LEGO Superman is a video-game based off the theme and sets. Chapter 1: Zoned Out Zod features General Zod. Lethal Lex features Lex Luthor.Come To The Darksied! features Darksied. There is a villain mode, Smallville mode, and a villain hunt mode as bonus modes. This game, like LEGO Batman Begins, features scenes where characters talk and move, instead of comic parts. Also, characters talk ot each other during gameplay, like LEGO Batman Begins. It also introduces the feature where you can record boss-fights.


The hub is The Fortress of Solitude. Frm there, you can go into high-tech doors with portals in them. The portals lead to The Daily Planet, Metropolis, and Smallville. Daily Planet is where you meet non-hero or vilalin characters with Daily Planet access. Metropolis is where you meet "other" characters (example: Cop, Henchman, Security Guard), and in Smallville, you can access Smallville mode, and meet non-hero or villain characters who live in Smallville, like Martha Kent or Lana Lang. In The Fortress of Solitude, there is also a big black hole that leads to The Phantom Zone, where you can meet villain characters and access Brainiac's computer to purchase characters and mini-games, view Story Mode cinematics, and see boss battles you recorded. There is also a trap door that leads to LexCorp, where you can access Villain Mode and Villain Hunt Mode, and also meet Villain/Hero/Non-hero or villain characters with LexCorp access. You can access the chapters by walking through a grey door, and find all episodes.

Chapter 1 - Zoned Out Zod (Hero Mode)

Based off Superman II.

Fight In Space

The villains Ursa, Non, and General Zod escape The Phantom Zone and head towards Earth to wreak havoc and destroy Jor-El's son, as revenge for putting him in the Phantom Zone.More to be added...

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