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LEGO The Goldvane Trilogy was a LEGO theme created in 2012 for the fan Pirates of the Caribbean story, The Goldvane Trilogy ( TGT ).

A video game is planned, depending on the success of the set line.

Line 1

Graveyard Scare ( 1 )

Young Richard Goldvane and young Edward Goldvane have just witnessed the death of their father, and the arrest of their mother! They flee royal british navy soldiers into the Port Royal graveyard, bit then they run into the legendary Headless pirate. Can they escape?

  • Pieces: 297

Set description

4 trees, 3 sets of gravestones, and 7 bushes.

  • Minifigures:
  1. Richard Goldvane ( young )
  2. Edward Goldvane ( young )
  3. Headless Pirate
  • Includes rabbit, shovel, buried skeleton, and small fire pieces ( For the Headless Pirate's voodoo ).

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Kingshead ( 2 )

A large archway door with many features. Long "L" Shape dock. Castle type structure.

  • Pieces: 974
  • Price: $100.00

Set description

Richard Goldvane and his first mate Stormwalker have been captured! Defeat the guards and escape on the boat!

  • Minifigures
  1. Richard Goldvane
  2. Stormwalker
  3. Billy Hullbatten
  4. Ian Ramjaw
  5. 1 EITC Soldier
  6. 3 Royal Navy Guards
  7. 1 Green Runner crewmember
  • Includes dinghy, hay stacks, and many more features!

The Green Runner ( 3 )

Coming soon

The Harkaway ( 4 )

Coming Soon

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