LEGO Tales of Waria is a Fanon Videogame created by LEGOCyborg12.This Game Follows 3 Stories:The Ruins of Traid,Voyage of Destiny and The Necromancer.

Play with more than 100 Characters as you march to defeat Korse the Necromancer.


If you Want to see the Theme:



Chapter 1 - The Ruins of Traid

A Long Time Ago in the Village of Traid lived a young Warrior bound to be King.But Before he could become Emperor Korse the Necromancer Attacked Traid leaving it in Ruin.King Henry went on a Voyage and hid in a cave waiting for the Necromancer to be Destroyed.

35 Years Later in Brooklock Mark got a call from King Fredrick for the meeting.Mark Was the Lead General of the Brooklock Army.King Fredrick sent Mark to explore the Ruins of Traid for Clues,but Mark Had to get a boat first and find a Captain.He Met on the Way hes Friend Goln.They Went into the Gabler Inn and met Captain Rod Nicks who will help Mark to get to Traid.On their Journey they entered Shamrock Passwere they met The Shamrock Pass Monster.They Threw bombs into its Mouth and the monster fleed.Meanwhile they end up on a Island where they see some Tribesmen.The Crew followed them but on the path there was a Monkey who waas really Mad that they entered hes zone.When They Defeated the Monkey they Met the Tiki Chief who was Hostile.While being chased through the Jungle they got on their Boats and Left the Island.

Mark and Goln thanked Rod and left.While in the Freezing Mountains of Traid they met an Guardian Called Old Berg who was Hostile of Course.Mark found a torch and made a giant Fire to Melt Berg.They Escaped the Mountains Unharmed.


The Ruins of Traid:

Chapter Playable Location/s Items Boss/es
  • King Henry
  • Traid Soldier 2x
  • Traid
  • Chain Armor
  • Flag Pole
  • Jester Hat
  • Korse The Necromancer
The Seas
  • Mark Headlick 
  • Goln Glenn 
  • Captain Rod Nicks
  • First Mate Zoid
  • Hahn Mork
  • Shamrock Pass
  • Bucket 
  • Spear
  • Bomb
  • The Shamrock Pass Monster
Barcooda Island
  • Mark (Crew)
  • Goln (Crew)
  • Captain Rod Nicks
  • First Mate Zoid
  • Hahn Mork
  • Barcooda Island
  • Bone Axe
  • Chief Mask
  • Banana
  • Monkey
  • Tiki Chief
Frozen Mountain
  • Mark Headlick (Crew)
  • Goln Glenn (Crew)
  • Traid Mountains
  • Pickaxe
  • Parachute
  • Sparkling Armor
  • Old Berg
Burned Forest
  • Mark Headlick (Crew)
  • Goln Glenn (Crew)
  • Rimmy
  • Traid's Valley
  • Gladiator Helmet
  • Scarf
  • Minifigure Trophy
  • Spider Queen
Ruins of Traid
  • Mark Headlick (Crew)
  • Goln Glenn (Crew)
  • Traid's Valley
  • Ladle
  • Broom
  • Viking Helmet
  • Rimmy (Shollow)

Voyage of Destiny:

Chapter Playable Location Items Boss/es
Isla De Kworta
  • Mark  (Captain)
  • Goln (Pirate)
  • Jony Jones
  • Hin Loocker
  • Protegosto
  • Isla De Kworta
  • Flail
  • Saxophone
  • Skull Helmet
  • Squilla
Deep Under the Island
  • Mark  (Captain)
  • Goln (Pirate)
  • Protegosto
  • Isla De Kworta
  • Conch Hat
  • Spiky-Pads
  • Crossbow
  • (NONE)
Domico Fortress
  • Mark  (Merchant Disquise)
  • Goln (Merchant Disquise)
  • Jony  (Merchant Disquise)
  • Hin  (Merchant Disquise)
  • Domico Pass
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Turtle Shell
  • Black Beard
  • Sir. Frank Troy
Island of Death
  • Mark  (Captain)
  • Goln (Pirate)
  • Jony Jones
  • Hin Loocker
  • Isla de Skull
  • Scout Hat
  • Moustache
  • Giant Bone
  • (NONE)
The Crystal Guardian
  • Mark  (Captain)
  • Goln (Pirate)
  • Jony Jones
  • Hin Loocker
  • Isla de Skull
  • Magic Wand
  • Ceremonial Staff
  • War Hammer
  • Crystal Guardian
Dead Man's Curse
  • Mark  (Captain)
  • Goln (Pirate)
  • Jony Jones
  • Hin Loocker
  • Isla de Skull
  • Flower Power
  • Hoplite Helmet
  • Cursed Sword
  • Dead Man

