LEGO Star Wars: Anniversary is a video game based on the Star Wars franchise. It is to be developed and released in 2014, which is the 15th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars. The game includes several new functions and story arcs, including The Clone Wars movie and the Old Republic. The game includes a total of 30 levels, not including the Galactic Takeover Missions.


The Old Republic

 - Above Korriban

Playable Characters: Satele Shan (Padawan), Kao Cen Darach, Nico Okarr, Jace Malcom (Republic Trooper),


Characters Available to Buy: ith Trooper, Darth Malgus (Young), Sith Warrior, Sith Leader

Enemies: Sith Troopers, Sith Warrior

Bosses: Sith Leader (4 Hearts), Darth Malgus (Young) (3 Hearts)

Vehicles: Redshifter

 - The Attack on Alderaan

Playable Characters: Jace Malcom (Captain), Republic Heavy Weapons Specialist

Characters Available to Buy: Republic Trooper (Sniper), Republic Trooper (Sergeant), Alderaan Citizen, Sith

War Droids

Enemies: Sith Troopers, SIth War Droids

Boss: Sith Lord (2 Hearts)

Vehicles: Speeder Bikes

 - Retaking Alderaan

   Playable Characters: Satele Shan (Jedi Knight), Jace Malcom (Captain), T7-01

Characters Available to Buy: Darth Malgus (Grown)

Enemies: Sith Troopers, Sith Lords, Sith War Droids

Boss: Darth Malgus (Grown) (6 Hearts)

 - The Battle for the Jedi Temple

Playable Characters: Jedi Master, Jedi Knight

Characters Available to Buy: Darth Malgus (Hooded and Masked), Bounty Hunter, Sith Assassin

Enemies: Sith Lords, Sith Assassins

Bosses: Bounty Hunter (2 Hearts), Darth Malgus (Hooded and Masked) (6 Hearts)

 - The Sith Secret

   Playable Characters: Jedi Knight, Republic Trooper

Characters Available to Buy:

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