LEGO The Legend of Robin Hood: the video game is a game based upon the Robin Hood legends. Like the Batman video games, the plot is made up by LEGO themselves but with reference to classic stories. It has four storylines with five missions in each; after completing the first storyline, the next two are unlocked, and after they are completed, the fourth story is.

Sherwood Forest

The HUB of the game is Sherwood forest, mainly the camp, but will expand as the game continues. There are boards among the branches of the Major Oak to access the various missions, and the tree must be climbed to access them. After completing Level 1.2, Will Scarlet's Blacksmith table can be build and characters are purchasable from here. After completing Level 1.3, Little John can collapse a tree which falls across the river and allows access to the entrance to Loxley. Extras can be purchased from the farm. After Level 1.4, Maid Marion can leap over the fence and turn the lever to open the gate. Robin or Tuck can hit the target above the Church and cutscenes can be viewed in the alter. After Level 1.5, a horse will appear and can be used to pull the cart out of the way of the road to access the market and view the minikits, purchase hints and enter cheat codes.

Story 1 - Return of Robin Hood

Chapter 1 - The Road from Dover

Playable characters: Robin (Crusade), Much (Crusade)

Overview: Robin and Much have returned from the Crusades to Dover, where they start their journey to Nottingham. Upon the way, Much spots a man struggling to fix his damaged home, and after seeing that he has food, convinces Robin to stop and help. They help the man but then he spots Robin flirting with his daughter and attacks them. They fight him and then flee to Nottingham, where they are told by Marion that the corrupt Sheriff has outlawed them. They visit their old home in Loxley where they are attacked by guards, and flee into the forest to build a camp.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Nottingham Guards

Boss(es): Dover Man (6 hearts)

Minikit: Dover Mill

Chapter 2 - The Many Merry Men

Playable characters: Robin Hood, Much, Alan-a-Dale, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck

Overview: Robin and Much are wandering through the forest when they realise they need to assemble a group of supporters to save their home. They spot Nottingham Guards attacking Alan-a-Dale and save him so that he joins their 'Merry Men'. Then they travel to Loxley and must find all of Will Scarlet's lost bows to convince him. Finally they visit the chapel where Friar Tuck is trapped under a collapsed pillar. They save him and return to the camp together as the first group of Merry Men.

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl

Enemies: Nottingham Guards

Minikit: Loxley House

Chapter 3 - The Bridge is Blocked

Playable characters: Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, Little John

Overview: Robin hears that a cart will be passing by on the other side of the bridge which is destined for Nottingham Castle, and wishing to meet the Sheriff of Nottingham he takes Will to capture the cart while the others go to the castle to distract the Guards. However, Little John leaps up onto the bridge and stops and fights them. They defeat him and pursuade him to join their band, and then must build a trap to stop the cart when it arrives so that they can hide in the back.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Little John's Men

Boss(es): Little John (6 hearts)

Minikit: Little John's Bridge Hideout

Chapter 4 - The Beggars by the Drawbridge

Playable characters: Much (cloak), Will (cloak), Tuck (cloak), Maid Marion

Overview: As they head to the castle, Alan-a-Dale notices the Chief Guard heading into the Tavern and goes to distract him. The other three make their way to the drawbridge and must pretend to be beggars on the banks of the moat by building a platform. Maid Marion comes up to the castle and they let her in. The three Merry Men leap out and attack the guards, and then dive through the doors. Will and Tuck must battle the other guards. Then, Much and Maid Marion go to find Guy of Gisbourne and instead run into the Chief Guard. They defeat him but he is about to attack again when Robin arrives and throws him off the balcony.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Castle Guards

Boss(es): Chief Guard (5 guards)

Minikit: The Tavern

Chapter 5 - Battle in the Castle

Playable characters: Robin Hood, Much, Maid Marion, Alan-a-Dale

Overview: While the Merry Men battle the guards, Robin Hood, Much and Marion head to the jail after realising that the Chief Guard has arrested Alan-a-Dale. They must find a way to blow up the door. Then Marion and Alan must fight the Jailer. Robin and Much head to meet the Sheriff of Nottingham and fight Guy of Gisbourne on the balcony. They meet the Sheriff who tells them of his plans to take over the land and give it to Prince John. Then they quickly leave and find a way to break into the Treasury. They steal the money and must find a way back into the courtyard to collect the Merry Men and escape the castle.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Castle Guards

Boss(es): Jailer (6 hearts), Guy of Gisbourne (8 hearts)

