LEGO Pirates
LEGO The Legend of Brickbeard, Atlantis will be 3
 is a video game based on the Pirates theme, and is a sequel to LEGO The Legend of Brickbeard and LEGO The Legend of Brickbeard, 2 The High Seas. It follows on from the latter's bonus game, which introduces another LEGO theme, Atlantis, to the Pirates storyline. This video game features 4 distinctly different storylines, with one shared story arc; the return of Atlantis...

HUB: The Five Ships

The HUB of the game consists of the decks of five different ships, one for each level and then a master ship connecting them. The master ship is the Brickbeard's Bounty, where cutscenes can be viewed in the Crow's Nest, extras can be purchased in the hold, and minikits can be viewed in Brickbeard's cabin (built by finding 10 treasure chests in each level). There are also four large cannons, which shoot a person onto one of the other four ships. The chapters and purchasable characters for each level are located on the corresponding ship. The Level 1 ship is Billund's The Rusty Cutlass; Level 2 is the King's The Rampaging Royal; Level 3 is the Witchsmeller's The Hag Hunter; and Level 4 is Captain Ace Speedman's Atlantis Exploration HQ. Main antagonists from all four levels, as those from Atlantis, become available on Brickbeard's Bounty itself.

Level 1

Stealing the orange Crab Key of Atlantis, Brickbeard is suddenly summoned by the Golden King, who already possesses the blue Squid Key. He sends Brickbeard to find the red Shark Key, which is the possession of Brickbeard's old friend, Billund. With two pirates turned against each other, can Brickbeard get back the key before the Golden King destroys Brickbeard's Bounty?

Chapter 1: A Distressing Discovery

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate, Smashy the Monkey

Overview: Officer Setworthy moves into the Imperial Fortress with plans for a new armada, so Captain Brickbeard decides to steal his fortune. Brickbeard, his First Mate Piecer, and the ship's monkey Smashy, must find a way up the Imperial Watchtower, fighting and defeating Lieutenant Blocker. They must then build and fire a cannon to blast a hole in the side of the treasury, battling the Imperial Guards as they attack. They steal the treasure chests and return them to the ship, where Brickbeard uncovers a mysterious glowing orange item with a Crab on it. Suddenly, Brickbeard's Bounty is transported to Atlantis, where they are surrounding by Manta Warriors...

Enemies: Imperial Guards

Boss(es): Lieutenant Blocker (4 hearts)

Minikit: Imperial Watchtower

Chapter 2: Malice in Atlantis

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate, Green-Hat Gunner, Manta Warrior

Overview: A Manta Warrior insists that Brickbeard and Piecer help him clear a way to the Atlantis Citadel, and they must work together to find a path. At the Citadel, the Golden King takes the Crab Key and explains that he is collecting the keys that will make Atlantis rise again, already having the Squid Key. He demands Brickbeard find the Shark Key. Brickbeard refuses, and along with a Gunner, must fight Manta Warriors as he returns to the Brickbeard's Bounty. At the ship, they find the Manta leader, and must find a way to defeat him. Then, the Golden King arrives, and threatens to destroy the ship unless Brickbeard complies, informing him that the Shark Key is on The Rusty Cutlass...

Enemies: Manta Warriors

Boss(es): Manta Warrior (Trident)

Minikit: Giant Scorpion

Chapter 3: The Fight between Friends

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Red-Hat Rower, Captain Billund, Piecer the First Mate, Smashy the Monkey

Overview: Arriving at Hangman's Point by rowing boat, Brickbeard and the Rower must find a way through the overgrown forest to the Imperial Lookout, and fight the Imperial Soldiers keeping Billund prisoner. Along with Billund, they must then find a way to defeat Lieutenant Blocker, who is using his new portable, handheld cannon! Once Blocker is defeated, they must find a way across Hangman's Point to Billund's Shack. While Billund is distracted, Brickbeard searches for the Key. Billund catches him in the act, but before he attacks, Piecer and Smashy arrive! The three of them fight Billund, defeating him and tying him up while they head to the Rusty Cutlass.

