recipe.

Characters: Hazel (young), Sammy Valdez (young)

Adding Characters: Piper, Annabeth/Leo, Frank, Aphros

Boss: Shrimpzilla, Rufus (2 hearts)

Chapter VII: The Pillars of Hercules

Summary: Defeat Achelous and then go to the Argo II.

Characters: Piper, Jason

Boss: Achelous

The Mark of Athena Part II

Chapter I: Son of a Gorgon!

Summary: Defeat Chrysaor and go to Rome.

Characters: Percy, Frank, Annabeth

Enemies: Dolphin Warriors

Boss: Chrysaor (5 hearts)

Chapter II: The Chamber of Mithras

Summary: Help Annabeth follow the Mark of Athena, but remember only Annabeth can see it!

Characters: Percy, Annabeth

Enemies: Lares

Chapter III: The End of the Eidolons

Summary: Fin all of the pieces of the scroll then use the spheres to defeat the eidolons.

Characters: Leo, Hazel, Frank

Enemies: Eidolons

Chapter IV: The Nymphaeum

Summary: Use the Cornicopia to fill the room with fresh water and then clog the pipes so the acid water won't come back

Characters: Percy, Piper, Jason

Enemies: Nymphs

Chapter V: Twin Masses

Summary: Defeat the giants and board the Argo II to save Annabeth.

Characters: Percy, Jason

Boss: Otis and Ephialtes (6 hearts each)

Chapter VI: The Giant's Bane

Summary: Save Annabeth and load the Athena Parthenos.

Characters: Leo, Frank

Enemies: Spiders

The House of Hades Part I

Chapter I: Crossroads

Summary: Steer the Argo II away from boulders and use ballista to fight. Then confront Hecate and make your choice.

Characters: Hazel, Leo

Enemies: Boulders

Animals: Arion

Chapter II: Tartarus

Summary: Drink from the river of fire and kill Kelli

Characters: Percy, Annabeth

Adding Characters: Bob/Iapetus

Enemies: Kelli, empousai

Chapter III: Double Trouble

Summary: The ship is taken over by the Cercopes! Rescue your friends and chase the dwarves to Bologna

Characters: Leo, Jason

Enemies: Passalus and Acmon

Chapter IV: Venisian Farming

Summary: Fly to Venice and defeat the katlebopones. Then confront Triptolemus and save his chariot by killing all  katlebopones with the power of Ares/Mars

Characters: Frank, Hazel, Nico

Adding Characters: Frank (Blessed)

Enemies: katlebopones

Materials: Magical Barley

Chapter V: The Peaceful Giant

Summary: Try to defeat the Arae, and then help Damasen kill the Drakon

Characters: Percy (cursed), Annabeth (cursed), Bob

Enemies: Arae

Boss: Drakon (3 hearts)

Chapter VI: Deadly Footwashing

Summary: First fight the giant turtle, then use the mist to trick Sciron

Characters: Hazel, Jason

Enemies: Turtle

Boss: Sciron (6 hearts)

The House of Hades Part II

Chapter I: The Game of Love

Summary: Find Diocletion's scepter and defeat Cupid

Characters: Nico, Jason

Boss: Cupid (3 hearts)

Chapter II: Into the Night

Summary: Fight Nyx and escape her mansion

Characters: Percy (Tartarus), Annabeth (Tartarus)

Boss: Nyx (3 hearts)

Chapter III: Ogygia

Summary: First help Calypso find her food, then build the raft and escape the island

Characters: Leo, Calypso

Chapter IV: Khione Again

Summary: Defeat Khione and her brothers using Festus

Characters: Piper, Hazel

Enemies: Boreads

Boss: Khione (3 hearts)

Chapter V: The Doors of Death

Summary: Sneak through the monsters and fight Hyperion

Characters: Percy (deathmist), Annabeth (deathmist), Bob

Enemies: Monsters, Hyperion

Chapter VI: The House fo Hades

Summary: Drink the poison and then use the staff of Diocletian to raise the dead

Characters: Frank (praetor), Jason, Piper

Enemies: Monsters

Allies: Zombie Warriors

Chapter VII: The God Himself

Summary: Defeat Tartarus

Characters: Bob, Damasen

Boss: Tartarus (12 hearts)

Chapter VIII: Pasaphaë

Defeat the sorceress and the giant then save Percy and Annabeth

Characters: Hazel, Leo

Adding Characters: Jason, Frank (praetor), Piper, Nico, Percy, Annabeth

Boss: Pasaphaë and Clytius (6 hearts each)

The Blood of Olympus

Bonus Missions

Chapter I: The Staff of Hermes

Summary: Defeat Cacus and retrieve Hermes' staff.

