LEGO Pirates
LEGO The Legend of Brickbeard 2: The High Seas
is a sequel to LEGO The Legend of Brickbeard: the video game. As with the previous video game, it features an original storyline by LEGO, and is not based upon any outside franchise.

This LEGO game is different to the previous in that it is a single storyline, with 18 levels, and an open world HUB. To move from one level to the next, a character will often have to find or purchase a ship to sail between islands, and a carriage or horse to travel on larger pieces of land. When a minikit is completed (by finding 5 treasure chests in each level), that ship or vehicle is unlocked. The story follows on immediately from the previous, with the pirates having captured and occupied the Imperial Fort, and finding a large stash of treasure; with the rest of the Imperials struggling to cope, following the loss of their leader, Imperial Admiral Bricker. The game features a total of 60 characters and 40 official vehicles.

The HUB: The High Seas

The game has an open-world plan with several different islands that can be visited, most of which have their own names and distinguishing features. Some feature in the story, whereas some are the home of characters who can be purchased. Villains must be battled and defeated before they can be purchased. The locations in the map include:

  • Imperial Island
    • Imperial Fortress
    • Imperial Shipyard
    • Imperial Barracks
  • Pirate Cove
    • Pirate Fortress
    • Hangman's Cave
  • Pedestrian Point
    • The Town
      • The Tavern
      • The Chapel
    • The Old Mine
    • The Treehouse
  • His Majesty's Private Retreat
    • Castle
      • Fortress
      • Courtyard
    • Small Barracks
    • Highwayman's Hideout
  • Castaway Cove
    • Haunted Mine
  • Shipwreck Stretch
    • 3x small islands with shipwrecks
  • Native Island
  • Nobleman's Rest
    • Admiral Bricker's Grave
  • Hangman's Point
    • Rum Store
    • Blackbuild's Grave
    • Secret entrance to Hangman's Cave
  • Miner's Island
  • Ghosts' Island
  • Kraken Ruin
    • Kraken Corpse
    • Imperial Flagship Wreckage
    • Davy Jones' Fortress
  • Skull's Head Island
    • Skeleton Fortress
    • Skeleton Shipyard
  • Separate Island
    • Separate Mansion
    • Separate Shipyard
  • Convict Island
  • Wooded Island
  • Known Treasure Islands
    • 3x small islands with emptied treasure chests
  • Atlantis Island
    • Whirlpool down to underwater island 
    • Atlantis Fortress
    • Upside-down waterfall back to surface

In each location is a Port, where ships and carriages can be summoned. These are only unlocked after Chapter 4. At each port are two rowing boats and two horses, which are free and can be used up until the larger ships and carriages become available. As with the LEGO Batman 2 video game, a Port must be unlocked before characters become available (but minor characters become purchasable by fighting large groups of them at any time during the game). Friendly characters become purchasable after a certain number of gold bricks are found. The port at Separate Island and Kraken Ruin only become available after Level 18.

The Story

Chapter 1: An Old Enemy

Location: Imperial Island - Imperial Fortress

Playable characters: Piecer the First Mate, Green-Hat Gunner, Captain Brickbeard

Overview: The pirates are enjoying life at the Imperial Fortress, until they discover a secret map hidden under Admiral Bricker's bed. Suddenly, the King's Men arrive at the Fortress to reclaim it in the name of His Majesty. In the attack, Captain Brickbeard becomes trapped. Piecer and the Gunner must make their way through the courtyard, fighting the King's Soldiers. They must find a way to free Captain Brickbeard. Then, Brickbeard and Piecer head to the King's chariot, where they encounter and fight Privateer Click. However, they then find that the Fortress has been reclaimed by Blocker, the Lieutenant they all fought was destroyed in their last battle! The pirates must fight Blocker, before fleeing to the Brickbeard's Bounty.