Enemies: Imperial Guards

Boss(es): Lieutenant Blocker (Cannon) (5 hearts), Captain Billund (8 hearts)

Minikit: Billund's Shack

Chapter 4: The Curious Case of the Cutlass

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate

Overview: Brickbeard and Piecer arrive at the Rusty Cutlass and hide below deck as the crew prepare to leave. They must find a way through the ship, finding and opening the five treasure chests. When they cannot find the key, they go above deck and must fight their way to the Captain's Cabin, where they find Lieutenant Blocker! They are suddenly ambushed by Imperial Guards, and must fight Blocker and the Imperials. They are quickly defeated and tied to the mast. Billund arrives and is paid by Blocker for tipping him off, but then the Imperials attack him and tie him up too. The ship sets sail towards the Fortress, while Smashy the Monkey heads back to Brickbeard's Bounty...

Enemies: Billund Gunners, Billund Bombers, Imperial Guards

Boss(es): Lieutenant Blocker (Cannon) (5 hearts)

Minikit: Imperial Cannon

Chapter 5: A Rotten Rescue

Playable characters: Brickbeard's Daughter, Red-Hat Rower, Blue-Hat Bomber, Smashy the Monkey, Green-Hat Gunner

Overview: Smashy the Monkey leads Brickbeard's Daughter to the Imperial Fortress, where she sees them preparing to execute her father and comes up with a plan. With the Rower and Bomber, she must set fire to the Imperial ships, to distract the guards. Smashy and the Gunner must then fight their way into the kitchens and find the barrels of rotten tomatoes. They return to the courtyard where Brickbeard is about to be executed, and they must all work together to find the pieces to build a catapult. They then fire the rotten tomatoes into the ocean. Mistaking it for blood, an army of Atlantian Shark Warriors arrive, attacking the Imperials and allowing Brickbeard and the others to escape...

Enemies: Imperial Guards, Imperial Cooks

Boss(es): None

Minikit: Catapult

Chapter 6: The Secret of the Shark Key

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Prisoner), Piecer (Prisoner), Brickbeard's Daughter

Overview: Shark Warriors run riot around the Imperial Fortress. Brickbeard, his daughter, and Piecer must find find and light barrels of dynamite to scare away the warriors so they can return to their ship. When they reach the Brickbeard's Bounty, they find the crew under attack by Imperials and Shark Warriors, and must save the Rower, Gunner, Bomber, Crow's Nest Lookout and Chef. Blocker arrives, and Brickbeard and Piecer must fight him until he reveals he is holding Billund hostage, demanding the return of his wealth. Brickbeard complies to save his friend, and as a gift of thanks, Billund gives him the shark key, hidden in his hat all along! The Shark Warriors return the key to Atlantis and everyone flees. Blocker piles the money into the treasury, before suddenly noticing that inside the mountain of gold is lots, and lots, and lots of dynamite...

Enemies: Imperial Guards, Shark Warriors

Boss(es): Lieutenant Blocker (10 hearts)

Minikit: Shark

Level 2

The Golden King employs Brickbeard again, forcing him to find the yellow Turtle Key in the Imperial Fortress. Brickbeard boards the King's ship and arrives in Antigua, where the King of England is giving the key to the owner of a Sugar Plantation, as part of a payment for some of the slaves. Can Brickbeard, now working with anti-slavetrade Privateer Click, really steal the King's gold, destroy the plantation, defeat the Slave Trader and steal the Key...?

Chapter 1: The Holidays are Over

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Holiday), Piecer (Holiday), Brickbeard's Daughter (Holiday), Privateer Click

Overview: Brickbeard and the crew are on holiday in Spain when they are transported to Atlantis once again, and the Golden King sends them to fetch the Turtle Key from the Imperial Fortress. They must find a way to enter the Fortress from the sewers, where they must fight a crocodile. Briclbeard then goes to Officer Setworthy's quarters while Piecer and Brickbeard's Daughter go to the treasury, where they must fight guards and Privateer Click before fleeing. From Setworthy's room, Brickbeard sees guards loading a ship, and the Turtle Key is there too! Click arrives and sees the ship leaving without him, and they must work together to find a way across the roof to board the ship before it leaves...

Enemies: Imperial Guards

Boss(es): Crocodile (3 hearts), Privateer Click (6 hearts)

Minikit: Crocodile

Chapter 2: Battle with the Bounty

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Holiday), Privateer Click, Brickbeard (Soldier)

Overview: Aboard the King's ship, Click hides Brickbeard below the deck and forces him to explain about the Turtle Key. Click then reveals that the King is giving the key to the owner of a slave plantation, and that he does not support the King's actions. They agree to work together to stop the King from buying the plantation, then must work together to find a uniform for Brickbeard. The two of them must then help the Naval Soldiers to raise the sails and then repair the cannons. Suddenly, Brickbeard's Bounty attacks, and to avoid being revealed, Brickbeard must help Click to shoot at his crew and knock the Lookout from the Crow's Nest! The ship then continues to Antigua, arriving at the plantation...