Minikit: The Stables

Story 2 - The Taxman Commeth

Chapter 1 - The Church's Charity

Playable characters: Robin Hood, Much, Friar Tuck

Overview: Friar Tuck arrives in the camp and informs Robin of the taxes having been raised, and that the chapel cannot pay. They head to the chapel in Loxley to find the Taxman tearing the church apart. They must defeat him, and then find a way to rebuild the chapel. Robin and Much then follow the Taxman through Loxley and are attacked by Nottingham Guards, as they try to find out who else needs money. After finding three more people, they must fight the Taxman one final time after he threatens to kill one Poor Man when he escapes and they return to the camp.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Nottingham Guards

Boss(es): Taxman (5 hearts), Taxman (8 hearts)

Minikit: The Loxley Chapel

Chapter 2 - The Watchman Takes Action

Playable characters: Robin Hood, Little John

Overview: Robin is told by Maid Marion that the Taxman will be passing through the town with all the money to deliver it to Guy of Gisbourne. Robin and Little John prepare to ambush him as he walks through by building several traps on the road, but then he is attacked by the Night Watchman. He escapes and the Night Watchman attacks Robin and Little John. They fight and defeat the Watchman, before discovering that 'he' is actually Maid Marion.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Marion (Night Watchman) (10 hearts)

Minikit: The Forest Road

Chapter 3 - The Sheriff's Secret Stash

Playable characters: Robin Hood, Marion (Night Watchman), Alan-a-Dale

Overview: Guy of Gisbourne reveals to Marion that the Sheriff of Nottingham has a private stash of money hidden on the outskirts of Loxley which will be collected that night, before proposing to her (again - she just rolls her eyes and storms away). Robin and Marion head out with Alan-a-Dale to dig up the stash. They find it and are about to flee when Guy of Gisbourne's men arrive to collect it for the Sheriff. They fight and Robin escapes with the money. Marion and Alan must fight Guy of Gisbourne before fleeing into Loxley.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Gisbourne's Men

Boss(es): Guy of Gisbourne (6 hearts)

Minikit: The Secret Store

Chapter 4 - The Archery Champion

Playable characters: Robin (cloak), Will (archer)

Overview: Robin takes the gold back to the camp but wanders what it was for. Marion and Alan arrive and tell him it was for an Archer Competition, which the Poor Man threatened with death is entering. Robin meets the man and tells him that he will compete in his place. Will Scarlet enters so that he can help as well. Robin and Will return the money and compete, alongside Guy of Gisbourne. When they win, Gisbourne attacks them and then chases them under the stage, when they swap with the Poor Man, tricking Guy into believing that it was him who competed.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Guy of Gisbourne (8 hearts)

Minikit: The Archery Stage

Chapter 5 - Taking Down the Taxman

Playable characters: Much (cloak), John (cloak), Tuck (cloak), Alan (cloak), Marion (Night Watchman), Robin Hood, Will Scarlet

Overview: While Robin competes and wins the money for the Poor Man, the Taxman is visiting the others who owe money. The Merry Men and Marion must build a trap to stop him, which he stumbles into. They must then defeat his guards and steal all of his money which they must return to the Poor People. The Taxman escapes and fights them again, but he is defeated. Robin and Will arrive having won the competition and defeat the Taxman together. Then, they tie him up and throw him onto the back of a cart which is heading to Dover.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Taxman Guards

Boss(es): Taxman (8 hearts), Taxman (6 hearts)

Minikit: Taxman Trap

Story 3 - A Deal with the Devil

Chapter 1 - Trouble in the Tavern

Playable characters: Alan-a-Dale, Much (cloak)

Overview: A hooded figure tells Robin that the Sheriff of Nottingham will appear in the Tavern is person to make a deal with the corrupt Father of the Brethren. Much and Alan are sent to stop the transaction, Robin not believing that it will really be the Sheriff. They must rebuild the tables, and then the Sheriff does appear and they fight him and his guards. He then questions why the two of them should be sent if Robin does not think it is important, and convinces them that they are useless. They are both taken to the castle and bribed.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Castle Guards, Nottingham Guards, Gisbourne's Men

Boss(es): Sheriff of Nottingham (10 hearts)

Minikit: The Tavern Market

Chapter 2 - The Brethren's Bribery

Playable characters: Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Little John

Overview: Robin and Friar Tuck head to the Monastry to confront the Father of the Brethren. They must find a way into the Monastry. They fight the Father who then informs them that he refused to make the deal with the Sheriff. They return to the camp where Maid Marion is waiting. She tells them that Much and Alan are both at the castle, thinking that they have been arrested. Robin and Little John head to the castle and break through the drains into the prison, where Alan is waiting. He fights them and they are both arrested.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Monks

Boss(es): Father of the Brethren (3 hearts), Alan (castle) (6 hearts)

