LEGO The Heroes of Olympus is a video game based on the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. This page has been designed by user Hydracake8998 and is currently in progress.


The Lost Hero

 - The Grand Canyon

 - The New Kids

 - The Palace of Boreas

 - The Witch

 - Aeolus and Enceladus

 - The Battle at the Wolf House

The Son of Neptune

 - Welcome to Camp Jupiter

 - Frank's Quest

 - The Amazons

 - To Grandmother's House We Go

 - Freeing Thanatos

 - Camp Jupiter Under Attack

The Mark of Athena

 - The Argo II and the Eidolons

 - Heroes on the Run

 - The God in Topeka

 - Monster Aquarium

 - When Romans Attack

 - Giant's Bane

The House of Hades

Characters Unlocked by Playing:

Jason Grace

Piper McLean

Leo Valdez


Coach Hedge


Thalia Grace

Percy Jackson

Frank Zhang

Hazel Levisque

Nico di Angelo




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