Enemies: Red-Hat Rowers, Green-Hat Gunners, Blue-Hat Bombers

Boss(es): Little Crow's Nest Lookout (3 hearts)

Minikit: Map of Antigua

Chapter 3: The Problem with Pirates

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Soldier), Privateer Click, The King of England, Shifty Bricky

Overview: The King's wealth is taken to a safe location, while the King leads Privateer Click and the others to the plantation to meet Shifty Bricky, the slave trader. They must help Shifty Bricky to make repairs to a recently damaged piece of machinery at the mill. Then, the Brickbeard's Bounty arrives in Antigua and Piecer leads an attack on the barn! Brickbeard, Click and Shifty Bricky must protect the King from the pirates, and then Brickbeard and Click must build a trap for Piecer so they can reveal Brickbeard's identity and stop the attack. Suddenly, Piecer and the pirates are caught by Shifty Bricky's Bodyguards and sent to work in the plantation!

Enemies: Red-Hat Rowers, Green-Hat Gunners, Blue-Hat Bombers

Boss(es): Piecer the First Mate (3 hearts)

Minikit: Mill

Chapter 4: Atlantians in Antigua

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Antigua), Privateer Click (Antigua), Shifty Bricky

Overview: A few weeks after arriving in Antigua, Click thinks he knows where the King's money is being kept; in one of the old waterways leading to the ocean. They must find a way to break open the hatch and then sneak through the waterway. Suddenly they are ambushed by Atlantian Hammerhead Warriors, sent by the Golden King, who thinks Brickbeard is in Antigua trying to hide from him. They must fight the Hammerhead Warriors, then flee to the mill, where they must find a way to light a warning beacon on the top floor to wake up the plantation. Shifty Bricky arrives and they must work together to build three barricades on the coast, then fight the armed Hammerhead Warrior.

Enemies: Hammerhead Warriors

Boss(es): Hammerhead Warrior (Trident)

Minikit: Hammerhead Shark

Chapter 5: The War against the Water

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Antigua), Privateer Click (Antigua), Shifty Bricky, Piecer (Antigua)

Overview: As Shark Warriors and Manta Warriors join the war, Brickbeard, Privateer Click and Shifty Bricky realise that they can use the sugar from the plantation to sweeten the water and confuse the Atlantians. Fighting the creatures, they must find a way to push the three carts of sugar down the hill and onto the beach. As the Imperials gain the upper hand, Brickbeard and Click slip away to free the slaves. They must find explosives to destroy the lock on the barn, and then, along with Piecer, fight Shifty Bricky's Bodyguards when they attack. Then, Bricky himself attacks, knocking Brickbeard unconscious. Click and Piecer must fight him before taking Brickbeard to the mill...

Enemies: Hammerhead Warriors, Shark Warriors, Manta Warriors, Bricky's Bodyguards

Boss(es): Shifty Bricky (10 hearts)

Minikit: Sugar Cart

Chapter 6: Plantation Devastation

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Antigua), Piecer (Antigua), Smashy the Monkey

Overview: As Click flees to protect the King, Smashy arrives with some dynamite. He points out that the slaves have covered the plantation in dynamite before stealing Bricky's ship! The three of them must work together to destroy the support beams of the mill, then flee to the waterway, fighting the Atlantian monsters as they find a way to move the treasure chest to the Brickbeard's Bounty. Once aboard the pirate ship and about to leave, Shifty Bricky and his men suddenly attack. Brickbeard and Piecer must fight Bricky, throwing him against a cannon that he accidentally causes to fire. It hits the mill and causes it to topple, the warning beacon lighting the explosives and destroying the plantation! As the King flees, Bricky is left alone on a burning island, without a ship, as Brickbeard returns the Key to Atlantis and then heads off on holiday, to Privateer Click's house in the country...

Enemies: Hammerhead Warriors, Shark Warriors, Manta Warriors, Bricky's Bodyguards

Boss(es): Shifty Bricky (12 hearts)

Minikit: Shifty Bricky's Ship

Level 3

A witchsmeller arrives, who, by chance, has the green Manta Ray fish. Brickbeard steals it but refuses to return it to the Golden King, throwing all the keys into a whirlpool. The Golden King curses him, making him age to an old man and ordering his armies after the pirate. Piecer must find an elderly witch to reverse the spell before the witchsmeller attacks - can his plan succeed...?

