LSM2:The Clone Saga is the sequel to LEGO Spider-Man The Video-Game, and the second game in the series. The next game is The Spectacular LEGO Spider-Man.


The hub is Oscorp. There is an elevator that leads to the episodes. There are 4 elevators. There is one glass display case where you can make custom characters. You can also access the computer and buy characters & mini-games, play the mini-games, watch cinematics & cut-scenes, and buy / read hints. The starter characters are Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider.


A Devious Plan...

After being defeated by Spider-Man time and time again, The Jackal gets an idea. He sends his thugs, Rhino and Chameleon, to attack Spider-Man and get a blood sample. Spidey defeats them, but they get away...

Level type: Brawl, Boss.

Playable: Spider-Man

Boss: Rhino (6 Hearts), Chameleon (4 Hearts)

Unlockable: Cop, Rhino, Aleksei Systenvich, Chameleon, Dmitri Kravenoff


Rhino and Chameleon bring Jackal Spider-Man's blood sample, and Jackal uses it to create a clone named Scarlet Spider. Scarlet Spider has Spider-Man's personality, though, and goes to warn Spider-Man of the coming danger. But suddenly, they are attacked by Jackal's latest creation, Spidercide!

Level type: Brawl, Boss.

Playable: Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider

Boss: Spidercide (7 Hearts)

Unlockable: Ben Reilley, Peter Parker, Spidercide

Jackal's Plan

Jackal is enraged by Spidercide's defeat, and gets an old ally, The Vulture, to slow down Spidey and Scarlet.

Level type: Brawl, Chase, Boss.

Playable: Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider

Boss: The Vulture (8 Hearts)

Unlockable: The Vulture, Adrian Tombes, Vulture Hench-Man


  • Spider-Man - Double Jump, Webs, Wall Climbing
  • Scarlet Spider - Double Jump, Webs, Wall Climbing
  • Peter Parker - Melee Combat, Double Jump
  • Ben Reilley - Melee Combat, Double Jump
  • Cop - Gun, Double Jump, Melee Combat
  • Rhino - Super Strength, Double Jump
  • Aleksei Systenvich - Double Jump, Gun
  • Chameleon - Gun, Shape-Shifting, Double Jump
  • Dmitri Kravenoff - Gun, Double Jump
  • Spidercide - Webs, Wall Climbing, Shrinking, Super-Strength Double Jump
  • The Vulture - Flight, Double Jump, Super-Strength
  • Vulture Hench-Man - Double Jump, Gun
  • Adrian Tombes - Melee Combat
  • Molten Man - Super-Strenght, Melee Combat, Fire
  • Mark Raxton - Double Jump, Melee Combat
  • Mary Jane (Secret Character) - Melee Combat, Double Jump
  • Aunt May (Secret Character) - Melee Combat

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