LEGO Superheroes: The Videogame is a video game set for release in 2012. It is based on LEGO Marvel superhero themes.


The main hub in the game is Stark tower. Iron Man seems to be the main character in the game. Like lego batman it has episodes, Episode 1 Dr. Doom's plot, Episode 2 Wrath of Magneto, and Episode 3 The Return of Dr. Doom. The story in episode 1 is that Dr. Doom plans to destroy all world governments so he can rule the Earth. The Avengers have to stop him. Episode 2's story is that Magneto plans to steal a bomb to wipe out non mutants so mutants will be the only existing beings and the avengers have to stop him. Episode 3's story is that Dr. Doom is back and wants revenge! The Avengers must re match but they also have to take down his goons!


Chapter 1 Cap vs Red Skull

Characters: Captain America and Bucky

Places: Road, Cave, Red Skull's HQ, Missile lab

Level Type: Boss

Boss: Red Skull (three hearts)

Chapter 2 Hulk's escape

Characters: Betty Ross and Hulk

Places: Building, Street, Highway, and Bridge

Level Type: Boss

Boss: Thunderbolt Ross (2 hearts)

Chapter 3 Avengers Assemble!

Characters: Iron Man and Hulk

Places: Desert, Bridge, Pyramid, Tomb,

Level Type: Puzzle

Chapter 4 Chasing Dr. Doom

Characters: Iron Man and Thor

Places: Stark tower, walkway, building, rooftops

Level Type: Boss

Boss: Dr. Doom (six hearts)

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