Chapter 1: The Magical Escape

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Brickbeard's Daughter, Innkeeper

Overview: When Lieutenant Blocker moves into the Tavern at Pedestrian Point for a short time, Brickbeard, his daughter, and the retired Pirate Innkeeper decide to steal his money to pay for repairs to the Brickbeard's Bounty. They must find a way to break into Blocker's room and fight him, before stealing the treasure chest. The Innkeeper suggests using the beer-loading hatch to escape. They flee to the Tavern basement where they must fight the Imperials and then position the treasure chest in the right place. When they use the hatch out to the street, however, the pedestrians think they have appeared out of nowhere, and decide to call for a witchsmeller...!

Enemies: Imperial Guards

Boss(es): Lieutenant Blocker (5 hearts)

Minikit: The Tavern

Chapter 2: The Wicked Witchsmeller

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Brickbeard's Daughter, Piecer the First Mate, Red-Hat Rower, Green-Hat Gunner, Blue-Hat Bomber

Overview: The witchsmeller arrives in town and instantly begins to accuse people of witchcraft. Brickbeard and his daughter decide to destroy his ship. The must board the Hag Snagger and destroy the mast, the cannon and the wheel, while fighting the Imperial Guards protecting the ship. Then, they head into the witchsmeller's cabin, where they find the Manta Ray Atlantis Key! They suddenly arrive in Atlantis, where the Golden King demands the final key. Brickbeard refuses, and along with the rest of the crew, must fight the Golden King and then find the five keys and load them into cannons, firing them into the distance. The Golden King vows revenge as the pirates flee...

Enemies: Imperial Guards

Boss(es): The Golden King (8 hearts)

Minikit: Witchsmeller's Carriage

Chapter 3: Going Grey in the Fray

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Brickbeard's Daughter, Innkeeper, Brickbeard (Old)

Overview: Returning to the Brickbeard's Bounty, Brickbeard and his daughter meet the Innkeeper, whose daughter has been accused of witchcraft! Brickbeard decides they should save everyone, and they arrive at the prison. They must find a way to break open the five jail cells to release the accused witches. In the first four cells, they find nobody; in the fifth cell, though, they find a Barracuda Warrior, who blows up the Innkeeper and curses Brickbeard, who suddenly ages to an old man. Brickbeard and his daughter must fight the Warrior before fighting their way out of the prison, as more Atlantian and Imperials arrive.

Enemies: Imperial Guards, Barracuda Warriors

Boss(es): Barracuda Warrior (Trident) (5 hearts)

Minikit: Angler Fish

Chapter 4: The Hag and the Hill

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Very Old), Piecer the First Mate, Brickbeard's Daughter, Smashy the Monkey, Red-Hat Rower, Green-Hat Gunner, Blue-Hat Bomber

Overview: Smashy the Monkey arrives with a map he stole from the witchsmeller, leading to a known witch living on a hill. As Brickbeard ages again and must use a sword as a cane, the crew follow the map to the witch's home. They must all work together to find a way to the old woman's house on the hill and build a door knocker. When they knock it, however, the top of the hill opens and they all fall down into an underground cave. Barracuda Warriors begin to appear and fight them and they must work together to build a large fire to scare the Atlantians away. The Barracuda Leader uses magic to extinguish the fire, and is about to attack when the whole cave catches fire, as a tiny Dragon attacks...!

Enemies: Barracuda Warriors

Boss(es): None

Minikit: Witch's Broomstick

Chapter 5: The Decoy Dragon

Playable characters: Brickbeard (Skeleton), Piecer the First Mate, Brickbeard's Daughter, Barracuda Warrior (Trident)

Overview: Brickbeard ages again and becomes nothing more than a skeleton as the tiny Dragon approaches. While the rest of the crew hide, Brickbeard, his daughter, Piecer, and the Barracuda leader must work together to fight the dragon by building catapults, bows and arrows, and cannons, to shoot the roof of the cave and cause water to pour in. When the Dragon's fires are extinguished, it transforms into the witch they came to see, Freebuild. Piecer and Brickbeard's Daughter must find a way to take Brickbeard to her bed, so she can inspect him. Then, Freebuild refuses to transform Brickbeard back to normal until the threat of the witchsmeller is destroyed...

