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LEGO The Goldvane Trilogy Book 2- The Video Game is an upcoming LEGO Video Game based off of the toy line with the same name. It only covers the second book in the Trilogy, and a sequel is planned, along with a prequel.



Defeat enemies and escape the island.

  • Playable characters: Richard Goldvane, Stormwalker.
  • Locations:
  1. Kingshead
  • Minikits:
  1. Below dock.
  2. Destroy all hay stacks.
  3. Defeat 15 guards.
  4. Right side of archway, behind boss.
  5. Behind rocks, requires black magic
  6. Use a character with black magic to build a latter when ontop of archway, then go to top of latter and jump.
  • Bosses And enemies
  1. Billy Hullbatten ( 2 sets of 5 hearts. Uses a sword )
  2. Ian Ramjaw ( 3 hearts, uses a sword )
  3. Unlimited spawning Navy Guards

The Harkaway Attacks!

  • Playable Characters:
  1. Richard Goldvane
  2. Stormwalker
  • Minikits:
  1. Defeat 6 skeletons
  2. Shoot Jolly Roger with a cannon
  3. Shoot The Harkaway with 3 different cannons
  4. Climb to top of mast
  5. Use a character with bombs to get into the captains cabin
  6. find all parrots
  • Main locations:
  1. The Green Runner,
  2. The Harkaway
  • Boss: Sammy T. Skull

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