LEGO Super Mario Glitchy 4 - The Videogame follows the 4th season of SMG4's Bloopers.

There are also characters from the first 3 seasons.

To visit the channel go here Link

For the wiki Wiki Link


SMG4's blopers are not like any other Super Mario 64 blopers because it has crude lanquage and jokes.

The Story follows Super Mario Glitchy 4 and Mario on their Weird and crazy adventures.

The game has 36 Levels.Notice the level count will be changed when videos come out.


Chapter 1 - 2 Hands 1 Job

Chapter 2  - Mario and the Retarded Spaghetti Factory

Chapter 3 - Two Great Friends


Character Weapon/s Abillities Cost
Eyerok (Left Hand)
Eyerok (Right Hand)

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