This Videogame takes up the first season and first half of the second season of Star Wars: One Of A Million.


Part 1: The Battle of Christophis

1. In The Hanger

Summary: Get Eckig's wrench so he can fix the gunship

Characters: Pack (Rookie), Sync (Rookie), Owl (Rookie), Nexu (Rookie), Medick (Rookie),

Tokens: Clone Trooper, Gunner 1, Anakin Skywalker

Level Type: Puzzle

2. Skirmish On The Ground

Summary: Build the blockade and heal the injured troopers

Characters: Pack (Rookie), Corporal Gripp, Medick (Rookie)

Tokens: Gunner 1, Hailfire, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Level Type: Puzzle

3. Droids & Tanks

Summary: Destroy all of the droids, cannons and tanks.

Characters: Lunar-sen, Clone Trooper, Commander Popper, Pack (Rookie), Eagle, ARF Commander King

Tokens: Battle Droid, Pousce, Setback

Level Type: Puzzle, Brawl

4. In Hiding

Summary: Find Natkuun and heal him

Characters: Lunar-sen, Pack (Rookie), Medick (Rookie), Nax (Rookie), Bahli-stoh

Tokens: Cubick, Page, Burn

Level Type: Boss, Puzzle

Boss: Bahli-stoh (3 Hearts)

5. The Second Battle

Summary: Destroy all the droids.

Characters: Gauge, Sparta, Bomber, Jock, Raptor, Natkuun, Bahli-stoh, Lunar-sen, Pack (Rookie), Medick (Rookie)

Tokens: Link, Don, Loblon

Level Type: Brawl

6. Lets End This!

Summary: Destroy the base and the droids

Characters: Natkuun, Bahli-stoh, Ki-Adi Mundi, Bacara

Tokens: Commando Droid (Rhett), Rhett (Battle), Rhett

Level Type: Brawl, Vehicule

Part 2: Ventress & Deathwatch

1. Battle on Vassek

Summary: Destroy the droids

Characters: Lunar-sen, Cannon, Bling

Tokens: Super Battle Droid, Deck (Rookie), TB-49

Level Type: Brawl

2. Killer In The Night

Summary: Break into the castle and battle Ventress

Characters: Gong, Barris Ofee

Tokens: Gong (Rookie), Bling (Rookie), Pulsar

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss: Ventress (4 Hearts)

3. Confrontation

Summary: Battle Ventress again and kill the gundarks

Characters: Lunar-sen, Barris Offee

Tokens: Rig (Rookie), Havoc, Assaj Ventress

Level Type: Boss

Boss: Ventress (8 Hearts), Gundark 1 (3 Hearts), Gundark 2 (3 Hearts)

4. Young Master Lando

Summary: Find Lando and battle the assasin

Characters: Medick, Pack, Lando (Young)

Tokens: Calrissian Bodygaurd, Assasin 1, Luminara Undili

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss: Assasin (5 Hearts)

5. After Him!

Summary: Speed after Pre Vizla before he escapes

Characters: Medick, Lando (Young), Pack, Lobot

Tokens: Deathwatch Pilot, Mr. Calrissian, Deathwatch Trooper

Level Type: Vehicule, Puzzle, Boss

Boss: Deathwatch Speeder (12 Hearts)

6. Pre Vizla

Summary: Battle Pre Vizla and find Lando, again

Characters: Mia Koor, Shrinekog, Mr. Calrissian, Pack, Medick

Tokens: Mrs. Calrissian, Assasin 2, Pre Vizla

Level Type: Boss, Puzzle

Part 3: The Traitor

1. Grokan

Summary: Break into the forretrss, battle Grokan, and attack the factory.

