LEGO Simpsons: Vol. 1 is a DVD that has all 12 LEGO Simpsons episodes from the game. LEGO Simpsons: Volume 2 has never before seen LEGO episodes. LEGO Simpsons: Volume 3 has bonus episodes from the Treehouse of Horror video-game.


Homer The Pyromaniac

Homer and Bart are determined to build a toy rocket Bart ordered. Millhouse stops by and distracts them. The next day, they realise they forgot. Then the Ice-Cream Truck drives by and gets every house except the Simpsons' house, so Bart and Homer run after it. They realise again the next day that they keep forgetting, and o it in the basement. After building it, they are going to take it outside and launch it off into the air, but they drop the detonator and Maggie presses it, causing the rocket to fly off into the air while in the house and burst into flames. Fire-trucks stop by and squirt water at the house as The Flanders watch the house and pray for the Simpsons.

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