Characters: Percy, Annabeth

Boss: Cacus (3 hearts)

Chapter II: The Quest for Buford

Summary: Find Buford and defeat the wood nymphs.

Characters: Leo, Jason, Piper

Boss: Wood Nymph leader (5 hearts)

Chapter III: Dangers of Hal's House

Summary: Escape from Hal's mansion alive.

Characters: Luke, Thalia, Halcyon Green

Enemies: Leucrotae


Argo II (Abilities: ballistae, flight) Cost: Free

Arion (Abilities: rideable, trample) Cost: Free

Roman Eagles (Abilities: flight) Cost: 100,000,000 studs

Roman Chariot (Abilities: ballistae, flight) Cost: 750,000 studs

Mrs O'Leary (Abilities: Strength, Monster Spots, Dig, shadowtravel) Cost: 500,000,000 studs


Main Characters

The Lost Hero

Jason Grace (Variations: purple shirt, jacket, armor, mortal Abilities: Jupiter powers, Ivilus) Cost: Free

Leo Valdez (Variations: jacket, armor, camp Abilities: tool belt [similar to Hermione's bag in LEGO Harry Potter 5-7], Hepheastus powers w/ fire) Cost: Free

Piper McLean (Variations: jacket, camp, armor Abilities: Charm speak, Aphrodite powers, Katoptris) Cost: Free

The Son of Neptune

Percy Jackson (Variations: jacket, torn shirt, purple shirt, armor Abilities: Poseidon powers, Anaklusmos) Cost: Free

Frank Zhang (Variations: jacket, purple shirt, mortal, armor Abilities: Mars powers, Bow, Gray, shapeshifting)

Hazel Levesque (Variations: jacket, purple shirt, blue shirt, young armor Abilities: Pluto powers, Arion, Spatus)

The Mark of Athena

Annabeth Chase (Variations: jacket, camp, torn shirt, armor Abilities: Athena powers, Invisible Baseball Cap, Knife, Mark of Athena)

Coach Hedge (Variations: coach, tunic Abilities: Satyr Spots, Baseball Bat) Cost: Free

The House of Hades

Nico di Angelo (Variations: aviator jacket, armor, purple shirt, robes Abilities: Hades powers, Stygion Iron Sword) Cost: Free

Camp Half-Blood/Greeks

Chiron ( Abilities: Wheelchair, Centaur spots, Longbow) Cost: 500,000

Grover Underwood (Variations: mortal, green shirt, Abilities: Satyr Spots, Panic, Pan Pipes) Cost: 50,000 studs

Tyson (Variations: mortal, camp, torn shirt, armor Abilities: Strength, Monster Spots) Cost: Free

Rachel Dare (Abilities: Prophecy Spots) Cost: 500,000

Ella the Harpy (Abilities: Monster Spots) Cost: Free

Thalia Grace (Variations: huntress, camp, goth, armor Abilities: Zeus powers, Tree Transformation) Cost: Free

Halcyon Green (Abilities: Apollo powers) Cost: 100,000

Narcissus (Abilities: Dreamy Looks, Longbow) Cost: 100,000

Phineas (Abilities: Poseidon powers, Blind Stick) Cost: 375,000

Midas (Variations: bath robe Abilities: Golden Touch) Cost: 750,000

Camp Jupiter/Romans

Reyna (Variations: spa, armor Abilities: Bellona powers, Dagger, Dogs) Cost: Free

Octavian (Abilities: Apollo powers, Dagger) Cost: 300,000

Don the Faun (Abilities: Satyr Spots, Pan Pipes) Cost: 500,000

Dakota (Abilities: Baccus powers, Dagger) Cost: 750,000

Hylla (Abilities: Amazon Spots, Bellona powers) Cost: 750,000

Lupa (Abilities: Dig, Attack) Cost: 750,000

Marcus Cost: 500,000

Magical Creatures

Aphros (Abilities: water powers, Centaur spots, Sword) Cost: 500,000

Bythos (Abilities: water powers, Centaur spots, Longbow Cost: 500,000

Echo (Abilities: Wood Nymph spots, echo) Cost: 100,000

Wood Nymph (Abilities: Wood Nymph spots, club) Cost: 100,000


Grandma Zhang (Abilities: Cane) Cost: 50,000

Marie Levesque (Abilities: Punch/Kick) Cost: 100,000

Tristan McLean (Variations: suit, torn shirt Abilities: Punch/Kick) Cost: 100,000

