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LEGO Space:Battle of the Galaxy -  the videogame is a video game for consoles released in 2014 that includes all of LEGO space themes from Classic Space to Galaxy Squad. Game's plot is based on the space unit trying to stop criminal space organisations whose mission is to take over the galaxy and fight invading aliens.


It is set 79 years after Classic space expeditions to space, when human units like Futuron and Unitron built colonies  on far planets. The war starts when a human faction discovers rare power source orb on the planet called Ice Planet but are stopped by aliens who want to keep it to destroy humans. They destroy all of human spaceships on that planet. When Blacktron company finds out everything abou the power orb they turn against other human factions to find the orb, destroy both aliens and humans and rule the galaxy with that power orb. Then, most of human units get united and get into the war to stop Blacktron from ruling the galaxy, but they also have to fight enemy aliens.


Good Factions

Futuron- The first astronaut faction who were peaceful astronauts without military units, but when Blacktron attacked them they were protected by Unitron, but later had their own army.

Unitron- The first military faction whose mission is to protect civilians from enemy units.

M:Tron- More developed unit which uses electronic and magnetic powers in the battles.

Exploriens- A faction whose mission is to explore unexplored, extreme and dangerous planets, places, grounds, cities.

Space Police- The main police unit which patrols in bigger cities and civilized planets, arresting criminals and taking them to prison. They are lead by Captain Magenta, but half of them werer corrupted by Blacktron and now secretly work for them.

Roboforce- A military faction that uses mechanic robots and mechs in battles.

Tropic-tron- A faction specialized for fighting in tropical areas. They are Roboforce's sidekick.

Iceforce (Ice Planet)- A faction specialized for exploring ice and snow areas, which later became military after discovering enemy aliens on planet Krysto.

Mars Mission- One of the oldest space factions that were sent to Mars, where they discovered enemy aliens who collected crystals and left the planet. Later Mars Missioners left Mars too and united in fight against Blacktron and other aliens.

Supertron- The most expert military that uses ultra shielded vehicles and troops called Juggernauts that are indestructible by any bullets. There are only few ways to destroy their super-shields.

UFO Fighters- Part of Exploriens who first discovered aliens who attacked them, so they had to fight against them. They are the best experts in alien fighting and they know almost all details about them.

Seatron-  Unit specialized for exploring water areas in outer space. They never discovered any life forms in water, until they landed on the ocean planet called Seatron where they found invading sea aliens dubbed Sealiens.

Ultra Police

Enemy factions

Blacktron- They were a shadowy criminal organization and the main target of Space Police. When they found about the power orb that can make them galaxy rulers Emperor Blackhead became the leader of Blacktron and ordered his army to attack every planet and find out the orb. He built the whole city on his planet and ruled it from the Blacktron Tower.Blacktron became the most powerful faction in the space and impossible to defeat.

Spyrius- Before Blacktron even existed Spyrius was the main enemy of Unitron because they kept stealing technological data. Nobody managed to catch them so Blacktron saw their ability and captured them. After that Spyrius forces started working for Blacktron.

Executrons- Are special unit from Blacktron whose mission is to terminate and execute other faction members. They are the most dangerous and powerful part of Blacktron and they often fight against Supertron forces. 


UFO Aliens- Are the most powerful and the biggest alien group. They are also the most dangerous because they use high quality weapons and vehicles. Their troops are well trained and not easy to fight. Alpha Draconis is their leader. They are the aliens who want the power orb more than others and so they became UFO Fighters and other factions' greatest enemy.

Insectoids- Insectoids are Zotaxians. They got in a war with their cruel leader after what their planet was destroyed and they fled to a new planet called Holox where they had to fight enemy insects and bugs.

Martians- When Mars Missioners first came to Mars Martians were friendly to them but after the discovery of the power stones the war started and Mars Missioners were defeated while Martians fled away with the stones and united with UFO forces to destroy human race forever.

Polartians- They are aliens from the ice planet Krysto. They were first discovered by Blacktron but their forces assaulted them in search of the power orb. Later,Exploriens came to the planet and discovered the orb, but Polartians killed them to protect the orb. Polartian leader Ice Spug holds the monster called Ice Destroyer to stop anyone from stealing the power orb.

Sealiens- They live underwater on the oceanic planet Seatron. They are hybrids of Earth underwater creatures and aliens. Sealien King Sking leads them and keeps the secret treasures in his underwater fotress. Sealiens were never discovered by any other aliens or astronauts except Seatrons who accidentally ended on their planet.

Cybeels- Live along with Sealiens on Seatron planet. They are electric creatures that have ability to turn invisible. Their power source are super-powered electric eels that fill their brains and give them special abilities.

Neutral factions

Space pirates - A group of space criminals that go around the galaxy robbing the spaceships, attacking the transports and stealing money. They are led by Admiral Neon.

