LEGO Simon Jones is a Custom theme Created by LEGOCyborg12.

The Story follows an Detective Simon K. Jones on hes Adventures of Exploring uncowered Secrets.


Wave 1

SJ:Behind the Mirror:

Characters - Simon K. Jones,Librarian

Scenery - A Bookcase with a Mirror

SJ:The Labyrint:

Characters - Simon K. Jones,Kelly Swann,Henry Depp,2x Skeleton

Scenery - A Small Labyrint with a Entrance and some Torture Rooms.

SJ:London Chase:

Characters - Simon (London),London Gangster,Bruce James

Scenery - Simon's Car,Bruce's Gangster Car and Street with a Lamp.

SJ:Big Ben Faceoff

Characters - Simon (London),Kelly (Dress),Bruce James,Clocktower Worker

Scenery - Big Ben with Simon's Car

SJ:Russian Camp:

Characters - Simon (Russian Disquise),Kelly (Russian Disquise),Russian Soldier,Alexander Vodovatov

Scenery - Russian Camp and a Russian Truck

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