LEGO Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Video Game is a Traveler's Tales video game based off of Rick Riordan's bestselling, groundbreaking young adult novels. It is to be available for the XBOX 360, PlayStation3, DSi, 3DS, PlayStation2, Wii, Nintendo DS Lite, and PC. Note: All events are based on the movies.

The game's hub is Camp Half-Blood, a bustling camp and home to young demigods, centaur counselors, satyrs, naiads, and tree spirits. Here, the landscape is large and complex, much like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7. You can access the levels across the game (see section "Access to Levels"). Characters except for Greek Gods and Goddesses can be bought in the Battle Arena. In the attic, you can enter cheat codes at the Oracle of Delphi. If you travel out to the cabin section, you can buy hints at the Athena cabin, weapons at the Ares cabin, extras at the Hermes cabin, and view past clips at the Poseidon cabin. Also, you can only buy the Gods and Goddesses at their respective cabins (and Hades and Persephone at the Underworld). Each god or goddess costs 200,000 LEGO studs or 15 Celestial Bronze Bricks.

The forest is the entrance to the mini game center. This includes archery, chariot racing, and most of all, capture the flag. Levels can be accessed through the Big House and are listed below:

The Lightning Thief

A Fury Unleashed

Characters: Percy Jackson (Yancy Academy), Grover Underwood (Yancy Academy)

Objectives: Climb the museum steps. Follow Ms. Dodds. Defeat Ms. Dodds (3 Hearts). Exit the room.

Camp Half-Blood

Characters: Percy Jackson (Yancy Academy), Grover Underwood (Satyr), Annabeth Chase (Camp Half-Blood), Luke Castellan (Battle Armor)

Objectives: Battle the Minotaur (6 Hearts). Explore Camp Half-Blood and enter the woods. Win the capture the flag game by finding and defeating Annabeth Chase (3 Hearts).

The Quest Begins

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Grover Underwood (Satyr)

Objectives: Sneak out of Camp Half-Blood. Navigate the streets and Medusa's lair. Beat Medusa (5 Hearts). Drive the truck out of the lair into the streets.

Three Pearls

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Grover Underwood (Satyr)

Objectives: Drive to Nashville. Sneak inside and use Luke's flying shoes to retrieve the pearl from the statue of Athena. Fight the Hydra (8 Hearts). Get out and drive to Las Vegas. Turn on the fountains in the casino. Then, retrieve the pearl and defend the car until Grover arrives. Drive out the door to end level.

The Palace of Hades

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Grover Underwood (Satyr), Sally Jackson (Captured)

Objectives: Find the Hollywood sign. Find the stack of drachmas hidden in the entrance tunnel. Pay Charon to take you across the Styx, then battle Hades (6 Hearts) and his Skeleton Warriors. Use the pearls to escape.

The True Lightning Thief

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Sally Jackson (Captured)

Objectives: Defeat Luke in a high-speed chase. Use Sally's mortal coins to activate all three binocular stands and reveal the pieces to fix Olympus' door. Take the bolt to Zeus and the Gods.

The Sea of Monsters

Return to Camp

Characters: Thalia (Young), Grover (Young), Annabeth (Young), Luke (Young), Percy Jackson (Camp Half-Blood), Annabeth Chase (Camp Half-Blood), Grover Underwood (Satyr), Tyson (Mortal Disguise)

Objectives: Rebuild the gates of Camp Half-Blood. Defeat the Evil Cyclops (3 Hearts) before it kills Thalia. Beat Clarisse to the top of the climbing wall. Get to the mess hall. Defeat the angry Colchis Bull (4 Hearts).

Washington, D.C.

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Tyson (Mortal Disguise), Grover Underwood (Satyr)

Objectives: Dodge the border patrol at camp and call the Gray Sisters. Get to the coffee shop and pour the drinks using the coffee machine. Battle the thugs attacking Grover. When they get away, go to Hermes' appliance store and fix the three broken machines. Then follow Rodriguez and the others to the bay.

Aboard the Andromeda

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Tyson (Cyclops)

Objectives: Rebuild the ladder and call the Hippocamus. Ride "Rainbow" to the Andromeda yacht and board. After your capture, retrieve the magic tape and use it to break the bars. Then retrieve the weapons and board the yacht. Defeat Chris Rodriquez (3 Hearts) and Luke Castellan (7 Hearts). Then rebuild the lifeboat and get away.