Enemies: King's Soldiers, King's Bodyguards

Boss(es): Privateer Click (5 hearts), Lieutenant Blocker (8 hearts)

Minikit: Imperial Carriage

Chapter 2: Seach for the Seas

Location: Imperial Island - Imperial Shipyard

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate, Piecer (Monkey), Red-Hat Rower, Green-Hat Gunner

Overview: Brickbeard and Piecer arrive at the Brickbeard's Bounty to find Naval Soliders have taken over the ship. They must defeat the soldiers before finding the Gunner's Gun, the Bomber's Bomb, and the Rower's Ore. Then, Piecer's monkey arrives, having stolen the map from the Imperial Fortress. Piecer, the monkey, and the Rower must rebuild the damaged parts of the ship and then climb the rigging to wake up the Little Crow's Nest Lookout. He identifies Pedestrian Point on the horizon. Then, Brickbeard and the Gunner must load the cannon and shoot Privateer Click's small boat, The Baby Blade.

Enemies: Naval Soldiers

Boss(es): None

Minikit: Privateer Click's Boat, The Baby Blade

Chapter 3: The Mysteries of the Map

Location: Pedestrian Point - The Town

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Soldier), Piecer (Soldier), Mr Sigfig

Overview: Brickbeard and Piecer arrive at Pedestrian Point to find Captain Billund, the only pirate wise enough to read the mysterious map. They see the town is crawling with soldiers so disguise themselves. They must find a way to get through the town to the Tavern, by helping the Imperial Soldiers. When they enter the Tavern, Billund thinks they are soldiers and flees. His pirates attack, but his First Mate-turned-secretary, Mr Sigfig, recognises them. Brickbeard and Sigfig must fight the pirates. Then, the Imperials arrive. They must fight Blocker before fleeing to Brickbeard's Bounty.

Enemies: Naval Soldiers, Billund's Pirates

Boss(es): Lieutenant Blocker (8 hearts)

Minikit: Billund's Armoured Carriage

Chapter 4: Race to the Rusty Cutlass

Location: Pirate Cove - Open Seas nearby

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate, Mr Sigfig, Red-Hat Rower, Green-Hat Gunner, Blue-Hat Bomber

Overview: Brickbeard's Bounty catches up with Billard's ship, The Rusty Cutlass. Captain Brickbeard must glide across using his parrot and extend a plank for Piecer and Sigfig to board. Captain Billund attacks them and they fight until Billund realises his mistake. Suddenly, Privateer Click's ship, the Imperial Gunship, catches up and shoots at The Rusty Cutlass, which collides with Pirate Cove. The Rower, Gunner and Bomber must find a way across the Cove and then save Brickbeard and Billund from the attacking soldiers. Billund then agrees to read the map, if Brickbeard will help him to get revenge on an old enemy of his.

Enemies: Naval Soldiers, Naval Gunners, King's Soldiers

Boss(es): Captain Billund (6 hearts)

Minikit: Sigfig's Boat, The Shiny Dagger

Chapter 5: Madness at the Mansion

Location: Separate Island - Separate Mansion

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Captain Billund

Overview: Brickbeard and Billund arrive at the mansion of wealthy ex-pirate, Lord B Separatus. They must find a way to climb up the side of the mansion and smash through the window into his counting chamber. Suddenly, they come under attack from Ghost Pirates. They must fight the ghost pirates then find a way through the house, fixing the Magic Crystals that keep the ghosts visible. Then, a Ghost is disguise attacks them. When they defeat the disguised spectre, they find out that it is actually the ghost of Admiral Bricker! He vanishes, and the mansion collapses, with the two pirates fleeing to their ships. Billund translates the map, and by coincidence, it leads the way to the Ghost Island.

Enemies: Ghost Pirates

Boss(es): Captain Bricker (Ghost) (10 hearts)

Minikit: Separatus' Yacht, The Luxury Looter

Chapter 6: Search for the Spectres

Location: Ghosts' Island

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Captain Billund, Brickbeard's Daughter, Blue-Hat Bomber, Mr Sigfig

Overview: Brickbeard's Bounty and The Rusty Cutlass arrive at Ghost Island. Brickbeard and Billund must find and rebuild the Magic Crystals so that the Fortress becomes visible. Then, they are instantly kidnapped by the Ghosts. Brickbeard's Daughter, the Blue-Hat Bomber, and Mr Sigfig must find a way into the Fortress, fighting the Ghost Pirates and then making their way to the dungeons. There, they find another map, leading to Bricker's grave. They must break Brickbeard and Billund out of the jail, then fight the Ghost Jailer and return to the ships.

