• TT Games have a whole load in store for LEGO Star Wars fans as they present a game bigger and better than ever.

Lego Star Wars IV: The Yoda Chronicles


Please do NOT edit without permission from the editor, Darth Hill.

The only exception is if something is misspelled or I got a name wrong.

Please message me if you make any big changes.

This game will have a similar plot to the mini series. It will feature the plot of the Separatists trying to take over the Clone army but failing every time. But they make clones of their own, and one even more powerful than Master Yoda himself.

The hub area will be bigger and better than ever, it is mainly the Jedi Temple but you can explore the whole of Coruscant as well. I thought that would be a cool idea. You also unlock characters by completing the levels. It is one big story with 16 levels but will also have a prologue. The prologue is based off of the Yoda and Dooku battle at the end of Attack of the Clones. The prologue is the only level that is only available for one player.

The characters talk but even though I describe the cutscenes, I'm not here to write a script.

Prologue Level: The Plan comes Together

Opening Cutscene: The door opens and Yoda appears. Obi-Wan and Anakin lie on the floor injured and Count Dooku watches over with a smile on his face. Yoda draws his Lightsaber and the two have a duel.

Gameplay 1: Play as Yoda and have a boss with Dooku (3 Hearts)

Ending Cutscene: Yoda knocks Dooku on the floor but he gets up and force pushes a pillar to were Anakin and Obi-Wan are and then escapes in his ship. Yoda holds up the pillar with the Force and helps them up. Dooku flys to a secret base and finds Darth Sidious waiting for him. Sidious asks if his plan is going according to plan and Dooku replies "yes my master". Sidious then presents General Grievous and Dooku thinks that they will work well together.

Characters Unlocked: Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Characters available for purchase: Anakin Skywalker, Battle Droid, Geonosian

Minikit builds: Luke Skywalker

Power Brick: Fast Build

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