Enemies: None

Boss(es): Freebuild the Witch (3 hearts)

Minikit: Dragon

Chapter 6: Blows to the Nose

Playable characters: Piecer the First Mate, Brickbeard's Daughter, Captain Brickbeard, Freebuild the Witch, Innkeeper's Daughter

Overview: Piecer and Brickbeard's Daughter arrive at the witchsmeller's camp and must find a way to enter unnoticed. However, they are caught by the witchsmeller, who reveals his plans; he falsely accused people to gain Blocker's trust, and use his army to defeat Freebuild, so he can steal her powers of witchcraft! Suddenly, Brickbeard and Freebuild arrive, having freed the Innkeeper's daughter and the others. They fight the witchsmeller, but he flees, and all five must fight the Imperials and destroy the camp. Blocker arrives and must be fought; but the Innkeeper's Daughter reveals that the only witch is the witchsmeller himself. Blocker orders the witchsmeller's arrest and finds a wand in his pocket, that Brickbeard slipped in there during the fight! Meanwhile, they give the Innkeeper's Daughter all of Blocker's money, so that she can rebuild her father. In Atlantis, the Golden King calls on an old friend of his...

Enemies: Imperial Guards

Boss(es): The Witchsmeller (8 hearts), Lieutenant Blocker (10 hearts)

Minikit: Tent

Level 4

Desperate to find the lost keys, the Golden King calls for the help of the the Portal Emperor, who uses the Ultimate A-Key to open the portal and send the pirate into the future! Meeting a group of divers who are hunting for Atlantis, Brickbeard befriends their leader and they set out to find all of the keys, re-open the portal, return Brickbeard to the correct time period, and then destroy Atlantis altogether. Can they succeed against the Golden King's armies...?

Chapter 1: The Perils of the Portal

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate, Captain Ace Speedman

Overview: The Portal Emperor is called on by the Golden King, who uses his Ultimate Key to open the portal, and throw Brickbeard and Piecer into the future, assuming that Atlantis will have risen by the 21st Century. Brickbeard and Piecer arrive aboard a ferry and must try to find a way off. They begin to convince passengers that they are lunatics and stowaways. When the ferry lands, the police - led by Detective Inspector Blocker - arrive, and the pirates must fight Blocker before destroying the police cars and fleeing. They run into Captain Ace Speedman, who agrees to help them, and they work together to prepare Speedman's submarine before the police impound it...

Enemies: 21st Century Policemen

Boss(es): Detective Inspector Blocker (5 hearts)

Minikit: Police Car

Chapter 2: Atlantis Exploration HQ

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate, Captain Ace Speedman, Dr. Jeff Fisher, Lance Spears

Overview: Taking the Neptune Carrier down to the Atlantis Exploration HQ, Speedman introduces the pirates to the crew, and explains their situation. He also reveals that his crew are searching for Atlantis. Later that day, First Mate Spears and Marine Biologist Dr Fisher report that there has been damage to the Neptune Carrier. Tech Expert Axel Storm blames the pirates and attacks them. The pirates must fight him, before Speedman steps in to stop him. Along with Fisher and Spears, they head to the Neptune Carrier and are attacked by Squid Warriors! They must repair the ship and fight the Squids, before defeating their leader. Then, Speedman takes the pirates to meet their sponsor...

Enemies: Squid Warriors

Boss(es): Axel Storm (3 hearts), Squid Warrior (Trident) (8 hearts)

Minikit: Giant Squid

Chapter 3: Madness in the Museum

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Captain Ace Speedman, Professor Sam Rhodes

Overview: Brickbeard meets Sam Rhodes, the woman who funded the exploration because she believes Atlantis is real and should be discovered. Brickbeard tells her the truth, and she agrees to help him fight the Atlantians, provided he does not destroy the city itself. She has tracked the Crab Key to a museum in Lego City. Brickbeard, Speedman and Rhodes go to the museum and must find a way to break in, then use the other exhibits - a dinosaur skeleton, a giant whale, and Brickbeard's Bounty itself! - to get to the sealed off top floor. They must fight the police and Blocker, before stealing the Crab Key and fleeing...

