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LEGO Spider-Man The Video-Game is a game based off Spider-Man comics and movies.


The game's hub is The Daily Bugle.

Chapter 1 - Doc Ock At The Docks

News Flash

  • Location: The Bank
  • Characters: Spiderman, J. Jonah Jameson (not playable), Aunt May, Eddie Brock (not playable)
  • Enemies: Doc Ock goons, Crooks, Shocker hench-men
  • Boss: The Shocker (4 Hearts)

Living Vampire

  • Location: The Church
  • Characters: Spiderman, Mary Jane, Aunt May (not playable), Eddie Brock (not playable)
  • Enemies: Doc Ock goons, Bats, Skeletons
  • Boss: Morbius The Living Vampire (4 Hearts)

Master of Disguise

  • Location: The Hospital
  • Characters: Spiderman, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn (not playable), Aunt May (not playable)
  • Enemies: Crooks, Chameleon goons
  • Boss: Chameleon (6 Hearts)


  • Location: Dark Alley
  • Characters: Spiderman, Black Cat
  • Enemies: Crooks, mobsters, Hammerhead goons
  • Boss: Hammerhead (6 Hearts)


  • Location: The Docks
  • Characters: Spiderman, Black Cat, Mary Jane (not playable), John Jameson (not playable), Eddie Brock (not playable), J. Jonah Jameson (not playable)
  • Enemies: Octopi, Dock Ock goons, crooks
  • Boss: Doctor Octopus (6 Hearts)

Chapter 2 - Lizards Lethal Lair


  • Location: Brooklyn Bridge
  • Characters: Spiderman, Black Cat, Mary Jane (not playable)
  • Enemies: Hostiles, Holograms, Attack helicopters, Mysterio goons
  • Boss: Mysterio


  • Location: "Aquarium Land"
  • Characters: Spiderman, Mary Jane
  • Enemies: Sharks, Electric Eels, Scuba-Diving Thugs
  • Boss: Hydro-Man

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