The Necromancer:

Chapter Playable Location Items Boss/es
  • Mark (Retired)
  • Roy Squesh
  • Dartonia Inn
  • Guitar
  • Beer Bottle
  • Chain
  • One Eye Dart
Journey Begins
  • Mark (Journey)
  • Goln (Farmer)
  • Sperky
  • Farm Fields
  • Scarecrow
  • Muddy Armor
  • Chicken Hat
Market Chase
  • Mark (Journey)
  • Goln (Chase)
  • Sperky
  • Market Square
  • Apple
  • 8-Bit Sword
  • Bandit Hood
  • Patch
  • Bandit Leader
The Cursed Path
  • Mark (Armor)
  • Goln (Armor)
  • Treey Ganted
  • Gansha Path
  • Flaming Shield
  • Lighting Staff
  • Stone Armor
  • Gansha Pit Beast
The Necromancer
  • Mark (Weary)
  • Goln (Armor)
  • Treey Ganted
  • Gansha Pit Tomb
  • Knight Helmet
  • Pumpkin Bomb
  • Skeleton Staff
  • Korse the Necromancer
  • Korse (Spirit)


Character Weapons Abillities Cost Image
King Henry
King Henry
Traid Soldier
Traid Soldier

Mark Headlick 

Goln Glenn 

Captain Rod Nicks
First Mate Zoid
Hahn Mork
Mark (Crew)
Goln (Crew)

Mark  (Captain)

Goln (Pirate)

Jony Jones

Hin Loocker


Mark  (Merchant Disquise)

Goln (Merchant Disquise)
Jony (Merchant Disquise)
Hin (Merchant Disquise)
Mark (Retired)
Roy Squesh
Mark (Journey)
Goln (Farmer)
Goln (Market)
Mark (Armor)
Goln (Armor)
Treey Ganted
Mark (Weary)
Traid Guard
Traid Guard
King Henry (Old)
Tiki Tribesman
Tiki Tribesman (Mask)
Tiki Chief
Old Berg (Minifigure)
Freeze Monster
Spider Queen
Remmy's Minion
Remmy (Shollow)
Imperial Soldier
Sir. Frank Troy
Crystal Guardian
Rock Monster
Skeleton Pirate
Skeleton Pirate (Bomb)
Skeleton Pirate (General)
Dead Man


Red Bricks:


Item Chapter Image
Chain Armor Prologue
Flag Pole Prologue
Jester Hat Prologue
Bucket The Seas
Spear The Seas
Bomb The Seas
Bone Axe Barcooda Island
Chief Mask Barcooda Island
Banana Barcooda Island
Pickaxe Frozen Mountain
Parachute Frozen Mountain
Sparkling Armor Frozen Mountain
Gladiator Helmet Burned Forest
Scarf Burned Forest
Minifigure Trophy Burned Forest
Ladle Ruins of Traid
Broom Ruins of Traid
Viking Helmet Ruins of Traid
Flail Isla De Kworta
Saxophone Isla De Kworta
Skull Helmet Isla De Kworta
Conch Hat Deep Under the Island
Spiky-Pads Deep Under the Island
Crossbow Deep Under the Island
Cowboy Hat Domico Fortress
Turtle Shell Domico Fortress
Black Beard Domico Fortress
Scout Hat Island of Death
Moustache Island of Death
Giant Bone Island of Death
Magic Wand The Crystal Guardian
Ceremonial Staff The Crystal Guardian
War Hammer The Crystal Guardian
Flower Power Dead Man's Curse
Hoplite Helmet Dead Man's Curse
Cursed Sword Dead Man's Curse


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