Enemies: Ghost Pirates

Boss(es): Ghost Jailer (5 hearts)

Minikit: Ghost Carriage

Chapter 7: Noblemen Never Rest

Location: Nobleman's Rest

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer (Monkey), Red-Hat Rower, Green-Hat Gunner, Blue-Hat Bomber

Overview: Captain Billund decides to go to Skeleton Island to seek answers, Meanwhile, Captain Brickbeard travels to Nobleman's Rest, where Bricker was buried. Brickbeard and his crew must find a way across the island to Bricker's grave. Then, they must find items for the Natives living on the beach so that they will dig up the grave. Inside, they find Bricker's hat. Suddenly, the Ghost Ship attacks. They must flee back to Brickbeard's Bounty and then load the cannons, shooting at the Ghost Captain. When he is defeated, the Ghost Ship crashes and sinks.

Enemies: None

Boss(es): Ghost Captain (3 hearts)

Minikit: Ghost Ship, The Spooky Sailer

Chapter 8: The Skeletons' Secrets

Location: Skull's Head Island - Skeleton Shipyard

Playable characters: Captain Billund, Mr Sigfig, Brickbeard's Daughter, Captain Brickbeard

Overview: The Rusty Cutlass arrives at Skull's Head Island, where the Shipyard has been attacked by Imperials. Billund, Sigfig and Brickbeard's Daughter must help the Skeleton Workers to repair the Shipyard before they are taken to the Skeleton King. He explains that the Ghosts made an evil alliance with Admiral Bricker so that when he died, he would be resurrected when his skeleton, ghost, and hat were all in the same place, along with his enemy. Then, Brickbeard's Bounty arrives - and Brickbeard has brought Bricker's hat with him! The Ghosts arrive with Bricker's ghost, and the Skeletons reveal their treachery, bringing in his skeleton! Bricker comes back to life and orders his two armies to attack. Captain Brickbeard and Captain Billund must fight the ghosts, skeletons, and Bricker, before returning to their ships.

Enemies: Ghost Pirates, Skeleton Pirates

Boss(es): Admiral Bricker (10 hearts)

Minikit: Skeleton Fire Charriot

Chapter 9: The Union of Evil

Location: Pirate Cove - Open Waters nearby

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Brickbeard's Daughter, Piecer the First Mate

Overview: Piecer sends his monkey on a raft to find help, as Brickbeard's Bounty and The Rusty Cutlass are both attacked by ghosts and skeletons. Billund's ship is overpowered and about to walk the plank. Brickbeard and his daughter must free their own pirates so they can protect their ship. Then, along with Piecer, they must find a way to board The Rusty Cutlass and fight the Ghost Captain, then the Skeleton Captain. They free Captain Billund. Then, Sigfig reveals that he is actually working for Lord B Separatus! Then, a flying ship swoops down and takes them away!

Enemies: Ghost Pirates, Skeleton Pirates

Boss(es): Ghost Captain (5 hearts), Skeleton Captain (5 hearts)

Minikit: Skeleton Ship, The Creaky Cannon

Chapter 10: Plea of the Imperials

Location: Imperial Island - Open Waters nearby

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Soldier), Piecer (Soldier), Billund (Soldier), Lieutenant Blocker

Overview: Piecer's monkey returns with a message from Blocker - they need the pirates' help! The two ships arrive at the Imperial Fortress, and Brickbeard, Piecer and Billund must make their way through the barracks, saving the Naval Soldiers from the attacking ghosts and skeletons. Blocker arrives and informs them that Admiral Bricker has gone mad, blaming Blocker for his death! Reluctantly, Brickbeard lets Blocker join his crew. Then, Privateer Click arrives, shooting at the pirates. Brickbeard and Blocker must fight his soldiers and then Click, before finding a way to set fire to his ship.

