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LEGO Super Mario is a video-game based off the sets.


The hub is Princess Peach's castle.

The character store

There you can acces Toadsworth's computer to:
  • View cutscenes from story mode
  • Buy characters and mini-games
  • Look at character profiles you've unlocked in story mode
  • Look at your progress (Story Mode)
  • View "Games", game cases you unlock in Story Mode that have a description of the Mario game they are based off

You can also go outside and into a Mushroom House to make custom characters. If you go outside you can also find a warp pipe that travels to each world, where you find each episode and play it.

The villain mode hub is Bowser's castle. More to be added...

World 1 - Mushroom Kingdom

Based off the game "Donkey Kong."

Big Bertha In Peach's Castle

Donkey Kong's gang of apes flood Peach's kingdom and unleash Big Bertha, who attacks the Princess and keeps her in her big mouth. Mario and Luigi gear up in they're scuba suits to find Peach, and catch up with Bertha after beating up other fish at the beach. Mario must attack Bertha witht he only weapon that works under water, a F.L.U.D.D. water blaster, that shoots waves at Bertha and makes her dizzy. Meanwhile, Luigi looks for a switch to start up the fans, blowing away the clouds blocking the sun, letting the sun burn like crazy and evaporate all the water.

  • Playable: Mario (Scuba Suit with F.L.U.D.D.), Luigi (Scuba Suit with no weapon)
  • Boss: Big Bertha
  • Unlockable Characters: Big Bertha, Angry Sun, Donkey Kong thug
  • Level Type: Chase, Boss, Swim

Big Bob-Omb Chase

The peaceful Bob-Ombs warn Mario and Luigi that King Big Bob-Omb joined sides with Donkey Kong and is attacking Toad Town with Bob-Ombs. Mario and Luigi then see Bob-Omb drive by in a huge Bob-Omb infested car. Mario and Luigi get into theyre "Mario Karts" and ride after Bob-Omb. On the way, hazards like passing Toads, oil slicks, banana peels, Koopa shells and the Bob-Ombs that King Big Bob-Omb is throwing at you get in your way.

  • Playable: Mario's Kart
  • Boss: Bob-Omb's Cruiser
  • Unlockable Characters: Black Bob-Omb, Peaceful Bob-Omb
  • Level Type: Vehicle

Bob-Omb Battlefield

Bob-Omb sets up traps in Toad Town to fool Mario and Luigi once they arrive at the Toad Town Museum of Toad History. Mario and Luigi battle Bob-Ombs and escape traps as they make it into the museums. Suddenly, they find themselves surrounded by Donkey Kong thugs and Living Statues.More to be added...

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