Minikit: The Monastry

Chapter 3 - Much to Discuss

Playable characters: Maid Marion, Much (castle), Robin Hood

Overview: Maid Marion realises that Much and Alan are not actually prisoners after Guy informs her that he has a new dogsbody, and proposes. She instantly heads to the castle where she finds Much, who reveals that he is only there to stop the Father of the Brethren. The two of them must find a way to burn down the gallows before Robin is hanged, and then Much and Robin head to the castle church where the Father is going to sign over the church's land to the Sheriff. As they arrive, the Sheriff murders the Father and takes the land. They fight him before being sealed in the castle church.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Sheriff (religious) (6 hearts)

Minikit: The Castle Church

Chapter 4 - The Sheriff's Scheme

Playable characters: Little John, Will Scarlet, Marion (religious), Friar Tuck

Overview: Marion returns to the camp to inform them that Robin and Much are trapped and Alan is a traitor. Little John and Will Scarlet go to the castle and battle the monks in the courtyard to get to the castle church, and then must fight Alan so as to get the key to safe Robin. Marion and Tuck visit the monastry again where they must find the entrance to the secret room off the alter. Inside, they find out that the Sheriff's plan is to trick all the Merry Men into going to the castle by one way or another, and destroy Sherwood forest to build a fortress on that land and the area previously owned by the church where any enemies of the Sheriff can be arrested, tortured and hanged.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Monks

Boss(es): Alan (enemy) (8 hearts)

Minikit: Model Fortress

Chapter 5 - The Fall of the Father

Playable characters: Friar Tuck, Father of the Brethren, Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, Much, Little John, Alan-a-Dale

Overview: The Father of the Brethren wakes up, not actually having been killed. He tells Tuck that the Sheriff bribed him but when Tuck shows him the plans to destroy the church, the Father agrees to help. They must find a way to scale the walls and defeat the monks, before saving Robin, Will, Much and John from being executed. The four then battle Alan-a-Dale and convince him to return. Then, Robin and Alan must fight the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Father of the Brethren once he betrays them again. They steal his money and reinvest it back into the monastry. The monks agree to help protect it and not allow the Sheriff to destroy it.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Monks, Castle Guards, Gisbourne's Men

Boss(es): Executioner (5 hearts), Alan (enemy) (6 hearts) Sheriff of Nottingham (5 hearts), Father of the Brethren (8 hearts)

Minikit: Executioner's Post

Story 4 - Prince John's Appearance

Chapter 1 - The Prince Appears

Playable characters: Robin (cloak), Will (cloak), Much (cloak)

Overview: Marion appears at the camp and tells the Merry Men that Prince John has been summoned to Nottingham, as the Sheriff and Gisbourne prepare once and for all to take over England. Robin, Much and Will head to Loxley where Prince John is going to arrive. They must collect the items for people in the crowd so that they will be allowed to go to the front and see John. Then, they are recognised by Gisbourne who attacks them in his new Black Knight's armour. They must find a way to set fire to him, by which point Prince John is gone.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Gisbourne's Men

Boss(es): Gisbourne (Black Knight) (4 hearts)

Minikit: Prince John's Chariot

Chapter 2 - A Feast to Remember

Playable characters: Robin (lord), Will (lord), Maid Marion

Overview: Marion tells Robin that there is to be a feast in the Prince's honour, and all of those loyal to him will be attending. Robin and Will get into the feast, and Marion must accept Guy's latest proposal so as to enter as his fiancee. Prince John reveals that his brother is returning and will be assassinated. Then, the Sheriff recognises Robin and Will and orders everybody to attack them. They are attacked by waves of guards before Prince John himself, and then must find a way to escape his guards and get out through the sealed courtyard.

Level type: Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Castle Guards, Gisbourne's Men, John's Men

Boss(es): Prince John (10 hearts)

Minikit: The Banquet

Chapter 3 - Chase through the Trees

Playable characters: Robin Hood, Much, Will Scarlet, Alan-a-Dale, Little John, Friar Tuck

Overview: Robin and Will arrive in the camp, followed by Prince John and his men. They must quickly find a way to dig up all of their stolen money and hide the camp, and then escape through the forest. They are attacked by Gisbourne again and must find a way to set fire to him, before building fake versions of theirselves to distract Prince John. They hide in a stone hut and must defend themselves as they are attacked by waves of enemies. Then, they discover that King Richard I is already back in England.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Nottingham Guards, Gisbourne's Men, John's Men, Prince John (appears whenever taking too long at each individual place, cannot actually be defeated, once attacked will run away again)

Boss(es): Gisbourne (Black Knight) (4 hearts)

Minikit: Stone Hut

Chapter 4 - King Richard Returns

Playable characters: Robin (cloak), Much (cloak), Will (cloak), John (cloak)

Overview: While Alan-a-Dale and Friar Tuck head to the castle to stop King Richard when he arrives, the other four Merry Men head to Loxley where the Assassin is based. They must find out who is the assassin by finding items like apples and books and seeing who wants that one, until there is only one left who wants a dagger. Then, they must fight him and stop him from killing King Richard as he passes by. They then realise that there is another assassin and must overtake King Richard and defeat him.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Assassin (8 hearts), Assassin (Black Knight) (4 hearts)

Minikit: King Richard's Chariot

Chapter 5 - Stop the Wedding!