Enemies: Ghost Pirates, Skeleton Pirates, King's Soldiers

Boss(es): Privateer Click (Redcoat) (8 hearts)

Minikit: Privateer Click's Ship, The Imperial Gunship

Chapter 11: Chase in the Skies

Location: Separate Island - Separate Shipyard

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Lieutenant Blocker

Overview: Brickbeard's Bounty travels to Separate Island, while The Rusty Cutlass goes to destroy the Ghost and Skeleton armies once and for all. At Separate Island, Brickbeard and Blocker must find a way into the Shipyard and then fight the guards. They then find one of the Flying Machines - a small Pirate Ship attached to a massive Hot Air Balloon! They take it to the skies and see Separatus in the distance. They must find a way to climb up the Flying Ship and then jump across onto the other one, fighting Admiral Bricker then destroying the balloon. The Flying Ship cratches onto Castaway Cove, while Brickbeard and Blocker land back in the Brickbeard's Bounty.

Enemies: Ghost Pirates, Skeleton Pirates

Boss(es): Admiral Bricker (8 hearts)

Minikit: Separatus' Flying Ship, The Sky Snatcher

Chapter 12: Return to the Grave

Location: Kraken Ruin

Playable characters: Captain Billund, Piecer (Monkey), Red-Cap Rower, Green-Hat Gunner, Blue-Hat Bomber

Overview: Captain Billund and Piecer decide to visit the one person who could have resurrected the Ghosts and Skeletons, Captain David Jones. They arrive at Kraken Ruin and must find a way to climb over the dead Kraken, and then to break through the wreckage of The Imperial Flagship, while fighting Jones' Zombie Soldiers. When they arrive at Jones' Fortress, he resurrects Captain Blackbuild, who is battled and defeated. Jones then fights Captain Billund and Piecer. When he is defeated, he tells them where to find the Ultimate Crystal keeping the Ghosts alive...

Enemies: Zombie Soldiers

Boss(es): Captain Blackbuild (8 hearts), Captain David Jones (12 hearts)

Minikit: Admiral Bricker's Lost Ship, The Imperial Flagship

Chapter 13: The Ultimate Crystal

Location: Castaway Cove

Playable characters: Captain Brickbuild, Piecer (Monkey), Lieutenant Blocker, Red-Cap Rower, Green-Hat Gunner, Blue-Cap Bomber

Overview: Brickbeard's Bounty and The Rusty Cutlass regroup and chase Admiral Bricker to Castaway Cove, where Bricker and Mr Sigfig are hiding in the Haunted Mine. Brickbuild, Piecer, Blocker, and the crew must find a way up the beach and across to the Haunted Mine. Inside, they must follow Bricker and Sigfig through the mine, while fighting the Miner Ghosts who attack them. Inside, they then find the Ultimate Crystal, guarded by the Ghost Captain himself. Brickbuild and Blocker must fight the Ghost King and then find crates of dynamite to destroy the Ultimate Crystal.

Enemies: Ghost Miners

Boss(es): Ghost Captain (8 hearts)

Minikit: Ghost Mine Cart

Chapter 14: The Skeleton Jewel

Location: Miner's Island

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Lieutenant Blocker

Overview: Billund suggests that the Jewel keeping the Skeletons alive might be in the other mine, on Miner's Island. The two ships arrive and are attacked by the Imperial Soldiers who control the mine, led by Officer Setworthy. Brickbeard and Blocker fight the soldiers before appealing to Setworthy for help. He shows them the Jewel and Brickbeard and Blocker must find a way to destroy it. Then, Setworthy betrays them, sealing up the mine. They must find another way out and then fight Setworthy, who escapes aboard his ship, Lady Grey's Executioner.

Enemies: Naval Soldiers, Naval Gunners

Boss(es): Officer Setworthy (8 hearts)

Minikit: Officer Setworthy's Ship, Lady Grey's Executioner

Chapter 15: Call to the King

Location: His Majesty's Private Retreat - Castle - Courtyard

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Soldier), Brickbeard's Daughter (Soldier), Billund (Soldier), Lieutenant Blocker, The King (Redcoat)

Overview: Having destroyed the Ghosts and Skeletons, Blocker suggests they appeal to the King for help defeating Bricker and Separatus. Brickbeard, his daughter, Billund and Blocker arrive at the castle and must find the items for the King's bodyguards so that they will let them enter the fortress. Inside, they are recognised by Privateer Click, who attacks them. They must fight Click and then appeal to the King. He decides he will help them. Blocker and the King must then repair the King's Chariot and defeat the attacking highwaymen, before travelling to the shipyard.

