LEGO Stories - The Videogame is a LEGO Game Created by Cyborg Studios and Party Inc.

The Game has 24 Chapters and 150 Characters.

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2000 Years ago, there was a king. He fought with an Evil Sorcerer named Malerok. He cursed the king and made him a half-human, half-skeletal monster named the Cursed. John McBlaze and Docs Randy, time travelers, went back in time to stop the king from his rampage and defeat the Sorcerer.


Story 1 - Blood Half King

Chapter Location Playable Items Enemies Boss/es Summary
Cursed Cursed Kings Castle

John McBlaze

Docs Randy

Iron Helm


Knight Helmet

Cursed Knights

Cursed Guards

Cursed Archers

The Cursed/4 Hearts John and Docs went to the Cursed Kings castle and fought with his guards. They went to the throne room and fought him but he got away and went to the Sorcerer's Tower.

Story 2 - Sorcerer's Gem

Chapter Playable Items Boss/es

Story 3 - Mythological Exploration

Chapter Playable Items Boss/es

Story 4 - Game of Stones

Chapter Playable Items Boss/es


  • Gun: Characters with guns can shoot down targets. Some characters have special kinds of guns.
    • Normal Gun: A normal pistol.
    • Rapid Fire Weapon: Can destroy gold Lego and shoot many targets at once.
    • Heavy Weapon: Can destroy silver Lego and one shot most enemies.
    • Marksman Gun: Can zoom in and shoot far away targets or moving targets.
  • Smart: Smart Characters can activate certain things. There are 2 kinds of smarts.
    • Book Smarts: Characters with a book can read Hieroglyphs and other puzzles.
    • Tech Smarts: Characters with Tech Smarts can hack Computers among other things.
  • Acrobatic: Acrobats or Acrobatic Characters can double jump and swing on poles.
  • Mechanic: Mechanics or characters with wrenches can fix objects or rip off doors with their wrench.
  • Super Strength: Super Strong characters can pull handles and punch down walls.
    • Bigfig Strength: A stronger version of Super Strength, allows bigfigs to pull bigger green handles and rip rocks from the ground.


Character Weapon/s Abillities Image
John McBlaze
  • Gun
  • Normal Gun
  • Mechanic
  • Book Smarts
Docs Randy
  • Gun
  • Rapid Fire Gun
  • Tech Smarts

Red Bricks:

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