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The game's plot is about the Justice League and Avengers working together to save the world.

chapter 1 getting an army

level 1

summary: bruce gets attacked at his house when a portal opens up and sends him into asgard.

characters: batman,alfred,thor.

level type: brawl,puzzle.

places: wayne manor,asgard.

level 2

summary: batman and thor go into the tower and help odin and the rest fight loki and the army.

characters: batman,thor,sif,hogan.

level type: brawl,boss.

boss: loki/5 hearts.

places: asgard tower.

level 3

summary: thor and batman tansport to earth and wake up in stark tower with tony rhodey and pepper there but aim invades.

characters; iron man,war machine,pepper,

level type: puzzle,brawl.

places: stark tower.

level 4

summary: tony bruce and thor go to the hellicarrier and must collect a army.

characters: iron man,thor,batman,banner,flash,arrow,aqua.

level type: puzzle brawl.

places: underwater aqua,gotham city flash and arrow,russia banner.

level 5

summary: the team need three more supers wonder woman superman and captain america go they get them but must wake them up while the engine breaks.

characters: iron man,thor,batman,hawkeye,green arrow.

level type: puzzle,boss.

boss: hulk/5 hearts.

places hellicarrier.

level 6

summary: the fisrt mission to save metropolis.

characters: avengers (iron man thor cap hulk), justice league (batman flash superman wonder aqua).

level type: puzzle,brawl,boss.

boss: thanos/5 hearts/zod/5 hearts.

places: big apple.

chapter 2 last man standing

level 7

summary: the hellicarrier is attacked by lex and magneto.

characters: batman,captain america,superman,thor.

level type: puzzle,brawl,boss.

places: hellicarrier.

boss: lex/1heart,magento/1heart.

level 8

summary: lex and magneto take over the ship and the dmc get seperated ans must find eacher to stop lex and neto.

characters: bruce,steve,arrow,hawkeye,tony,thor,wonder,

level type: puzzle,brawl.

places jungle,arctic.

level 9

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