Assasins- They get payed to kill other people.

Hybrids- Are aliens merged with animals from Earth. Their biggest leader is the Dragon hybrid. They live in groups on other planets they are rare to find but they are humans' and other aliens' enemies and they are dangerous.


Character's name Weapons   Abilities
Blue classic spaceman Laser gun None Cslb
Red classic spaceman Laser gun None Csr
Yellow classic spaceman Laser gun None Csy
White classic spaceman Laser gun None Csw
Black classic spaceman Laser gun None Csb
Green classic spaceman

Laser gun,

Blaster gun

Futuron astronaut (version 1) Blaster gun None Fu1
Futuron astronaut (version 2) Blaster gun None Fu2
Commander Heaxton ADU gun Electroproof suit
Engineer Wills Shock gun Repair mechanics
General Futurmon Double gun Super-shield
Futuron robot (version 1) None Hack computers
Futuron robot (version 2) Lazer Super-destruction
Blacktron astronaut (version 1) Blacktron gun None Bl1
Blacktron astronaut (version 2) Blacktron gun None
Blacktron astronaut (future version) Blacktron gun Fly Bl2
Blacktron astronaut (future version 2) Bulletthrower Super-destruction Bl3
Commander Krang ADU gun Shield
General Grimer ADU gun Super-destruction, Super shield
Emperor Cyberblack Cybergun Invicible shield
Blacktron drone Green lazers None
Evil mech Superarm, hacking Lazer destruction
Black-bot Hacking
Unitron astronaut (version 1) ADU gun Un1
Unitron astronaut (version 2) ADU gun Fast run
Unitron Chief Mini sniper None Un2
Corporal Jing ADU gun (titanium) Fly
Unibot None Light
Spyrius astronaut (version 1) Spy gun None Spy1
Spyrius astronaut (version 2) Spy gun None
Spyrius drone Lazers Invisibility
Spyrius Droid None Hacking systems Spy3
Spyrius hacker None Hacking computers
Spy Armag Machine gun Double jump, Fast run, Wall jump
Major Kartofski Slave gun


Avoiding bullets

M:Tron astronaut M:gun None Mt1
M:Tron Jetpacker M:gun Fly Mt2
M:Tron robot None Electric rays
Captain Calvis Ultra Magnet gun Super shield
Fighter Mina Field ADU gun Hack/unhack computers
M:Tron Electo unit astronaut

