LEGO RuPaul's Drag Race

This game would be on Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation4. This game would combine challenges from all the different episodes, and also a new story line that would help make this game be more of a story


This game would include puzzles, challenges and adventuring. The workroom would be the hub world and levels would take place in the studio, on the runway, or in the workroom.


The studio has become overrun with evil drag queens, and this is messing up Ru's hair. Ru is not okur with this. Play as the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race and fight of the busted queens, brainwashed pitcrew, and possessed cameras to help save to studio of RuPaul's Drag Race.



Summery: RuPaul goes into the studio and sees that it is overrun with evil drag queens who are hungry for fish. RuPaul calls up her girls so they can help her fight off the evil drag queens.

Characters: RuPaul(Suit), Cameraman

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens

Level 2: Shady Evil Queens

Summery: The Queens go back behind the set where there is little light to see what is wrong with all of the new evil queens.

Characters: Morgan McMichaels, Raven, Jujubee,

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens

Level 3: A Fishy Situation

Summery: A group of queens collectively decide to go underwater into the sewers to see where all of the evil drag queens are coming from.

Characters: Tatianna, Kenya Michaels, Jade Jolie, April Carrion, Courtney Act

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens, Feisty Fish

Level 4: Parking Lot Peril

Summery: Some queens decide to go outside to protect evil drag queens from coming inside the studio.

Characters: Chad Michaels, Shannel, Mrs. Kasha Davis,

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens

Level 5: A Problem with the Pit Crew

Summery: The queens go out back to see the pit crew being brainwashed by all of the evil drag queens.

Characters: Roxxxy Andrews, Detox, Alaska, Trixie Mattel,

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens, Brainwashed Pit Crew

Boss: Brainwashed Pit Crew

Level 6: Interior Illusions Lounge

Summery: The queen go into the Interior Illusions to see if there are any queens that were captured by the evil drag queens.

Characters: Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Katya,

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens

Level 7: Haus of Edwards Style

Summery: The Haus of Edwards went to the green screen room to help the pit crew members that have been brainwashed.

Characters: Alyssa Edwards, Shangela LaQuifa Wadley, Laganja Estranja

Enemies: Brainwashed Pit Crew Members

Level 8: Save the Camera Crew! But First Let Me Do My Hair.

Summery: A group of queens go deep into the studio to help find camera crew members that were attacked.

Characters: Willam, Ginger Minj, Latrice Royale

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens

Level 9: Yes Heather, Find that Spawn Point

Summery: All 4 members of the Heathers go explore the studio to see if they can find where all of the evil drag queens are spawning from.

Characters: Raja, Manila Luzon, Carmen Carrera, Delta Work

Enemies: Evil Drag Queen

Level 10: From Atlanta, Georgia

Summery: A plane from Georgia just mysteriously landed in the parking lot and Nicole Paige Brooks was sent to investigate it, because she is from Atlanta Georgia.

Characters: Nicole Paige Brooks, Sonique,

Enemies: Mutant Drag Queens


Summery: RuPaul is starting to freak out because he heard that mutant drag queens appeared on the plane so he asked Tyra Sanchez and to help escort her to a safer place.

Characters: RuPaul(Suit), Tyra Sanchez,

Enemies: Mutant Drag Queens

Level 12: The Barren Halls of the RuPaul's Drag Race Studio.

Summery: The queens split up and explore all of the barren and dark hallways.

Characters: Latrice Royale, Ginger Minj, Violet Chachki,

Enemies: Mutant Drag Queens, Evil Drag Queens

Level 13: A Step in a Cold Direction

Summery: Jinkx and Ivy discover ice in the air vents and decide to venture into it to see where it is coming from.

Characters: Jinkx Monsoon, Ivy Winters

Enemies: Frozen Drag Queens,

Level 14: Scent of a Mutant Drag Queen

Summery: A group of queens venture into the basement of the studio and discover a foul stench, one that is similar to a mutant.

Characters: Alyssa Edwards, Jade Jolie, Roxxxy Andrews, Jiggly Caliente, Manila Luzon, Alaska,

Enemies: Mutant Drag Queens

Level 15: Monster

Summery: A huge monstrous mutant drag queen was found in the basement and is battled by all of the queens.

Characters: Alyssa Edwards, Jade Jolie, Roxxxy Andrewsm Jiggly Caliente, Manila Luzon, Alaska, Pearl, Detox,

Enemies: Mutant Drag Queens

Boss: Monster Mutant Drag Queen

Level 16: Just Shade

Summery: A huge living storm cloud comes into the studio, and only the shadiest queens can fight off such a shady cloud.

Characters: Phi Phi O'Hara, Tatianna, Violet Chachki,

Enemies: Mutant Drag Queens, Evil Drag Queens

Boss: The Shade Cloud

Level 17: The She-Wizard

Summery: The queens discover that the thing spawning all the evil drag queens is a huge evil woman who they call the She-Wizard.

Characters: Chad Michaels, Morgan McMichaels, Shannel, Willam, Sharon Needles,

Enemies: Mutant Drag Queens, Evil Drag Queens, Brainwashed Pit Crew Members

Level 18: Attack of the Possessed Cameras

Summery: The dark magic from the She-Wizard possessed all of the cameras in the studio and the queens fight off the cameras that have been possessed.

