Lego percy jackson is a game the hub is New york where Olympus is the only place you can buy Gods,camp half blood is the only place you can buy the campers plus chiron and monsters and extras are all around New york you buy weapons at the forge,gold bricks in the Apollo cabin and red bricks in Percy's apartment you learn things in camp like Harry potter

The Lightning Thief

Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson's math teacher Mrs. Dodds turns into a monster and attacks him! Percy soon realizes that he isn't a normal human and heads to Camp Half-Blood, though not easily!

Characters: Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Sally Jackson

Bosses: Alecto, Minotaur

Capture the Flag

Percy's skills are put to the test during the capture the flag game, and he learns about his true parentage

Characters: Percy, Luke Castellan

Boss: Clarisse La Rue

Percy's Quest

The Lotus Trap

The Underworld

Mount Olympus

The Sea of Monsters

Laistrygonian Dodgeball

The Chariot Race

Princess Andromeda

The Iron Warship

The Golden Fleece

An Old Enemy

The Titan's Curse

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The Last Olympian

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