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LEGO Sly Cooper theme (custom) 

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wave 1 

clockwork final battle - peices 457 price $45.99 minifigs sly,carmalita(exculisvie) neyla , appegieo 

the cooper gang van - peices 197 cost $19.99 minifigs sly,bently 

jail brake (from sly 2 ) peices 896 price price $84.99 minifigs wolfman henchman(x2 exculsive) contessa (exculisve) sly ,bently , murrey , neyla 

the iron horse ( sly 2) - peices 1,320 price $229.99(moterized so cost more ) minifigs sly, murrey, jean bison(exculsive big-fig) 

wave 2 

appegio's blimp - peices 676 price $69.99 minifigs sly , murry , bently , appegio 

dimitri boat - peices 98 price 12.99 minifigs dimintri , sly 

dimintri's nightclub - peices 798 price $78.97 minifigs sly,bently dimitri , hog henchman ( big fig) (exculisive)

wave 3 

roichi sushi joint- pieces 564 price $49.99 minifigs roichi( exculsive) , el  jefe ( exculsive) , boar henchman(big-fig exculsive)

opera of fear - peices 120 price $14.99 minifigs ( don octavio(exculsive) , sly) 


rochi sushi joint is the only set without sly he was repleced by roichi 

this theme has the most amounts of exculisive minifigs 10 

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