Magnetizer gun

Shock gun

Electroproof suit
Space Police officer SP gun None Sp1
Police chief Cymer SP lazer gun None
Space Police officer (armored) SP machinegun Shield
Space Police officer (version 2) SP gun Fast run Sp2
Captain Magenta E-lazer gun Radar connection Sp3
Space Police officer (version 3) SP gun (version 2) Fast run Sp4
Commando Blake SP Ultra machine-gun Sp5
Chief Marcus ADU gun Super Shield
Space Police robot Lazer Alarm
K-99 Bot Power rocket Ultra fast run K-99
Explorien astronaut (version 1) Laser gun Exp1
Explorien astronaut (version 2) Blaster gun, saw Exp2
Explorien driver None Pilot vehicles
Explorien Nizk Rocket launcher None
Explorien Barth Flamethrower, machinegun None
Explorien Ryness Blaster gun Shield
Nova Hunter Mega blaster Fast run, shield Exp3
Ann Droid None System and computer hack Exp4
Roboforce astronaut 1 Cyber gun Rb1
Roboforce astronaut 2 Cyber gun None
Roboforce Cyberpilot Blaster gun, cyber gun (type 2) Use control computers
Chip Nebula Cyber machinegun, dynamite Super shield Rb2
UFO Alien scout Alien gun None
UFO Alien soldier 1 Hunter rifle None Ufo3
UFO Alien soldier 2 Hunter rifle (type 2) Extra damage
UFO Alien soldier (heavy armor) Ufo2
UFO Alien Commander
UFO Alien General 
Alpha Draconis Ufo1
UFO Droid Ufo4
Andy Droid
Alpha Ranger
UFO Fighter soldier
UFO Fighter soldier (heavy armor)
Johnny Pyrotic
Commander Climax
UFO Fighter drone
Danny Mixer
Zotaxian soldier 1 Is1
Zotaxian soldier 2 Is3
Robobug Is4
Danny Longlegs Is5
Gypsy Moth 150px
Martian soldier 1 Scout gun None Mma1
Martian soldier 2 Killer rifle Fast run, high jump Mma1
Martian soldier 3 Rocket launcher Wall jump, crystal energy Mma1
Martian commander Commander gun Ultra crystal energy Mma2
Mars Mission astronaut 1 150px
Mars Mission astronaut 2 150px
BB Lom1
Doc Lom2
Mac Lom3
Assistant Lenny 150px
Biff Biff
Gemma Gemma
Sandy Moondust
Mars robot 1
Mars robot 2
Polartian alien 1
Polartian alien 2
Polartian super-soldier 
Polartian commander Axang
Polartian general Frozev
Polartian assistant
Ice Spug
Ice Destroyer
Ice Planet astronaut 1 Blaster gun None Ip1
Ice Planet astronaut 2 Blaster gun Fast run, wall jump
Lieutenant Clive Icer gun Climb Ipw
Emma Krystal IP Rifle Climb,fast run,shield Ip2
Commander Cold  IP pistol Super shield Ip3
Tropictron astronaut 1
Tropictron astronaut 2
Fighter Rhodder
Captain J.C.Swelter
Commando Jackang
Seatron astronaut 
Seatron commando
Captain Margoon
Johnny Cobrang
Sam Patroll
Seatron bot
Sea-alien (sealien) soldier 1
Sea-alien (sealien) soldier 2
Sea-alien Commander Sking
Sealien King
Cybeel soldier 1
Cybeel soldier 2
Cybeel soldier 3
Cybeel soldier 4
Cybeel General
Supertron soldier 1
Supertron soldier 2
Commander Radiac
Commander Cybess
Commander Nitron
Supertron Exterminator
Ultra Police agent
UP Agent Sybang
UP Agent Termin
UP Agent Marina Bolt
UP Computer specialist
UP Chief Ranison
Executron soldier 1
Executron soldier 2
Executron Assasin
Henry Lazermaster
General Lazch
Space pirate warrior 1
Space pirate warrior 2
Pirate assasin
Thief Billy
Mick the Destroyer
Admiral Neon
Skwayng Harmar
Skull Twins
Desctructo bots
ADU Computer specialist
ADU Pilot
ADU Rookie
ADU Sergeant
ADU soldier
ADU soldier (female)
ADU Scientist
Reporter Lotta Brix
Business man
Farmer's brother
Farmer's wife
Farmer's son
Taxi driver
Garage mechanic
Garage mechanic's daughter
Soccer player 1
Soccer player 2
Soccer player 3
Pizza delivery man
Fast food worker man
Fast food worker girl
Skull twins
Brick daddy
Brick daddy's henchman
Butler bot
Space chef
Space waitress
Delivery drone
Solomon Blaze
Max Solarflare
Chuck Stonebreaker
Billy Starbeam
Bob Galax
Jack Fireblade
Ashlee Starstrider
Blue robot sidekick
Red robot sidekick
Orange robot sidekick
Green robot sidekick
Alien Mosquitoid
Alien Buggoid
Alien Buggoid (red)
Alien Mantizoid
Insectoid Larva
Robo turtle
Assasin 1
Assasin 2
Laser assasin
Assasin Helox
Alien assasin
Alien assasin commander
Crain sniper
Killer Mong
Zombie 2
Zombie 3
Zombie citizen
Zombie UFO Fighter soldier
Zombie classic spaceman
Zombie pilot
Skull helmet zombie
Zombie space pirate
Zombie space pirate 2
Brain eater
Spider hybrid
Scorpion hybrid
Insect hybrid
Snake hybrid
Predator hybrid
Worm hybrid
Bat hybrid
Tarantula hybrid
Hybrid giant
Hybrid giant general
Hybrid dragon