Esperanza Valdez (Abilities: Punch/Kick) Cost: 100,000

Hylla (Abilities: Amazon Spots, Bellona powers) Cost: 750,000



Jupiter/Zeus (Abilities: Master Bolt) Cost: 1,000,000,000,000

Neptune/Poseidon (Abilities: Trident) Cost: 1,000,000,000

Pluto/Hades (Abilities: Helm of Darkness) Cost: 1,000,000,000

Juno/Hera (Abilities: Staff) Cost: 1,000,000

Vulcan/Hepheastus (Abilities: Hammer) Cost: 1,000,000

Mars/Ares (Abilities: AK 47, Sword) Cost: 1,000,000

Murcury/Hermes (Abilities: Winged Shoes) Cost: 1,000,000

Minerva/Athena (Abilities: Spear, Mark of Athena) Cost: 1,000,000

Venus/Aphrodite (Abilities: Charmspeak) Cost: 1,000,000

Ceres/Demeter (Abilities: Sickle) Cost: 1,000,000

Apollo (Abilities: Longbow, Sun Chariot) Cost: 1,000,000

Diana/Artemis (Abilities: Longbow, Moon Chariot) Cost: 1,000,000

Baccus/Dionysus (Abilities: Vine Attack, Pinecone staff) Cost: 1,000,000

Vesta/Hestia (Abilities: Fire Transport, Knife) Cost: 1,000,000


Nemesis (Abilities: Bad Fortunes, Spear) Cost: 1,000,000

Boreas (Abilities: Cyclone, Sword) Cost: 1,000,000

Khione (Abilities: Ice Dagger) Cost: 1,000,000

Medea (Abilities: Monster Spots) Cost: 1,000,000

Zephyr (Abilities: Tornado, Sword) Cost: 1,000,000

Aeolus (Abilities: Cyclone, Whirlwind, Sword) Cost: 1,000,000

Keto (Abilities: Sea Monster Attack) Cost: 1,000,000

Thanatos (Abilities: Invincibility, Sword) Cost: 1,000,000

Hercules/Heracles (Abilities: Club, Super Strength) Cost: 1,000,000

Nemesis (Abilities: Bad Fortunes) Cost: 1,000,000

Fortuna/Tyche (Abilities: Good Fortunes) Cost: 1,000,000

Tiberius (Abilities: River attack) Cost: 1,000,000

Faunus/Pan (Abilities: Pan Pipes, Satyr Spots) Cost: 1,000,000

Phorcys (Abilities: water Powers) Cost: 1,000,000

Cupid/Eros (Abilities: Arrow of Love) Cost: 1,000,000

Triptolemus (Abilities: Plant transform) Cost: 1,000,000

Favonious (Abilities: Flight) Cost: 1,000,000

Auger (Abilities: 


Gaea: (Abilities: Mountain Throw, Strength) Cost: 1,000,000,000

Encleadus (Abilities: Giant Spots, Strength, Fire Breathing) Cost: 1,000,000

Porphyrion (Abilities: Giant Spots, Strength, Spear) Cost: 1,000,000

Alcyoneus (Abilities: Giant Spots, Strength, Staff) Cost: 1,000,000

Polybotes (Abilities: Giant Spots, Strength, Net/Trident) Cost: 1,000,000

Cacus (Abilities: Giant Spots, Fire Breathing) Cost: 1,000,000

Otis (Variations: Yellow Toga, Turtleneck Abilities: Giant Spots) Cost: 1,000,000

Ephialtes (Variations: Yellow Toga, Turtleneck Abilities: Giant Spots) Cost: 1,000,000


Ma Gasket (Abilities: Monster Spots, Strength) Cost: 1,000,000

Chrysaor (Abilities: Monster Spots, Golden Sword) Cost: 1,000,000

Stheno (Abilities: Monster Spots, Spear) Cost: 750,000

Euryale (Abilities: Monster Spots, Spear) Cost: 750,000

Arachne (Abilities: Weaving, Venom) Cost: 1,000,000

Sciron (Abilities: Flintlocks, Bow, Turtle) Cost: 750,000

Kelli the Empousa (Abilities: Firebreath, Poison sword) Cost: 750,000

Bonus Characters

Shen Lun (Abilities: Sword, Strength) Cost: 100,000

Sammy Valdez (Variations: young Abilities: Punch/Kick, megaphone) Cost: 100,000

Rick Riordan (Abilities: Invincibility, Sword) Cost: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (Only unlockable when game is 100% complete)


The Argo II: Find all Gold bricks

Arachne: Find all Red bricks

Athena Parthenos: Defeat the Game 100%

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