LEGO Sherlock Holmes

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This is a theme based upon the Guy Richie films of 2009 and 2011. Every set has been designed using LDD by 09dh01. Select the links below to see further information on the sets or characters; each one features a description in the same style as those given on the website, and the entire theme has been made and edited to be as realistic as possible. These are not and are unlikely ever to be made into real LEGO sets. Please do not edit these pages or corrupt them in any way. All that remains to say is, enjoy! 09dh01


Wave 1

Blackwood's Temple

Pursuing After Adler

Trouble in the Graveyard

Temple of the Four Orders

An Unwanted Parcel

Attack on the Train

The Litte Hansel

Fight Above the Falls

Wave 2

221b Baker Street

A Factory by the River

The Poison in Parliament

An Audience with the Enemy

Sherlock Holmes Advent Calender

Wave 3

Captain Tanner's Ship

Poor Fortunes

A Threat in France

A New Age of Warfare

Wave 3: Promotional Sets

Blackwood's Cell

Reordan's Laboratory

Watson's Wedding

Moriarty in Switzerland

Exclusive: Battle on the London Bridge

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