The main hub is the hellicarior. There is a room were you unlock villains and a one for heroes. Also there is a room were you can unlock sheild agents and cvilians. There is also a room were you can make your own characters and levels. The last room is were you can buy extras, hints and red bricks(cosmic cubes). The hints you buy are shown on the screen by Pepper. By buying all the hints you get her. the roof of the hellicarior is were you can enter levels. Lastly the Bonus Levels are in the room were you start out in.

Level One: Avengers Asemble!

Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper

Adding: Bruce Banner, Thor(T-shirt), Cleint Barton, Steve Rogers.

Summery: Tony gathers a group of Super Heroes to goin the AVENGERS!



Characters: Tony, Thor, Steve

Summery: Find clues to find out what Thor is Saying about Loki.


Black Widow

Characters: Black Widow, Chair

Fight: Gaurds

Summery: Widow is captured and she needs to ecape.


Loki's Ecape

Characters: Thor, Hulk, Halkeye(Dazed)

Boss: Loki(5 hearts)

Summery: Loki has Ecaped the prison!


New York's Ashes

Characters: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Halkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, Nick Furry, Pepper

Boss: Loki(2 hearts)

Fight: Loki's Army

Summery: Loki is taking over New York.

Brawl, Boss

Loki's Defeat

Characters: Captain America, Hulk

Boss: Loki(8 hearts)

Summery: Defeat Loki Once and for all.


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