Characters: Sonique, Morgan McMichaels, BenDeLaCreme, Katya, Raja,

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens, Possessed Cameras

Level 19: Frozen Tundra

Summery: Jinkx and Ivy keep on exploring the frozen area and discover the She-Wizard's heart and destorys it.

Characters: Jinkx Monsoon, Ivy Winters

Enemies: Frozen Drag Queens

Boss: She-Wizard's Heart

Level 20: A Rampage of Evil Drag Queen

Summery: The largest wave of evil, mutant, and frozen drag queens spawn in the center of the workroom and a large group of queens try to destroy it, as Sharon and Phi Phi sneak to the She-Wizard.

Characters: Nina Flowers, Raven, Jujubee, Delta Work, Kenya Michaels, April Carrion, Pearl,

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens, Mutant Drag Queens, Frozen Drag Queens, Possessed Cameras,

Level 21: The Heart of the Evil Drag Queens

Summery: Sharon and Phi Phi have to sneak into the heart of the workroom to destroy the She-Wizard.

Characters: Sharon Needles, Phi Phi O'Hara,

Enemies: Evil Drag Queens, Mutant Drag Queens, Brainwashed Pit Crew, Possessed Cameras

Boss: She-Wizard(Form 1)

Level 22: RuPaul's Last Fight

Summery: RuPaul decides to go to the Runway and destroy the She-Wizard once and for all.

Characters: RuPaul (Drag), Bianca Del Rio

Enemies: Mutant Drag Queens, Evil Drag Queens

Boss: She-Wizard(Form 2)


Story Mode Characters

RuPaul (Suit): Judge,

Cameraman: Picture,

Morgan McMichaels: Fiercest Lip Sync,



Tatianna: Small, Fishy

Kenya Michaels: Small, Puerto Rico, Fishy, Acrobatic

Jade Jolie: Small, Fishy,

April Carrion: Puerto Rico, Fishy

Courtney Act: Fishy,

Chad Michaels:


Mrs. Kasha Davis:

Roxxxy Andrews:



Trixie Mattel: Disguise,

Adore Delano:

Bianca Del Rio:

Katya: Acrobatic, Miss Congeniality,

Alyssa Edwards: Acrobatic, Fishy, Fiercest Lip Sync,

Shangela LaQuifa Wadley: Acrobatic, Fiercest Lip Sync,

Laganja Estranja: Acrobatic, Fiercest Lip Sync


Ginger Minj: Big Girl, Fiercest Lip Sync

Latrice Royale: Big Girl, Miss Congeniality,

Raja: Winner, Fishy,

Manila Luzon:

Carmen Carrera:

Delta Work:

Nicole Paige Brooks:


Tyra Sanchez:

Violet Chachki:

Jinkx Monsoon:

Ivy Winters:

Jiggly Caliente:

Phi Phi O'Hara:

Sharon Needles:


Nina Flowers:

RuPaul (Drag):

Free Play Characters

Victoria "Porkchop" Parker(75,000):

Tammie Brown(75,000):




Rebecca Glasscock(75,000):

Bebe Zahara Davenport(75,000):

Mystique Summers Madison(75,000):

Sahara Davenport(75,000):

Sahara Davenport(Ghost)(100,000):

Jessica Wild(75,000):

Pandora Boxx(75,000):

Venus D-Lite(75,000):


Mimi Imfurst(75,000);

India Ferrah(75,000):


Stacy Layne Matthews(75,000):

Yara Sofia(75,000):

Alexis Mateo(75,000):

Alisa Summers(75,000):

LaShauwn Beyond(75,000):

The Princess(75,000):

Madame LaQueer(75,000):


Dida Ritz(75,000):

Penny Tration(75,000):

Serena ChaCha(75,000):

Monica Beverly Hillz(75,000)

Vivienne Pinay(75,000):

Honey Mahogany(75,000):

Lineysha Sparx(75,000):

Coco Montrese(75,000):

Kelly Mantle(75,000):

Magnolia Crawford(75,000):


Gia Gunn(75,000):


Trinity K Bonet(75,000):

Joslyn Fox(75,000):

Darienne Lake(75,000):

Tempest DuJour(75,000):

Sasha Belle(75,000):

Jasmine Masters(75,000):

Kandy Ho(75,000):


Jaidynn Diore Fierce(75,000):

Miss Fame(75,000):

Kennedy Davenport(75,000):

Michelle Visage(50,000):

Santino Rice(50,000):

Merle Ginsberg(50,000):

Martha Wash(25,000):

Jason Charters(25,000):

Miles Davis Moody(25,000):

Bryce Eilensberg(25,000):

Shawn Morales(25,000):

Mike Ruiz(50,000):

Ross Matthews(50,000):

Carson Cressly(50,000):

Tamar Braxton(25,000):

Billy B(50,000):


Acrobatics: Usually possessed by dancers. This allows characters to jump high, and swing from poles.

Big Girl: Able to push and pull huge boxes.

Disguise: Able to disguise as a mannequin to bypass enemies

Fiercest Lip Sync: Able to distract enemies temporarily

Fishy: Able to dive underwater and hit switches

Freak 'Em Out: Able to scare off enemies.

Ghost: Can float through walls

Judge: Able to get through judge doors

Miss Congeniality: Able to get through Miss Congeniality doors.

Picture: Able to take pictures at sometimes

Puerto Rico: Able to get through Puerto Rico doors.

Small: Able to fit through tiny hatches

Supermodel of the World: Make character able to fly

Winner: Able to go through champion areas.

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