LEGO Professor Layton: The First Saga is a LEGO Video Game based on the great Professor Layton's first 5 adventures. Journey to different locations, each with a puzzling mystery behind them From a best-selling DS Game by Level-5 inc. and Nintendo comes a LEGO Version! Play through The Curious Village and uncover Reinhold's greatest secret, journey to the ghost town Folsense and discover the diabolical Pandora's Box, uncover The Lost Future and rid of the evil Dimitri posing as Professor Layton, discover the great Last Specter and his Golden Garden, and a bonus episode of The Eternal Diva!

With tons and tons of challenging puzzles and mysteries to solve, challenges to fulfill, Secret Diary Keys to collect, Toy Car Courses to master, a Hamster to lose weight and even a Broken Camera to fix, your fun will never stop!


Professor Layton (comes in: Hatless, Orange Sweater, Past, Teen, Older)

Luke Triton (comes in: White Shirt, Tuxedo, Trousers)

Flora Reinhold (comes in: Disguise, White Dress, Train, Young)

Clive (comes in: Older Luke Disguise)

Dr. Schrader (comes in: Hospital, Grey Suit)

Katia Anderson (comes in: Young)

Granny Riddleton (comes in: Orange)

Baron Reinhold (comes in: Overalls)

Don Paolo (comes in: Flora Disguise, Chelmey Disguise)


Bruno (comes in: Overalls)

Inspector Chelmey (comes in: Chelton)

Grandpa Riddleton

Lady Violet (comes in: Ghost, Statue)

Lady Dahlia - Claudia

Barton (comes in: Barmey)

Dimitri (comes in: Dr Stahngun, Layton Disguise)

Claire (comes in: Celeste, Past)

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