Characters: Lunar-sen, Stass Allie, Mace Window, Stak, Razor

Tokens: Grokan Sli Cenkowl, B-4 Battle Droid, Clone Trooper (Sniper)

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

2. The Elite Troopers

Summary: Save Master Koie and her padawan from the barrel droids

Characters: Echo, Fives, Pack, Corporal Gripp, OVNI, Terrest, Waxer, Boil

Tokens: Master Koie, Grokan's Father, Clone Trooper (Laser Cannon)

Level Type: Puzzle, Brawl

3. Not The Nicest Welcome

Summary: Battle the Barrel droids and break into the factory

Characters: Papercut, Pack, Shotgun

Tokens: Fives, Commander White-Eye, Captain Gear

Level Type: Brawl, Puzzle

4. The Birds Nest

Summary: Break the machinery, delve into Pack's past and battle the lava worm

Characters: Pack, Papercut, Grenn, Noa Shen, Kino Gongo, Corporal Boulder (Burned), Pack (Burned), Papercut (Burned)

Tokens: Papercut, Shotgun, Nao Shen

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss: Lava Worm (8 Hearts)

5. Battle Over The Factory

Summary: Blow up the towers of the factory

Characters: Lunar-sen, Kit Fisto

Tokens: Kino Gongo, Shotgun (Burned), Maek

Level Type: Vehicule, Puzzle

6. The Traitor Is Revealed

Summary: Build the bomb and battle the traitor

Characters: Veor, Corporal Gear, Tao Goyn, Lunar-sen

Tokens: Raven, Veor, Papercut (Burned)

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss: Veor (5 Hearts)

Part 4: Bounty Hunters

1. Defenders

Summary: Build a defence and battle the droids

Characters: Leau Birn, Kit Fisto, Corporal Boulder, Clone Trooper (Mygeeto), Ki-Adi Mundi, Commander Bacara, Echo, Fives, Captain Cthulu, OVNI, Terrest, Pack, Nax

Tokens: Kit Fisto, Oppo Rancissis, Lunar-sen (Ripped Shirt)

Level Type: Puzzle, Brawl, Vehicule

2. On The Inside

Summary: Battle the bounty hunter

Characters: Raven, Rig, Toa Goyn, Clone Gunner, Commander Growl, Ki-Adi Mundi, Volviff Monn, Servo, Kralina, Leau Birn, Kit Fisto, Pack, Commander Popper

Tokens: Toa Goyn, Don Vähllekk, Shotgun (Bounty Hunter)

Level Type: Boss, Puzzle

Boss: Don Vähllekk (3 Hearts) (4 Hearts) (10 Hearts) (6 Hearts)

3. Battle In The Hanger

Summary: Battle Don Vähllekk before he escapes

Characters: Servo (Ripped Shirt), Kit Fisto, Lunar-sen, Volviff Monn, Plo Koon, Commander Wolffe

Tokens: Plo Koon, Servo (Ripped Shirt), Volviff Monn

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss: Don Vähllekk (6 Hearts)

4. The Fake Clone

Summary: Get out of the broken building and fight the traitor

Characters: Shotgun, Deck, Pack (Injured), Nexu

Tokens: Nexu, Leek-Gof, Deck

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss: Shotgun (3 Hearts), Leek-Gof (3 Hearts)

5. The Trapmaster

Summary: Battle Gosharank and Neeko Kils

Characters: Pack, Lunar-sen, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Mullinist), Stass Allie (Mullinist)

Tokens: Grenn (Mullinist), Gosharank, Neeko Kils (Trapmaster)

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

6. Don and Bauw

Summary: Battle Bauw, Hassarde and Don

Characters: Lunar-sen, Kit Fisto, Pack, Owl, Nax, Sangla, Plo Koon

Tokens: Bauw Kris, Don Vähllekk (Ripped shirt), Sangla

Level Type:

Part 5: Dooku's Game

1. The Right Man

Summary: Find The Scientist and interrogate him

Characters: Lunar-sen, Pack, Owl, Backfire

Tokens: The Scientist, Magnagaurd, Count Dook (Disguise)

Level Type: Puzzle

2. The Scientist

Summary: Stop the Scientist

Characters: Pack, Nail, Gadget, Backfire

Tokens: Super Battle Droid, The Scientist (Stain), Assistant

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss: The Scientist (6 Hearts)

3. The Pawn

Summary: Destroy the droid army and confront grievous

Characters: Shriek, Elec, Guha


Level Type:

4. The General




Level Type:

5. The Game




Level Type:

6. The Monster




Level Type:


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