LEGO percy Jackson the video game is a videogame based on the percy Jackson and the olympions book series


the lightning theif

metropilin museum of art

locations: new York, the metropilin museum of art, half blood hill

enamies: none

bosses: Alecto, the minotaur

characters: percy Jackson (school), percy Jackson, grover underwood (disguise), grover underwood, sally jackson

characters unlocked: percy Jackson, percy Jackson (school), grover underwood, grover underwood (disguise), sally Jackson, Alecto, the minotaur

capture the flag

quest for the bolt

going to vegas

the underworld

battle for the bolt

the sea of monsters

Canadian dodgeball

the chariot race

the prinsess andromeda

the h.m.s. biringham

little spa of horror

polythemus's island

the titan's curse

the military school

the hunters of artimis

the smithsonium

the junkyard of hephestus

hoover dam

lifting the sky

the battle of the labirith

orientation interuption

war games with squarpions

going to jail

tripel g ranch

a new guide

battle of the labirith

the last olympion

cruising with explosives

the acillies curse

breaking briges

the drakon

when pigs fly

battle for olympus

bonus levels


unlocked in the lightning thief

unlocked in the sea of monsters

unlocked in the titan's curse

unlocked in the battle of the labirith

unlocked in the last olympion

dlc characters

the kane cronicles

heros of olympus

magnus chase

the trials of apollo

greek heros

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