Enemies: 21st Century Policemen

Boss(es): Detective Inspector Blocker (5 hearts)

Minikit: Dinosaur Skeleton

Chapter 4: Crash of the Neptune Carrier

Playable characters: Piecer the First Mate, Dr. Jeff Fisher, Axel Storm, Bobby Buoy

Overview: Jeff Fisher and his apprentice, Bobby Buoy, persuade Axel Storm to trust the pirates. They then work with Piecer to go out in the Neptune Carrier to follow the Squid Warriors and get the Squid key. They come under attack by a Stingray and Piecer, Fisher and Storm must load and fire the torpedoes to depeat it. Unfortunately, Bobby Buoy gets distracted and crashes the Neptune Carrier into a cave. All four must explore the cave, finding a way through the cave to the Squid Key. They are attacked by Squid Warriors who must be fought, and then are cornered by a giant squid. They must find a way to cause an earthquake to crush the squid and then climb through the caves to the museum...

Enemies: Squid Warriors

Boss(es): Manta Ray (5 hearts), Giant Squid (3 hearts)

Minikit: Manta Ray

Chapter 5: The Three Remaining Keys

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate, Captain Ace Speedman, Lance Spears, Dr. Brains

Overview: With everyone reunited, they return to the Atlantis Exploration HQ, where Lance Spears reveals that Dr Brains has contacted him, and said the three remaining keys are in the Police Station. Brickbeard, Piecer, Speedman and Spears must visit Dr Brains at his apartment and do tasks for him, so that he will help. Then, Brickbeard, Speedman and Brains go out and must find a way to blow up a police boat to get arrested. Once arrested, they must break out of the cell and fight the police, then fight Blocker himself. They steal the three keys and return to the Atlantis Exploration HQ, which then heads down to Atlantis, using the keys to open the portal and sending the pirates back...

Enemies: 21st Century Policemen

Boss(es): Detective Inspector Blocker (8 hearts)

Minikit: Vacuum Cleaner

Chapter 6: The Battle of Atlantis

Playable characters: Captain Brickbeard, Piecer the First Mate, Brickbeard's Daughter, Red-Hat Rower, Green-Hat Gunner, Blue-Hat Bomber, Captain Ace Speedman, Professor Sam Rhodes, Dr. Brains

Overview: Brickbeard and Piecer are reunited with their crew and have a plan. They all head to the Imperial Fortress and must load and fire cannons to destroy the defence towers. Then, Lieutenant Blocker calls on his armada to follow Brickbeard's Bounty. Brickbeard also attracts the attention of Billund, the freed Antigua slaves, and Freebuild the Witch. They all arrive at Atlantis and are attacked, but the army of Imperials and others fight them all off! Brickbeard and his crew head down to Atlantis, finding and fighting the Portal Emperor. They then open the portal, and allow the Neptune Carrier through. Speedman, Rhodes and Brains step out and help Brickbeard and Piecer to fight the Golden King, before throwing him through the portal. All the other Atlantians follow their King in an attempt to help him. However, Rhodes and Brains fire a torpedo through the portal, then seal it off. The Atlantians are destroyed!

Enemies: Manta Warriors, Shark Warriors, Hammerhead Warriors, Barracuda Warriors, Squid Warriors, Lobster Warriors

Boss(es): The Portal Emperor (10 hearts), The Golden King (15 hearts)


In the wake of the war, Captain Brickbeard reveals that he put the key in upside-down, and didn't send them all to the 21st Century - he sent them all back to the time of the dinosaurs and then blew them all up, so that nobody other than the Atlantians would be harmed. He reveals to Lieutenant Blocker that the Brickbeard's Bounty and control over the seas now belong to him - but won't belong to his ancestors. Leaving Blocker confused, Brickbeard and his whole crew go back through the portal with Ace Speedman, Sam Rhodes and Dr Brains. They thank the Atlantian Exploration crew for their help, then vanish. A few days later, Bobby Buoy reads in the newspaper that the Brickbeard's Bounty has gone missing from the Lego City museum, and that Detective Inspector Blocker has declared war against the thief - a man who dresses like a pirate...