Playable characters: Robin Hood, King Richard I, Marion (wedding)

Overview: Alan and Tuck bring Richard to Robin in Loxley having explained the situation and stopped him from entering the castle. Robin and Richard reveal that they knew each other in the Holy Land and go together to the castle. Prince John escapes and they must defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham. Then, they must head to Loxely church to stop Marion from marrying Guy of Gisbourne. They fight Gisbourne and then Richard marries Robin and Marion, with all the Merry Men and a tied up Gisbourne watching. They are no longer outlaws and Guy of Gisbourne is banished, returning everything to how it was before Robin and Much left for the Holyland.

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Nottingham Guards, Castle Guards, Executioners, Gisbourne's Men, Jailers, John's Men

Boss(es): Sheriff of Nottingham (10 hearts), Gisbourne (wedding) (10 hearts)

Minikit: The Castle of Nottingham


Merry Men

Robin Hood

  • Robin Hood - unlocked after Level 1.1
  • Robin (Crusade) - unlocked after Level 1.1
  • Robin (cloak) - unlocked after Level 2.4
  • Robin (lord) - unlocked after 4.2


  • Much - unlocked after 1.1
  • Much (Crusade) - unlocked after Level 1.1
  • Much (cloak) - unlocked after 1.4
  • Much (castle) - unlocked after 3.3

Maid Marion

  • Maid Marion - unlocked after 1.4
  • Marion (Night Watchman) - unlocked after 2.3
  • Marion (religious) - unlocked after 3.4
  • Marion (wedding) - unlocked after 4.5

Will Scarlet

  • Will Scarlet - unlocked after 1.2
  • Will (cloak) - unlocked after 1.4
  • Will (archer) - unlocked after 2.4
  • Will (lord) - unlocked after 4.2


  • Alan-a-Dale - unlocked after 1.2
  • Alan (cloak) - unlocked after 2.5
  • Alan (castle) - purchasable after 3.2 - $50,000

Little John

  • Little John - unlocked after 1.3
  • John (cloak) - unlocked after 2.5

Friar Tuck

  • Friar Tuck - unlocked after 1.2
  • Tuck (cloak) - unlocked after 1.4


  • Arthur a Bland - purchasable after 1.2 - $50,000
  • David of Doncaster - purchasable after 1.2 - $50,000
  • Will Stutely - purchasable after 1.2 - $50,000
  • Gilbert Whitehand - purchasable after 1.2 - $50,000


Sheriff of Nottingham

  • Sheriff of Nottingham - purchasable after 4.5 - $500,000
  • Sheriff (religious) - purchasable after 3.3 - $450,000

Guy of Gisbourne

  • Guy of Gisbourne - purchasable after 4.5 - $350,000
  • Gisbourne (Black Knight) - purchasable after 4.1 - $500,000
  • Gisbourne (wedding) - purchasable after 4.5 - $350,000


  • Prince John - purchasable after 4.5 - $750,000
  • Alan (enemy) - purchasable after 3.4 - $50,000
  • Chief Guard - purchasable after 1.4 - $100,000
  • Jailer - purchasable after 1.5 - $50,000
  • Taxman - purchasable after 2.5 - $200,000
  • Executioner - purchasable after 3.5 - $100,000
  • Father of the Brethren - unlocked after 3.5
  • Assassin - purchasable after 4.5 - $45,000
  • Assassin (Black Knight) - purchasable after 4.5 - $300,000

Guards and Men

  • Nottingham Guard - purchasable after 1.1 - $50,000
  • Little John's Man - purchasable after 1.3 - $45,000
  • Castle Guard - purchasable after 1.4 - $50,000
  • Castle Archer - purchasable after 1.4 - $50,000
  • Gisbourne's Man - purchasable after 2.3 or 3.1 - $75,000
  • Taxman Guard - purchasable after 2.5 - $50,000
  • John's Man - purchasable after 4.2 - $100,000

Other Characters

  • Dover Man - purchasable after 1.1 - $75,000
  • Dover Daughter - purchasable after 1.1 - $75,000
  • Beggar - purchasable after 1.4 - $10,000
  • Poor Man - purchasable after 2.4 - $45,000
  • Monk - purchasable after 3.2 - $50,000
  • Chariot Driver - purchasable after 4.1 - $25,000
  • King Richard I - unlocked after 4.5
  • King Richard (Crusade) - purchasable after 4.5 - $1,000,000

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