This is a lego game based on the two sherlock holmes movies. The hub is 221B Baker's Street

Sherlock Holmes

1. The Sacrificial Ritual

Summary: Sherlock and Watson have to stop a mysterious man from performing a ritual on a girl.

2. Irene Investigation

Summary: Irene gives Sherlock a case about one of Blackwoods servants, but Sherlock finds she is working for someone else

3. Blackwood: Dead or Alive

Summary: Sherlock finds out that Blackwood has returned from the dead and wants to find out more about Irene's case. He & Watson go to the servant's, Reordan's, lab but find more of Blackwood's servants.

4. Dreadful Deaths

Summary: Blackwood has killed two important men in his dark ways, but discovers that there is another game at foot after seeing that rings were taken from each of them.

5. Slaughterhouse Sinistry

Summary: Sherlock finds clues from Reordan's abandoned lab and traces the chemichals down to a Slaughterhouse by the River Thames, only to be in one of Blackwood's traps.

6. Holmes Vs. Blackwood

Summary: Sherlock has uncovered that Blackwood is a fraud by finding out ways that he could create what seemed like magic out of chemichals. In the process of the battle, Irene escapes with something valuable for the person she works for.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

1. A Bomb and a Brawl

2. Train Trouble

3. Paris Perril

4. To Heilbronn

5. Forest Fight

6.Battle of the Brains

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