Lego Superhero Force is the fourth fanon series of LEGO created and owned by BabaJiKiThulu.


In the universe(or a universe made entirely out of LEGO bricks) there are two sides:Good and Evil. One day a star fell out of space into earth. The star's energy caused a plasma radiation which gave a boy affected by the radiation powers. Ever since,events which give random people powers(some people were born with their started happening. The people either used their powers for good or evil. The good people joined to become the Superhero Force while the bad people became the Villians of Darkness.

List of main superhero teams

'Th'e Alpha Team - The Alpha Team are a group of with powers related to superhuman test effects and have a secret base in Canada. Some of them are Avalanche, Big Fist and Guardian.

Attackers - The Attackers consist of heroes who got their powers from events like superhuman test, energy radiation and weaponry building. Some of the heroes are the Arrow,Buck Gun,Metal Man,The Hammer,Ion,Orion,Trister,Torrent,Wave and Wrath

Fantastic Freaks - The Fantastic Freaks all got their powers from a cosmic radiation.They are Sir Stretch, Girl Power,Blaze,Lightning Boy,Metalon and Crawler.

Four Elements - The Four Elements are superheroes which have been trained in the art of kung fu and element mastery. They are the Chinese Dragon, Aqua Serpent, Iron Mole, Airway and Samurai.

Future Force - The Future Force are a team of superheroes from the the year 2023. They are Future Freak, Fly Guy,Power Prankster and Impossible Imp.

Mutants of Justice - The Mutants of Justice are a team of supermutants who were born with their powers. Some are Angel,Blurr,Blink,Crossfire,Getaway,Jack Frost,Neptune,Thunderer Psychic Shadow and Zapper

Alter-ego related hereos

Metal Legion - The Metal Legion(also known as the Marks) are not only a team of Metal Men,but are also Metal Men group of armor. They are Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3 and the Metal American Armor.

Team Trister - In one episode,Trister uses his powers to revive 5 suits. They are Armored Trister Suit, Righteous Rubber Man Suit, Black Trister Suit, Never Surrender Trister Suit and The Reverse Trister Suit

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