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LEGO Spiderman: The New Video Game


It is a free-roam game where you go to houses and places to go into missions.

Level 1: The Origins

Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes spider-man. Norman Osbourne, peter's best friend's dad turns into the Green Goblin.

Level 2: Wrestling Scene

Peter goes to get money to get car to impress Mary Jane, after leaving the stadium he lets a burglar get away and soon realises his beloved Unlcle Ben was shot, he tracks down the killer.

Level 3: Spider-man's 1st Chase

Peter chases the killer and realises the killer is the robber he let get away earlier, he defeats the killer and learns that with great power must also come great responsibility.

Level 4: Green Goblin

Peter is taking pictures for his job at the daily bugle at the World Unity Day Parade but the Green Goblin attacks.

Level 5: Final Showdown

Spider-man confronts Goblin after he had attacked Aunt may and kidnapped Mary Jane, Peter must defeat New York's first villian.

Level 6: Spider-man's Street Chase

Spider-man chases some jewl theives

Level 7: Doc Ock's Fusion Lab

Dr Otto Octavious turns himself into the dreaded Doc Ock

Level 8: Doc ock's Crime Spree

Doc Ock goes on a crime spree.

Level 9: Doc Ock's Bank Robbery

Ock robs a bank and spidey must stop him. Peter stops being Spider-man.

Level 10:Doc Ock's Cafe Attack

Peter and MJ meet up at a cafe and after Ock talks to Harry Osbourne Ock attacks Peter and he starts being spidey again. Ock take MJ.

Level 11: Spider-man's Train Rescue

Spidey challenges Ock at the Clock tower but it then is taken to a train where spidey must rescue the train. But Ock takes spidey to Harry where he finds out that Peter is Spider-man.

Level 12:Doc Ock's Hideout

Spider-man goes to Ock's hideout and fights occur but Ock sacrafices himself to save New York.

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