The level room is in the Agent Center. You can choose the level. You can play with a lot of spyes and a few people who are not, such like the grandfather and the grandmother.

The cartoons are a few lego and a lot cartoons, and the special gadgets are different in every level. Sometimes there are gadgets there are not in the movies.

For minigame you can fight the Timekeeper, the Skeletons, the Snakesaurs and all your enemies at the Dream Island-Game Over-Clock.


Dr. with... nothing, the Dream Island animals, bomb shouter, jumpy shoes, robot-helicopter

Sessil with... nothing, MP3 laser, watch-ball shouter

Rebeka with... jokes, spy jokes, umbrela-ketchup, sunglasses-x, disk shouter, robot insect

Grandma with... cookies, Game Over uniform

Grandpa with... English sword, Game Over uniform

Karmen Cortez kid with... nothing, sunglasses-sun laser, Agent laptop, GPS, bag with robot equipment

Karmen Cortez adult with... robot hunter laser, jet for buck and time runner bomps

Juni Cortez kid with... lego bricks machines, Dream Island spiderhorse, chocolate, sword

Juni Cortez adult with... lego bricks machines, telefon-X, sticky shoes, air motorbike

Timekeeper adult with or with not the musk and with... Timebombs, watch sword, timerunner bomps, timedogs

Timekeeper old with... English sword, telescope, crystall, fotomachine 1967.

Tiki Taka with... English sword, time bomps, watch sword, timedogs, robot flies <<The Time Flies When You Have Fun>>, laser glasses

Astronaut with... oil, laser mouth, wild system

Marissa with... baby, mud bomps, talk, scooter with sound shouter


Lego Producters and T T said that they will make a new lego videogame at May 2018 named Lego World. In that game will be all the lego characters from the videogames. The Spy Center will be at People World, New York. The Big Clock will be in London. Rebeka, Sessil and Astronaut will go at the Scool od New York. Also, Marissa will fight the Lego Enemies with the baby and Kratos-Lego God of War-.

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