The Stomach of Charybdis

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Tyson (Cyclops), Clarisse La Rue (Battle Armor)

Objectives: Steer the lifeboat away from Charybdis. Make your way to Clarisse's battleship and rebuild parts of the walls using fish bone fragments. Build a bone bridge up and repair the turret. Blow Charybdis open and steer out of her. Then steer the ship towards Polyphemus' island.

Polyphemus' Island

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Tyson (Cyclops), Clarisse La Rue (Battle Armor), Grover Underwood (Chambermaid Disguise)

Objectives: Navigate the ruins of Circe-land. Find the "Plummet of Death" and ride down it. Break into Polyphemus hideout and battle Polyphemus (6 Hearts). Then grab the Golden Fleece and make a run for it.

The Rise of Kronos

Characters: Percy Jackson (Quest), Annabeth Chase (Quest), Grover Underwood (Satyr), Clarisse La Rue (Battle Armor), Tyson (Cyclops)

Objectives: Free the others and go to battle Luke. While they retrieve their weapons, fight Luke (5 Hearts) and then Kronos (10 Hearts). When Tyson comes to the rescue, defeat the Manticore (3 Hearts) and retrieve the Fleece.

The Titan's Curse

In-Game Exploration

In addition to Camp Half-Blood, the hub, you can explore other areas of the world. Visit the gates of Camp Half-Blood (where Thalia's pine stands) and you will be transported out into the world. There is a dock where you can access all locations in the Sea of Monsters (Circeland, Charybdis, e.t.c.). You can board the Gray Sisters' Taxi to visit places outside of camp such as Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Hollywood, e.t.c.

Once you visit Hollywood, you can rebuilt the W in the HOLLYWOOD sign to gain access to the Underworld. You will need a character who carries drachmas, like a camper at Half-Blood, to pay Charon to take you across the River Styx.

Access to Levels

Characters Unlocked Through Gameplay

Percy Jackson (Yancy Academy)

Grover Underwood (Yancy Academy)

Percy Jackson (Camp Half-Blood)

Annabeth Chase (Camp Half-Blood)

Grover Underwood (Satyr)

Luke Castellan (Battle Armor)

Percy Jackson (Quest)

Annabeth Chase (Quest)

Sally Jackson (Captured)

Tyson (Mortal Disguise)

Tyson (Cyclops)

Clarisse La Rue (Battle Armor)

Grover Underwood (Chambermaid Disguise)

Characters Unlocked in Battle Arena (Or Godly Cabin)

Mr. Brunner: 10,000

Ms. Dodds: 12,000

Yancy Academy Student: 8,000

Sally Jackson (Work): 15,000

Half-Blood Camper: 20,000

Clarisse La Rue: 20,000

Luke Castellan (Camp Half-Blood) 30,000

Red Team Demigod: 35,000

Blue Team Demigod: 35,000

Chiron the Centaur: 45,000

Satyr: 25,000

Centaur: 30,000

Medusa: 60,000

Old Woman: 5,000

Nashville Parthenon Cleaner: 35,000

Lotus Casino Bellman: 20,000

Casino Gambler: 19,000

Security Guard: 25,000

Lord Hades: 200,000

Persephone: 200,000

Hades' Skeletal Warrior: 20,000

Charon: 50,000

Luke Castellan (Traitor): 150,000

Zeus: 200,000

Poseidon: 200,000

Athena: 200,000

Ares: 200,000

Hermes: 200,000

Dionysus: 200,000

Ichtheyus: 30,000

Cafe Man: 20,000

Chris Rodriguez: 60,000

Enemy Demigod: 40,000

Gray Sister: 20,000

Manticore Handler: 35,000

Dead Confederate Soldier: 35,000

Dead Confederate Captain: 40,000

Skeleton: 10,000

NPCs (Non-Playable Characters)

Medusa's Garden Statue




Lost Soul

Wood Nymph



Olympian Servent

Injured Camper

Angry Cyclops





The Lightning Thief

- Instead of calling off the Hellhounds, Persephone throws a bone and the Hellhounds run away.

- During the visit to Olympus, the demigods see someone (most likely a wizard) riding a broomstick around, similar to LEGO Harry Potter.

- During the start of a capture the flag game, both teams are talking, texting, reading, or sleeping until Chiron blows a horn. Also, when Percy is given his helmet it is put on backwards. 

Sea of Monsters

- In Polyphemus' lair, when Luke shoots Tyson he looks down and breaks into lego pieces and falls in the river, and is seen drifting away (and slowly re assembling). Later when he rescues Percy, his legs are on backwards and Percy happily fixes them.

The Titan's Curse

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