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LEGO Star Wars IV: The Old Republic is a LEGO video game set to be released in late 2013 for all consoles. You create 9 characters of different species at the start and you can switch between them during the main story. You can also unlock other characters that can be used in free roaming only once you have beaten the game. As you progress through the game you unlock new parts for your custom characters, and you also unlock new areas of the worlds.


Planets act as the "levels". You can free roam through planets and when you complete the game there will be heaps of new areas within these planets. There are missions to do on these planets, as well as enemies and boss fights. Here is a list of all the planets that are accesible.

[1]Alderaan[2]Balmorra[3]Belsavis[4]Corellia[5]Coruscant[6]Dromund Kaas[7]Hoth[8]Hutta[9]Ilum[10]Korriban[11]Makeb [12]Nar Shaddaa[13]Ord Mantell[14]Quesh[15]Taris[16]Tatooine[17]Tython[18]Voss==Custom Characters==


Hero Bosses:


The First

Subject Alpha



Ulgo Siegebreaker

Rogue Cartel Warbot

The Ancient One



The Primal Destroyer [

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