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LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars is a free roam game where you can travel to different worlds in the Star Wars universe and do different challenges.

Story 1

Opening scene: Commado Droids start to invade the Rishi moon. O'niner runs to see whats going on but is shot.

Playthrough 1: You must play as either Hevy, Echo, Fives and Cutup as you must escape the station before it blows up.

Scene 2: You run out as it blows up.

Playthrough 2: As you run around the moon as Hevy, Echo and Fives you must battle a mini boss and survive the deadly forces.

Scene 3: You get back to the station and Hevy runs in.

Playthrough 3: Play as Hevy as you get back to the centre and destroy the Commado Droids.

Ending Scene: Gunships fly in to aid Echo and Fives. 

Story 2

Opening scene: Kit Fisto arrives at the lair and meets with his former padawan. 

Playthrough 1: Enter Grevious lair and make your way through the hallway. 

Mini Boss: Battle and defeat Gor playing as Kit Fisto or Commader Fil.

Playthrough 2: Continue on down the hallway until you reach a lava pit and you have find a route.

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