Enemies: Highwaymen

Boss(es): Privateer Click (8 hearts)

Minikit: The King's Private Chariot

Chapter 16: Separatus' Secret Weapon

Location: His Majesty's Private Retreat - Shipyard

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Soldier), Lieutenant Blocker, The King (Redcoat), Privateer Click, King's Bodyguard

Overview: Arriving at the King's shipyard, Brickbeard and his friends watch as Admiral Bricker arrives in a small rowing boat. Suddenly, a massive pirate ship rises from the water; the rowing boat is attached to the top of the mast. Then, the pirate ship rises up, attached to the top of the mast of another gargantuan ship! Separatus' ship, The Triple-Brick Separator, opens fire, destroying the shipyard before sailing away. Brickbeard and Blocker must repair the King's ship while fighting the Highwaymen. Then, the King, Privateer Click, and the King's Bodyguard must board the ship and load the cannons, firing upon The Triple-Brick Separator to destroy their cannons. Then, the King and Click must fight Admiral Bricker, who ultimately wins, throwing the two of them overboard.

Enemies: Highwaymen

Boss(es): Admiral Bricker (12 hearts)

Minikit: The King's Ship, The Rampaging Royal

Chapter 17: Fight between Four Armies

Location: Hangman's Point - Open Waters nearby

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer (Monkey), Brickbeard's Daughter, Captain Billard, Red-Hat Rower, Green-Hat Gunner, Blue-Hat Bomber, Lieutenant Blocker, Captain Billund

Overview: Brickbeard's Bounty and The Rusty Cutlass arrive at Hangman's Point, where The Triple-Brick Separator waiting. Then, Officer Setworthy arrives in his ship, Lady Grey's Executioner, determined to defeat both armies. Brickbeard, his daughter, and Piecer must board Setworthy's ship and destroy the cannons and wheel, before fighting and defeating Officer Setworthy. Then, back aboard Brickbeard's Bounty, Brickbeard and his crew must load the cannons and shoot at the different masts of The Triple-Brick Separator, so that each of the ships topples onto the one below it, causing the ship to capsize. Then, David Jones arrives with his army of zombies, and newly resurrected ghosts and skeletons. Piecer, Blocker and the crew must might Jones and his army. Meanwhile, Brickbeard and Billund board the remains of The Three-Piece Separator and fight and defeat Mr Sigfig, while Admiral Bricker escapes.

Enemies: Naval Soldiers, Naval Gunners, Zombie Pirates, Ghost Pirates, Skeleton Pirates

Boss(es): Officer Setworthy (8 hearts), Captain David Jones (12 hearts)

Minikit: Separatus' ship, The Three-Brick Separator

Chapter 18: The Fiends' Final

Location: Hangman's Point - Blackbuild's Grave

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Captain Billund, Brickbeard (Soldier), Piecer (Soldier)

Overview: Brickbeard and Billund follow Bricker to Blackbuild's grave, where he reveals that he used to be Lord B Separator, the infamous pirate. His two greatest enemies were Brickbeard and Billund, so he needed them both there when he was brought back to life! The two pirates must fight him, but every time he loses a heart, a wave of evil enemies attacks them. When they defeat Bricker, he swims to David Jones for help. Jones feels that he has been betrayed because Bricker did not tell him that he was Separator, so he drags Bricker down to the Locker with him. Brickbeard and Piecer are called to the Imperial Fortress to be knighted and made Privateers, by the King and Blocker. However, they decide against this life, and fight Blocker, the King, and the Imperial soldiers, before escaping - stealing the King's new solid gold ship!