Vehicle name                         Drivable
Space scooter Yes
Radar buggy Yes
Twin starfire Yes
Mobile command trailer Yes
Lunar truck Yes
Lever bros jet Yes
Express cruiser Yes
Space shuttle Yes
Starfleet voyager Yes
All-terrain vehicle Yes
Mobile recovery vehicle Yes
Uranium search vehicle Yes
Cosmic comet Yes
Astro dart Yes
Lunar MPV Yes
Surveillance scooter No
Unitron flyer Yes
Crater cruiser Yes
Star Hawk II Yes
Saucer ship Yes
Recon robot No
Saucer centurion Yes
Robo guardian No
Pulsar charger Yes
Secret space voyager Yes
Vector detector Yes
Celestial forager Yes
Particle ionizer Yes
Mega core magnetizer No
Space police striker Yes
Message decoder Yes
Galactic peacekeeper Yes
Spy-trak I Yes
Spy-trak II  Yes
Mission commander No
Starion patrol Yes
Sonar security Yes
Rebel hunter Yes
Solar snooper Yes
Galactic mediator No
SP Turbo interceptor Yes
SP Turbo fly machine Yes
Hyperspeeder Yes
Galactic enforcer Yes
Security transporter No
Raid VPR Yes
Undercover cruiser No
Space police truck No
Meteor monitor Yes
Alienator Yes
Blacktron invader Yes
Battrax Yes
Renegade Yes
Galactic scout Yes
Blacktron super vehicle Yes
Grid trekkor Yes
Blacktron super vehicle II Yes
Allied avenger Yes
Aerial intruder Yes
Hovertron Yes
Alien fossilizer Yes
Planetary decoder Yes
Scorpion detector Yes
Explorien starship No
Roboforce mech fighter Yes
Robo raider Yes
Robo raptor Yes
Robo master Yes
Supertron walker Yes
Super destroyer Yes
Super dropship Yes
Supertron supership No
Tropic buggy Yes
Hover walker Yes
Trop-mech Yes
Trop-walker Yes
Tropic-tron cruiser Yes
Exo-suit Yes
Ice enlanger Yes
Ice tunnelator Yes
Celestial sled Yes
Blizzard baron Yes
Ice-sat V Yes
Deep freeze defender No
Execute ship No
Execute hunter No
Space hover Yes
Cyber saucer No
Radon rover No
Warp wing fighter No
Alien avenger No
Interstellar starfighter No
Space spider Yes
Hornet scout Yes
Mosquito flyer No
Beta buzzer Yes
Cosmic creeper No
Bi-wing blaster No
Sonic stinger Yes
Planetary prowler No
Celestial stinger No
Archanoid starbase No
Scuba speeder Yes
Sea crawler Yes
Discovery sub Yes
Ocean mech Yes
Turbo hunter Yes
Aqua scavenger Yes
Hydrocopter Yes
Seatron submarine Yes
Seatron travel cruiser No
Mars scooter Yes
Rover Yes
Mono jet Yes
T3-trike Yes
Solar explorer No
Mars buggy Yes
Crystal hawk Yes
MX-81 Hypersonic aircraft Yes
Crystal reaper Yes
MT-21 Mobile miner Yes
MT-201 Ultra drill walker Yes

MT-44 Eagle rocket

MX-71 Recon dropship Yes
MT-31 trike Yes
MX-11 Astro fighter Yes
MT-51 Claw tank Yes
MT-101 Armored Driller Yes
Alien radar flyer Yes


Intro part

The Great Discovery

Summary: Explorien astronauts land on the ice planet where they find the power orb but when they try to take it they get attacked by unknown aliens.

Playable characters: Explorien astronauts

Enemies: Ice planet aliens

Boss: none

Chapter 1- To The Space

Call to mission

Summary: Player gets to the Futuron's main base where astronauts are preparing for a new mission to the space.

Playable characters: Futuron astronauts

Enemies: none

Boss: none


Summary: Futuron starship cruiser gets destroyed and lands on the planet Holox which is occupied with Blacktron forces. Blacktron soldiers attack Futurons and they have to fight to survive.

Playable characters: Futuron astronauts, Commander Heaxton, Engineer Willis

Enemies: Blacktron astronauts

Boss: none

Help from the sky

Summary: Unitron forces come to help the astronauts and they together escape with the spaceship.

Playable characters: Futuron astronauts, Commander Heaxton, Futuron bot

Enemies: Blacktron astronauts

Boss: Commander Krang

Chapter 2 - Galactic Transport

Ship check

Summary: Space Police hunts the Blacktron spaceship to take their transport. When Blacktron general realises that, the war starts.

Playable characters: Space police officers, Commando Blake, Captain Magenta

Enemies: Blacktron astronauts, Evil mechs

Boss: none

Hot Interception

Summary: Blacktron soldiers, along with transport land on the planet Janx and Space Police has to catch them before they get away.

Playable characters: Space police officers, Captain Magenta, Chief Marcus, K-99 bot

Enemies: Blacktron soldiers, Kranxx

Boss: General Grimer

Cave Guardians

Summary: Space Police troopers get deep inside the caves where M:Tron assists them.

Playable characters: Space police officers, Captain Magenta, M:Tron astronauts, M:Tron droids

Enemies: Blacktron soldiers



  • Almost all of the vehicles are remakes of old Space sets from each theme.
  • Seatron faction is based on a prototype unreleased Space theme that was supposed to be released in 1991 but failed and was never released.
  • Some of the character's names are made up, but some are real like Chip Nebula, Captain Magenta, Commander Cold and others.
  • Futuron, Blacktron, M:Tron, Exploriens, Roboforce, Spyrius, Space Police, Unitron, Mars Mission, ADU (Alien conquest), Galaxy Squad, Ice Planet, Zotaxians (Insectoids), UFO Aliens and Seatron are real LEGO themes, while Supertron, Tropic-tron, Executrons, Ultra Police, Polartians, Sealiens, Hybrids and Cybeels are created by me.
  • A lot of characters were ofically released but just their names are new.
  • Ice Planet astronauts are renamed to Iceforce.
  • Rock Raiders is the only theme that doesn't appear in this game.

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