Game Description:

The Game Continues the Saga from my Previous Video game Idea

This will have more features,more characters and a big open world.


Level Description

Here are some levels to be in the game.

They will be the same as my last idea.

Chapter 1-Plankton's Return

Level 1-The Revenge

As plankton defeated in the prevoius game plankton encounters another super villian that will help him defeat spongebob and Mermaidman and help Plankton get the krabby patty formula once and for all.

Unlockable-Manray's Minion,Police Fish (Guard),Police Fish
Boss(es)-Police Fish (Guard) (4 Hearts)
Setting-Bikinni Bottom Jail,Raylair

Level 2-Superhero Shop

Oh no the villians escape says on the news spongebob says Patrick we have to team up once again and stop this Thief.The Patrick says Wait don't we need suits?.Spongebob says back I guess there is one in the costume shop.

Replacing Characters-Spongebob (Hero),Patrick (Hero)
Unlockable-Costume Shop Guy,Plankbot Eliminator,Plankbot
Boss(es)-Plankbot Eliminator (5 Metal Hearts)
Setting-Conch Street,Bikini Bottom,Costume Shop
Objective-Solve 2 Puzzles In the Pineapple and then get to bikini botto and finaly get tot the costume shop.

Level 3-Inviting Sandy to the Team

Now with the 2 superheroes united they cant defeat the enemy without a biger team.In their plans they are Inviting Sandy to the Team to fight back Plankton and Manray.

Playable-Spongebob (Hero),Patrick (Hero)
Replacing Characters-Sandy,Sandy (Hero)
Unlockable-Plankbot (Bazooka),Planktank
Boss(es)-Manray (5 Metal Hearts)
Setting-Sandy's Treedome
Objective-Get to Sandy's Home and give her a cape and then defeat Planktank..

Level 4-We Need help from squidward

Now with Sandy on their team they arent Complete Yet!.They still ned 4 more team mates to save the world the next one has to be Squidward!.

Playable-Spongebob(Hero),Patrick (Hero),Sandy (Hero)
Replacing Characters-Squidward,Squidward (Hero)
Unlockable-Planksquid,Plankbot (Dynamite),Larry the Lobster,Beach Dude
Boss(es)-Mega Squid (6 Hearts)
Setting-Conch Street,Goo Lagoon
Objective-Get to Squidward and invite him to the team later people need help in the Goo Lagoon,Fight the Mega Squid and Save the Beach.

Level 5-Who is Next?

With Squidward and Sandy on their Team the Superhero League isn't complete they still need 3 more team mates and the next one is????....

Playable-Spongebob (Hero),Patrick (Hero),Sandy (Hero),Squidward (Hero)
Replacing Characters-Mr.Krabs,Mr.Krabs (Hero)
Boss(es)-Krabsterbot (5 Metal Hearts)
Setting-Conch Street,The Krusty Krab
Objective-Get to Mr.Krabs and Invite him to the team.

Level 6-Mermaidman and Barnicleboy

Finaly the Team will be Asembeled and Ready to Defeat Plankton and Manray!.

Playable-Spongebob (Hero),Patrick (Hero),Sandy (Hero),Squidward (Hero),Mr.Krabs (Hero)
Replacing Characters-Mermaidman,Barnicleboy
Boss(es)-Megaspongebot (8 Metal Hearts)
Setting-The Krusty Krab,Mermalair
Objective-Get to Mermaidman and Barnicleboy Before Megaspongebot catches you then invite them to the team and after that fight Megaspongebot.!

Chapter 2-Planktastrofy

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