Enemies: Skeleton Pirates, Ghost Pirates, Zombie Pirates, Naval Soldiers, Naval Gunners, King's Bodyguards, King's Soldiers

Boss(es): Admiral Bricker (6 hearts), Lieutenant Blocker (8 hearts), The King of England (10 hearts)

Minikit: [The King] Captain Brickbeard's Solid Gold Ship, The Glittering Glory

Bonus Game: The Call of Atlantis

Location: Atlantis - Fortress

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Young), Piecer (Young), Brickbeard's Daughter (Young), Admiral Bricker (Young), Lieutenant Blocker (Young)

Overview: Having just become pirates, young Brickbeard and his daughter are summoned to Atlantis, where he meets fellow pirate Piecer, and the Imperial Soldiers, Bricker and Blocker. They all become good friends in the mysterious city. Then, the immortal Atlantian King tells them to find 1,000,000 studs around the city, so that he can build a machine to make Atlantis rise again. He promises them all the Atlantian power of immortality. The five must work together to find the studs, by smashing up old parts of the city and also saving Atlantis Pirates from Ghosts and Skeletons. When they have the 1,000,000 studs, however, Piecer suggests to Brickbeard and his daughter that they simply run away and steal the money. They do, and the Atlantian King vows revenge, while also refusing to grant Bricker and Blocker immortality. They both vow revenge on the pirates, declaring that they will be destroyed because of what they did!

Enemies: None

Boss(es): None

Minikit: Atlantian Carriage and Underwater Ship, The Jolly Jellyfish


Pirates and Allies

Captain Brickbeard

  • Captain Brickbeard - unlocked after Chapter 1
  • Brickbeard (Soldier) - unlocked after Chapter 3
  • Brickbeard (Young) - unlocked after Bonus Game

Piecer the First Mate

  • Piecer the First Mate - unlocked after Chapter 1
  • Piecer (Monkey) - unlocked after Chapter 2
  • Piecer (Soldier) - unlocked after Chapter 3
  • Piecer (Young) - unlocked after Bonus Game

Brickbeard's Daughter

  • Brickbeard's Daughter - unlocked after Chapter 6
  • Brickbeard's Daughter (Soldier) - unlocked after Chapter 15
  • Brickbeard's Daughter (Young) - unlocked after Bonus Game

Captain Billund

  • Captain Billund - unlocked after Chapter 5
  • Billund (Soldier) - unlocked after Chapter 15


  • Green-Hat Gunner - unlocked after Chapter 1
  • Red-Hat Rower - unlocked after Chapter 2
  • Blue-Hat Bomber - unlocked after Chapter 4
  • Little Crow's Nest Lookout - purchasable after 25 Gold Bricks - Pirate Cove - Pirate Fortress - $35,000
  • Pirate Chef - purchasable after 50 Gold Bricks - Pirate Cove - Hangman's Cave - $135,000
  • Native - purchasable after 75 Gold Bricks - Native Island - $135,000
  • Native Chief - purchasable after 100 Gold Bricks - Nobleman's Rest - $150,000
  • Tavern Owner - purchasable after 125 Gold Bricks - Pedestrian Point - The Town - The Tavern - $175,000
  • Billund's Pirate - purchasable after 150 Gold Bricks - Pedestrian Point - The Old Mine - $150,000
  • Billund (Young) - purchasable after 175 Gold Bricks - Hangman's Point - Rum Store - $500,000
  • Brickbeard (Young) - purchasable after 200 Gold Bricks - Known Treasure Island 1 - $750,000
  • Monkey - purchasable after 225 Gold Bricks - Pedestrian Point - The Treehouse - $1,000,000
  • Atlantian Pirate - purchasable after 250 Gold Bricks - Atlantis Island - Fortress - $10,000,000

Imperials and Allies

Lieutenant Blocker

  • Lieutenant Blocker - unlocked after Chapter 10
  • Lieutenant Blocker (Redcoat) - purchasable after fight - Imperial Island - $500,000
  • Lieutenant Blocker (Young) - unlocked after Bonus Game

The King of England

  • The King of England - purchasable after fight - King's Private Retreat - $5,000,000
  • The King (Redcoat) - unlocked after Chapter 15

Privateer Click

  • Privateer Click - unlocked after Chapter 16
  • Privateer Click (Redcoat) - purchasable after fight - Known Treasure Islands - $1,000,000

Officer Setworthy

  • Officer Setworthy - purchasable after fight - Miner's Island - $800,000
  • Officer Setworthy (Redcoat) - purchasable after fight - Castaway Cove - $1,000,000