Unlocked Brickbeard's Bounty crew

Captain Brickbeard

  • Captain Brickbeard - unlocked after 1.1
  • Brickbeard (Prisoner) - unlocked after 1.6
  • Brickbeard (Holiday) - unlocked after 2.1
  • Brickbeard (Soldier) - unlocked after 2.2
  • Brickbeard (Antigua) - unlocked after 2.4
  • Brickbeard (Old) - unlocked after 3.3
  • Brickbeard (Very Old) - unlocked after 3.4
  • Brickbeard (Skeleton) - unlocked after 3.5

Piecer the First Mate

  • Piecer the First Mate - unlocked after 1.1
  • Piecer (Prisoner) - unlocked after 1.6
  • Piecer (Holiday) - unlocked after 2.1
  • Piecer (Antigua) - unlocked after 2.5

Brickbeard's Daughter

  • Brickbeard's Daughter - unlocked after 1.5
  • Brickbeard's Daughter (Holiday) - unlocked after 2.1

Other Pirates

  • Smashy the Monkey - unlocked after 1.1
  • Green-Hat Gunner - unlocked after 1.2
  • Red-Hat Rower - unlocked after 1.3
  • Blue-Hat Bomber - unlocked after 1.5

Other unlocked characters

Level 1

  • Manta Warrior - unlocked after 1.2
  • Captain Billund - unlocked after 1.3

Level 2

  • Privateer Click - unlocked after 2.1
  • The King of England - unlocked after 2.3
  • Shifty Bricky - unlocked after 2.3
  • Privateer Click (Antigua) - unlocked after 2.4

Level 3

  • Innkeeper - unlocked after 3.1
  • Barracuda Warrior (Trident) - unlocked after 3.5
  • Freebuild the Witch - unlocked after 3.6
  • Innkeeper's Daughter - unlocked after 3.6

Level 4

  • Captain Ace Speedman - unlocked after 4.1
  • Dr. Jeff Fisher - unlocked after 4.2
  • Lance Spears - unlocked after 4.2
  • Professor Sam Rhodes - unlocked after 4.3
  • Axel Storm - unlocked after 4.4
  • Bobby Buoy - unlocked after 4.4
  • Dr. Brains - unlocked after 4.5

Purchasable characters

Level 1

  • Imperial Guard - purchasable after 1.1 - £50,000
  • Manta Warrior (Trident) - purchasable after 1.2 - £750,000
  • Billund Rower - purchasable after 1.3 - £35,000
  • Billund Gunner - purchasable after 1.4 - £35,000
  • Billund Bomber - purchasable after 1.4 - £35,000
  • Imperial Cook - purchasable after 1.5 - £50,000
  • Pirate Cook - purchasable after 1.6 - £50,000
  • Shark Warrior - purchasable after 1.6 - £500,000
  • Lieutenant Blocker (Cannon) - purchasable after 1.6 - £1,000,000

Level 2

  • Officer Setworthy - purchasable after 2.1 - £800,000
  • Little Crow's Nest Lookout - purchasable after 2.2 - £500,000
  • Antigua Slave - purchasable after 2.3 - £100,000
  • Red-Hat Rower (Antigua) - purchasable after 2.3 - £100,000
  • Green-Hat Gunner (Antigua) - purchasable after 2.3 - £100,000
  • Blue-Hat Bomber (Antigua) - purchasable after 2.3 - £75,000
  • Hammerhead Warrior - purchasable after 2.4 - £500,000
  • Hammerhead Warrior (Trident) - purchasable after 2.4 - £750,000
  • Bricky's Bodyguard - purchasable after 2.5 - £50,000
  • The King (Antigua) - purchasable after 2.6 - £500,000

Level 3

  • Male Pedestrian - purchasable after 3.1 - £10,000
  • Female Pedestrian - purchasable after 3.2 - £10,000
  • Barracuda Warrior - purchasable after 3.3 - £500,000
  • Skeleton - purchasable after 3.4 - £1,000,000
  • Freebuild (Broomstick) - purchasable after 3.5 - £750,000
  • The Witchsmeller - purchasable after 3.6 - £500,000
  • Lieutenant Blocker - purchasable after 3.1 - £750,000

Level 4

  • 21st Century Sailor - purchasable after 4.1 - £20,000
  • 21st Century Male Pedestrian - purchasable after 4.1 - £10,000
  • 21st Century Female Pedestrian - purchasable after 4.1 - £10,000
  • Squid Warrior (Trident) - purchasable after 4.2 - £750,000
  • 21st Century Policeman - purchasable after 4.3 - £50,000
  • Squid Warrior - purchasable after 4.4 - £500,000
  • Detective Inspector Blocker - purchasable after 4.5 - £800,000
  • Lobster Warrior - purchasable after 4.6 - £500,000
  • Lobster Warrior (Trident) - purchasable after 4.6 - £750,000
  • The Portal Emperor - purchasable after 4.6 - £1,500,000
  • The Golden King - purchasable after 99.9% - £10,000,000

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