  • King's Bodyguard - unlocked after Chapter 16
  • King's Soldier - purchasable after Brawl - $50,000
  • Naval Soldier - purchasable after Brawl - $50,000
  • Naval Gunner - purchasable after Brawl - $50,000
  • Pedestrian - purchasable after Brawl - $50,000
  • Bricker's Daughter 1 - purchasable after fight - Pedestrian Point - $80,000
  • Bricker's Daughter 2 - purchasable after fight - Nobleman's Rest - $80,000
  • Bricker's Wife - purchasable after fight - Wooded Island - $50,000


Admiral Bricker

  • Admiral Bricker - unlocked after Chapter 18
  • Admiral Bricker (Ghost) - purchasable after fight - Separate Island - $5,000,000
  • Admiral Bricker (Young) - unlocked after Bonus Game


  • Captain David Jones - purchasable after fight - Kraken Ruin - $5,000,000
  • Mr Sigfig - unlocked after Chapter 3
  • Captain Blackbuild - purchasable after fight - Hangman's Point - $5,000,000
  • Ghost Pirate - purchasable after brawl - $100,000
  • Ghost Miner - purchasable after brawl - $125,000
  • Ghost Jailer -  purchasable after fight - Shipwreck Stretch - $250,000
  • Ghost Captain - purchasable after fight - Ghost Island - $500,000
  • Skeleton Pirate - purchasable after brawl - $100,000
  • Skeleton Jailer - purchasable after fight - Pirate's Cove - $250,000
  • Skeleton Captain - purchasable after fight - Skull's Head Island - $500,000
  • Zombie Pirate - purchasable after brawl - $125,000
  • Zombie Captain - purchasable after fight - Convict Island - $250,000
  • Highwayman - purchasable after brawl - $100,000
  • Cannibal King - purchasable after fight - Native Island - $50,000
  • Atlantian King - purchasable after fight - Atlantis Island - $15,000,000



  • Rowing Boat - available from beginning - 2 are present at every port
  • Horse - available from beginning - 2 are present at every port


  • Brickbeard's ship, Brickbeard's Bounty
  • Billund's ship, The Rusty Cutlass


  • Imperial Carriage
  • Privateer Click's Boat, The Baby Blade
  • Billund's Armoured Carriage
  • Sigfig's Boat, The Shiny Dagger
  • Separatus' Yacht, The Luxury Looter
  • Ghost Carriage
  • Ghost Ship, The Spooky Sailer
  • Skeleton Fire Charriot
  • Skeleton Ship, The Creaky Cannon
  • Privateer Click's Ship, The Imperial Gunship
  • Separatus' Flying Ship, The Sky Snatcher
  • Admiral Bricker's Lost Ship, The Imperial Flagship
  • Ghost Mine Cart
  • Officer Setworthy's Ship, Lady Grey's Executioner
  • The King's Private Chariot
  • The King's Ship, The Rampaging Royal
  • Separatus' Ship, The Three-Brick Separator
  • [The King] Captain Brickbeard's Solid Gold Ship, The Glittering Glory
  • Atlantian Carriage and Underwater Ship, The Jolly Jellyfish


  • Armed Pirate Rowing Boat - Pirate Cove - $100,000
  • Armed Imperial Rowing Boat - Imperial Island - $100,000
  • Armed Imperial Carriage - Imperial Island - $80,000
  • Public Carriage - Pedestrian Point - $50,000
  • Merchant Ship, The Lumberer - Pedestrian Point - $800,000
  • Highwayman's Horse - King's Private Retreat - $50,000
  • Raft - Castaway Cove - $20,000
  • Shipwreck - Shipwreck Stretch - $800,000
  • Native Raft - Native Island - $50,000
  • Hearse Carriage - Nobleman's Rest - $50,000
  • Witchsmeller's Yacht, The Hag Hunter - Hangman's Point - $1,000,000
  • Blackbuild's Ship, The Destroyer - Hangman's Point - $1,500,000
  • Kraken - Kraken Ruin - $2,000,000
  • Zombie Ship, The Risen Rover - Kraken Ruin - $1,000,000
  • Hot-Air Balloon - Separate Island - $5,000,000
  • Prison Ship, The Imperial Prisonship - Convict Island - $1,000,000
  • Woodcutting Carriage - Wooded Island - $450,000
  • Alien Spaceship - Atlantis - $10,000,000

Coming soon: LEGO The Legend of Brickbeard, Atlantis will be 3...

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